What does a Sheykh see in his murid that pulls his pleasure?


Question: What does a Sheykh see in his murid that pulls his pleasure?

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BismillahirRahmanirRahim. What does a Sheykh see in his murid that pulls his pleasure, pulls the Sheykh pleasure? When he sees that murid fighting with his ego.

Serving, like this or like that, understand when our Sheykh says, ‘be here for the sake of Allah, don’t come here for my sake. Do things for the sake of Allah. Don’t do things for my sake. If you do things for my sake, I’m never going to be please.’ He’s saying, ‘make your Lord to be please. Don’t make me to be please.’ What is the meaning when Sheykh Effendi is saying that although Allah is please with you, he’s not going to be please? No, that’s what idiots with no understanding will think. And he’s saying that. He’s saying what it means is that I’m never going to be please with whatever that you are doing because I want you to go higher, because you can always do better. Because every time I’m saying that you can always do better, your station is going to rise and it’s endless station to reach to your Lord. When the Sheykh sees you fighting against your ego and winning, he’s seeing that you are trustworthy.

You are serving. Everyone is serving, like this or like that, as much as they can. Understand, serving, like I said before, even the ability to serve it is coming from him. The ability to serve, to worship, it is coming from Allah, but fighting against our ego, that is coming from our will that Allah has given. It is a limited will. It’s not the same as the will of Allah or the will of the angels. That is a limited will. And when he sees us using our will, in submission to his will, when those two will they come together, when that something that is limited, it enters into something that is unlimited, it becomes unlimited. That unlimited will does not change, that limited will changes and that time, you in that ocean that you are entering, you will start understanding your Lord more, because  that fighting against to your ego, that makes you to understand your Lord, and the majesty of your Lord, and the power and the beauty of your Lord. You start understanding also the majestic anger of your Lord. You are going to understand how little you are, how small, weak creature you are.So that is with us. That is given in our hands. That, when he sees you and you are, the ego is driving you crazy, when the sheytan is circling around and they are seeing it, other things are happening, and he sees, inspite of all of that, you are putting your head down and you are asking for help, and you are not being stubborn, then it’s very easy.

When he sees you in that, after a certain time limit, it is given, so many of you are idiots anyway, all of us are, we need to be in that time limit, to go crazy a little bit and say, okay, now you are waking up? You are still not waking up after that time limit. Ohh, they are saying, increase it one hundred times. Because that time limit, he knows that you just have to open the door and let us in. You are not opening the door. Send more hardship, hardness to that one, send more so that he becomes completely now enemy even to his own self. Stubbornness, saying, ‘no!’  Are you sure? You understand who are you declaring war against? ‘I don’t care.’ Now you don’t care because you are not feeling it. Because nothing is touching you now. But you are going to care later when it’s going to touch you. It’s going to touch you, things, people that you love, that you have the power in your hand to stop it, but you are not. You are thinking by standing up, Allah is going to change? Mercy, where is that mercy? That mercy is coming through, reminding you, stop this. That mercy that despite all the disobedience that is happening, still nothing is touching you, nothing. But still you are not understanding that?  That through your own disobedience you are going to block out that mercy and you are left with your own fire that you have kindled from inside of yourself.

The believers, they are the protectors of the unbelievers. The Saints are the ones who protect the believers. The Prophets are the ones who protect the saints. And all those who commit wrong actions, disobedience they are protected by those who commit all the right actions. That if it’s not because of those ones, Allah would punish all those ones who have committed all the wrong actions in the blink of an eye, to non existence. Which part we are looking at? Look at the last part, how we are being disobedient and how we want to be obedient. That time you come out from your self. You are not going to look at things only, because of your own experience and your own feelings. You are going to look at the state of this whole world, the existence that had happened before and what will come later. That whatever good that we are doing, that there are people in our generation who are going to be bless by that, they are going to feel the mercy of Allah from that. Sheykh Effendi doesn’t say in the next part because he’s merciful and he covers it. Do you understand? Just as they are saying, so many people they are getting very emotional to pray in Masjidul Aqsa so much, thousand times reward you are going to get to pray in Masjidul Nabawi you are going to get this much, to pray in Haram e-Sharif you are going to get this much, but the same is also true if you commit even the small mistake in this Holy places, you are going to get punish a lot.

We have done so much wrong to these three Holy Places for such a long time. As Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan said, if the Ottomans they were to withdraw from Quds, from Jerusalem, rivers of blood will not stop until judgement day. It hasn’t stop. nothing can bring it together. Nothing. People are not interested in peace. They don’t want to bring peace and stability in there. It’s all that lies that all these politicians they are saying, including the Muslim politicians also, nobody wants peace. Even if they do and they bring everyone to come together, you will not find peace there. Never. Until Hazreti Mahdi (as) appears. And he is going to take people, he’s saying, good you have been training. Waiting for me and you were in training. You were not sitting in illusion and delusion. You are not sitting and just going around enjoying yourself. You are not just sitting down and just to be busy with your own ego. You were training. You were fighting with yourself.  You are fighting with what is Haqq and what is batil. You are ready now. You are not going to get fool. This is what we are doing.

How much you are going to fight everyday, that is your worth. We are soldiers, fighting against to our own nafs. Never forget that. In your work that you are doing, in your families that you are enjoying, never forget that. Never give that up. The worth of a soldier will only come when it comes to fighting. You can have all the skills but you are not  using that, worthless, worthless. When the enemy is coming, you have all the skills, you know how to..but you are not fighting, it’s worthless. Zero. Do you understand. May Allah forgive me. Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum warahmatullah.

Lokman Effendi -battle against Nafs

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi NY
25 RabiulAwwal 1439
December 14, 2017 stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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