Can the destiny of  Mahdi (AS) coming be changed based on the duas of believers?


Question: Can the destiny of  Mahdi (AS) coming be changed based on the duas of believers? 


Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Medet Ya SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani. Tariqatuna Sohbet wa Khayru fil Jamiat.

BismillahirrahmanirRahim. Sheykh Mawlana had said this for years, decades, because they keep asking him, ‘when is Mahdi going to come? When is Mahdi going to come?’ And he was the only one that since, let’s say this is almost twenty years from the 60s, 70s he was saying it. Let’s say fifty years, sixty years, he’s been saying. He was the only one especially at that time, when in the 50s, 60s, 70s, the Muslim nations they are rising, trying to find their own identity and nobody wants to look to the ahir Zaman, because it’s the beginning of their identity. He was the only one who was warning the nation about dajjal and asking the nation to wake up to the reality of Mahdi (as) and for him to come. But he’s been saying that and everytime he’s saying that, he’s saying, ‘he’s going to come soon. He’s going to come soon. He’s going to come soon. He’s going to come soon.’ When? ‘Next year.’ When? ‘Next year.’ When? ‘Next year.’

Foolish people they are not understanding this and they are saying, ‘well, this is next year, why isn’t he here?’ Some, he’s saying, ‘next year he is going to come,’ and they all said, ‘okay, next year he’s going to come, so that means Mahdi (as) is going to call Takbir and computers are going to fall, technology is not going to work, we have credit cards, we are going to max out our credit cards now.’ Especially when it comes to the millennium craze that was happening. Millennium, and that was seventeen years ago. We were around. They were saying, ‘oh Mahdi is going to come, we will max out our credit cards, we take loans, it doesn’t matter after that.’ They think they are slick. And then when he didn’t come, they are in trouble. Then so many people, so many people they were happy that Mahdi (as) didn’t come. They were celebrating with fireworks. ‘Oh, 2000 came and there’s no Takbir. We can continue our lives!’ Just like those ones on Time square that they were screaming and jumping up and down celebrating, and we heard like it was a scream of Jahannam, and we were there on 42nd street making zikr with Sheykh Effendi at twelve o’clock at night, saying ‘estaghfirullah, estaghfirullah, estaghfirullah.’ Some of you were with us, but they were shooting fireworks and saying ‘Alhamdulillah, Mahdi is not here!’

Don’t you know, this is a sunnat, this is a sunnat of the Prophet (asws), this is the sunnat of the Sahabi e-Kiram, to remind the nation of Mahdi (as), and to remind the nation of dajjal. This is not only their sunnat, this is the sunnat of 124 000 Prophets, from Adam (as) they are going to talk about the Prophet in the end of time and they say, ‘it may come soon. Prepare yourself. The Prophet of the end of time is going to come and his successor from his family is going to come, dajjal is going to come.’ Every Prophets were speaking about it. And the Prophet (asws) was talking about it so much that the Sahabi e-kiram, 1400 years ago, not 60 years ago, not 70 years ago, 1400 years ago, he was reminding them so much, they said, ‘we thought dajjal was right behind us, waiting to jump on us.’ It was urgent. It was real. If it was real 1400 years ago, imagine what it is now. It’s only a matter of time.

So they are asking him (Sheykh Mawlana), ‘when is Mahdi going to come? When is Mahdi going to come?’ You know what he said? He said, ‘when I have forty followers. Forty murids, the forty first one is going to be Mahdi (as).’ He is the one with millions of murids all around the world, in every country. You find so many people following him in this way, yet he says, ‘if I have forty murids.’ Hah! if you have intelligence try to understand then that time what that means.

So you are asking, can the destiny be changed, can the destiny that if everyone gets together and ask Allah to send the Mahdi (as), will that change? That is the destiny. We are not changing anything. Mahdi (as) is going to come. The Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘after me it will be Khulafa al-Ryashidin. After that, there’ll be Kings. After Kings, there will be Sultans. After the Sultans, there will be a period, there will be a century, more or less one hundred years of biting tyranny, of oppression, of tyrants ruling. After that, wait for Muhammad Mahdi (as). Wait for my grandson to come.’ We are round about that time. Whether the Muslims get together to ask Allah, or they don’t ask, Mahdi (as) will come. But how he’s going to come and what he’s going to do and our relationship to that, this is the whole point. You are going to come believing in him. He’s going to come, us believing in him. We must be his helpers. We must be on the way of Haqq. Because that time there’s going to be fitnah that is going to be everywhere. We don’t want to be on the other side when he comes. Those who are not knowing about him, thinking about him, believing and asking for him, do you think when he comes, they are going to be on his side? No. They are not going to be. In fact the great war is going to come. If this world is divided into seven parts, six parts is going to be gone.

