We are nothing



Say, ‘I didn’t fill up my grave today with my good deeds, with enough zikr, with salawats. I did not fill up my grave today by stepping on my ego or fighting against myself.’ You are only crying because your ego is not fulfilled. That’s why you are crying. What kind of a cheap existence you are? What kind of a cheap existence you are looking for, that Allah has created you in Ahsani Taqweem, that He has placed you under one of His most beloved friends that He has ever created, and what you are looking for? What is it you are looking for when you decide to go, when you decide to turn your back to go, which everyone of you are free to go, what is it you are going to find out there? What is this dunya saying to you? Leave the way of Allah and we will give you this whole world with all its pleasures and treasures and all this gold? This world is just like a mirage. That’s all. It’s just like a man’s shadow. That’s all.

We’ve learned nothing yet? Some understanding, learning, but you are not understanding how your ego is working, how it’s continually tricking you and failing you. The stubbornness, making you to be blind, saying, ‘you cannot be. I’ve been right all along, and now someone is going to tell me I am wrong?’ That we are saying, look this way. Don’t look that way. ‘I didn’t.’ How long more you are going to stay in this stubbornness?  That is a characteristic that we are inheriting from sheytan. That is what make sheytan to become even more sheytan, when he realizes and he becomes stubborn. Put your head down. Not seeing that too much. Everyone, very macho, mashaAllah.  No humbleness. The arrogance is up till Sidratul Muntaha. To whom you are showing your arrogance to? To your ego? Go ahead. To sheytan? Please. Who are you showing your arrogance to? To kufr?  You are trying to show arrogance to those ones who are trying to help you? That is a very big mistake. They are helping us. Don’t think that we are helping them. Don’t think that we are helping our Sheykh. With or without us he’s going to continue. And he has. And he’s light years ahead of us. We are not doing nothing. If we give up our whole lives to serve, still it is nothing. Because if he is not receiving it, if he is not accepting it, it means nothing.  Do you understand?

Sheytan served Allah for hundreds of thousands of years. He was serving Allah. But because of his stubbornness, all that service Allah is throwing it back to his face and the face that was so beautiful that even the Angels they were amazed by his beauty because it’s coming from that service, from that stubbornness he became the most ugly thing. Allah is not changing his looks, he is changing his looks.  Don’t think because we are doing something, it is us. Anything good that is happening to us, it is coming from our Lord. When are we going to understand and to give thanks for that? No, we are going against to that ayat, that ayat is saying, ‘whatever bad that is happening to you, know it is coming from your ego,’ but we know, something bad that is happening from us, that is happening to us, we blame others, blaming Allah. Not blaming yourself. Whatever good that is happening, you say, ‘I did it. If it’s not because of me….’ Who do we think we are? What space we are holding in this world, in this country, in this planet, in this universe, what kind of space do you think we are holding? For a man to understand we are made from this earth, what arrogance we are carrying that gives us any rights for that? This earth, seventy times the earth is saying, calling out to us, ‘O you arrogant one, you are stepping on me today, tomorrow you are going to be inside of me, and if you did not get rid of that, I’m going to grind you, because not even that characteristic is from me. I’m not accepting. It is from sheytan. I have to clean it.’

We are from this earth. Who do we think we are? We are  thinking we are changing this whole world, what happen to the Creator? We are thinking that this whole world is going to change, what happen to those ones that Allah has said, ‘You are representing Me and I have given you all the power that you need.’ We are going to them? No. Again we are going to our own ego, thinking that it is going to change. It’s not.

These are the days of confusions. Murids, believers, should not be confused. Believers should understand what is your role, what is your place, what is your responsibility, what is your duty. Where are you  in that community, in that Dergah, in that brotherhood that you are going to love each other, no matter what, for the sake of Allah and because of that Allah will raise you on Judgment Day on top of columns of light that even the Prophet they are going to be jealous from you. Are you displaying that characteristic and that knowledge now, or are you continuing to just take from sheytan? Are you understanding what promise Allah has given you, what honor He has promised to you, or are you still being stubborn with your own ego? What you are exchanging what Allah has promised, what do you get in exchange for that? Nothing. Nothing. Only fire in your heart  in this life, fire in the grave, and fire Hereafter. And the fire of regret is going to burn even more hot that you are going to wish to be in the fire of hell.

Wake up. For you and for me. Wake up and understand the promise of your Lord to His servants who serve. Wake up and understand what sheytan is promising you, what this dunya is going to promise you, what the ego, your desires, they promise you. Wake up to that and make up your mind everyday, which side you are going to follow, who you are going to follow. Who you are going to understand and realize and live according to that. Otherwise, this world has seen billions like you and me, billions. We are nothing.  Like I said, we are not going to be the first, we are not going to be the last. Allah has blessed us but mankind forgets, from the heedlessness you will forget. If you are not making yourself to remember, you are going to fall into that forgetfulness and fall into that ingratitude, not being grateful.  And not being grateful, that is the meaning of kafir.

When Allah is giving you His love, one day, He say if you love Me why are you doing this to Me? And you throw it back to Him and you are being ungrateful, that one who does not return Allah’s love, that one is a kafir. Because Allah is going to show the love not according to your ego, but you love your ego and you think by pleasing your ego that is the way to love. It is not. Do you think the way of love it is according to your ego, so you are not going to like anything that is against to what your ego love by those whom Allah has put to bring you out form that fire, you will fall into kufr. This is for me and this is for you. Come out from that. Understand and wake up. Otherwise, you are not that special. None of you. I’m not that special. I’ve known that. If we cannot carry this emanet, Allah definitely will choose someone better to fill up this space.

May Allah forgive me and bless you for the sake of our Sheykh. Al-Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum.

we are nothing

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi NY
25 RabiulAwwal 1439
December 14, 2017 stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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  1. Ya Allaahumma salli’alaa Muhammadin-ma’ashshamsi’izaa’zulzilat

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