So this destiny, Allah has destined. Every, because everyone’s originality is from Paradise and Allah SWT has destined everyone to go back to Paradise. This is the meaning of free will that He has not given to anyone. Now you have a will, either to follow Allah’s will or to follow the will of your ego. Which one you are going to use? You understand? Allah is not forcing us. He says, now I give you the will. You know where is My pleasure and you know where is My displeasure. I gave you the free will, I gave you intelligence, I gave you faith, I gave you the Prophets, I gave you the Books, I gave you Evliyaullah, I gave you your conscience,  and you still make the wrong choice? You cannot blame anyone. No one can blame anyone except themselves. Do you understand?

So, if the whole ummat, oh if the whole ummat if they declare today, I’m just waiting for someone with some intelligence, those  who are claiming so many titles, those who are claiming so many murids, those who are claiming so many followers, those who are claiming this and claiming that, for them to say, ‘we declare now, on this Jumma, that the whole ummat we are going to raise our hands altogether on this Jumma day, to ask Allah to bring back the Khilafat and to bring Mahdi (as).’ They are not even that smart to say that. If you say that, if nobody does it and you are the only one who do it, you’ll get the reward, you’ll get the blessings. Because it is your intention. What is our intention now? To bring down the batil. We are that one broken ant. You know that ant who came to put out the fire of Namrud? That he made this great big bonfire to burn Hazreti Ibrahim (as). The fire that can be seen all the way from Basra,  from Iraq. And there is one ant with a broken leg. And he was carrying water in his mouth, and he was walking and Allah is seeing that, and Allah sent an angel to ask that ant, saying, ‘O ant, what are you doing?’ He says, ‘I’m going to put out the fire of Namrud.’ And because of that actions, Allah is mentioning that ant in the Quran. Allah is praising that ant.

We have been created better than that ant. Just with the intention, you are going to get the reward, especially in these days. Nobody is saying that. Eh, they are busy with conferences. They are going to be busy with meetings, they are going to be busy with this, busy with that, why you don’t declare? It’s so easy. Everyone knows how to twitter to each other and message each other. Just say, tonight, all the masjids, all the jamis is going to raise their hands, the Imam is going to say, ‘Ya Rabbi, bring down the tyrants. Bring the Khilafat. Bring us Mahdi (as).’ They don’t dare to say it because their bosses say, ‘don’t you dare say! Talk about love, it’s okay. Talk about zikr, it’s okay. Talk about Mawlid, it’s also okay. Don’t talk about real things that’s going to change the state of the Ummah. Don’t talk about that and don’t bring religion and spirituality in it, we are going to cut your tongue off.’ You understand?


Eh, who we are? Couple of miskin people top of a mountain. We are saying this, nobody is taking us seriously. We are not looking to them. We are looking to Allah. Because Allah is watching us. His Prophet is watching us. And our Sheykh is watching us. We are watching them to see, they are the ones. This world is going to come and go. We may die without even reaching Maghrib time. And our responsibility we’ve fulfilled it as much as we can. Important thing is to see if our Lord is happy with us in this end of times. What is it? You cannot change with your hands, you see something wrong, those who have hands, that they can changed, they don’t  want to change. The hadiths is saying, you see something wrong, change with your tongue. Those who have tongue they are supposed to speak and millions are going to listen, they don’t speak. The Pope speaks. La hawla wala quata ilah bilah. How you can let that to happen? I’m asking all these scholars, how you can let the Pope to say something and you, you are not saying something. Shame on you.

We are no one. Those ones who have the tongues, they don’t speak. But we are speaking with our hearts. Because using our tongues means who is going to listen? No one is listening. We cannot affect any change. But we are reminding ourselves. And Prophet (asws) is saying, that is the lowest level of faith. Because this world, Allah is still the protector. Allah will always protect the sincere ones. Allah will always protect the believers.  Those who are munafiqs, those who are insincere, those who are hypocrites, they are the ones who should be watching out. Believers, we are not afraid. May Allah not test us. May Allah protect us. We are your very weak servant Ya Rabbi. We are in need of Your protection. Keep us in safety Ya Rabbi. Our goal is You. Our goal is to please You Ya Rabbi, to please Your Prophet and to please our Sheykh. Keep us in safety, us and our children Ya Rabbi. Make us to have more aql ya Rabbi. Do not make us to lose our honor, to lose our intelligence and to lose our faith, ya Rabbi. For the sake of this Holy month, Al-Fatiha. Amin. Assalamualaiku warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi NY
19 RabiulAwwal 1439
December 8, 2017 stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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