‘People are asleep, when they die they will wake up’



Everything that Allah SWT has created is in man, in mankind. All the biggest galaxies, everything that Allah has created. You understand everything? Hell and Paradise, from the Qursi to the Arsh,  everything that Allah SWT has created, it is in mankind, as it is in Sayyidul Kayinat, as it is in the Holy Prophet (asws). So now for you to understand that, to take everything out, you have to be put into this lowest place for you to be able to see, to take it out.

‘I have given you that knowledge. I have given you that aql,’ meaning that intelligence, ‘I have given you Prophets, I have given you Books, I have given you hearts, I have given you the angels and I have given you the Evliyaullah, always to remind you. Although you are surrounded by your four enemies here, I have given you millions of friends. Never forget. Just with one thing alone, not million things,  one thing you can reach to Me, using your aql. Just by using your aql, you can reach to Me. Just by using your intelligence, you can reach to Me. Nevermind about Prophets or Books.’

So, and Allah is saying, ‘if you take one step to Me, I will take ten steps to you.’ So now, everything is in mankind, and we have to be in the alam, in this world of creation. Not only the alam of creation but the alam of the lowest of the low, to understand how great Allah is. You understand? Now in the lowest of the low, understanding that everything is inside of us, is contained within mankind, then that time, when you make that jump, as Maulana Rumi is saying, ‘I was a mineral, and I died, and I was reborn, I became a vegetable, and I died and I was reborn.’ He was talking not of reincarnation. What matters if our meat changes? What matters is our spirit. Your meat can change one million times, if your spirit doesn’t change, it means nothing. You can live one life, but if you’ve gone through one thousand death and your spirit, at every time, every time you are cutting your ego down, you die, you come up to another level. Every time you are cutting your ego down, you come to another point, this is what you want. The one who doesn’t want to change, and he only realizes it, as Allah is saying:  When his life is taken and he realizes it, he’ll say, ‘give us just one breath and we will come back to You.’ Like what we are talking about, if a man all his life he only knows how do this one thing, in this way, despite everyone else saying, ‘no try another  way,’ he’s very stubborn, do you think he’s ever going to change if he dies like that? If you give him another chance, begging to you, ‘please,’ and he’s send back to this world, he will forget everything and he will go back to the same habit. If he gets back here one thousand times, one thousand times he’s going  to break his promise. And we go through this every day. We know.


So now we have to break that habit. We have to break our wrong behavior. This is what the Dergah is supposed to be.  It’s a place where your idols are going to be broken. It’s a place where your hearts are going to be broken. So in this world now Allah has send us here to make us to remember. Christians they are saying, ‘we are punished that’s why we are sent to this world.’ No, it’s not it. Because mankind is created in perfection. Perfection. Hazreti Insan is created in perfection. Allah SWT is saying in that same surah, ‘We have created you in Ahsani Taqweem – We have created you in the most perfect, most perfect.’ So now we are sent here for us to remember, we have that knowledge, we have everything to remember to that perfection. Although it’s pulling us to remember to that perfection, and to strive to that perfection, then we have to fight. Once you fight, you will win. You don’t fight, you cannot. If you don’t fight, you cannot gain nothing. If you are thinking, lying down and say, ‘I have to defeat my ego,’ and you are just sitting, lying down like that, you will fail. You cannot. That’s not the way. And you know, after all of this, all these thousands of this world, all of these experiences, all of these history, everything, every civilization, every hardship, every joy, every breath, every effort in this world, it will be nothing. It will be gone. And all of this is not real. All of this, it is a dream. Man, when he dies, he will wake up.

So how much importance we should be placing now, how much trust we should be placing on our joy, on our happiness, or on our sadness, on our ease or in our troubles. Because one day we are going to die. But we are going to be transformed to something else. Then you are going to die from that, you are going to be transformed into something else. You are going to die, you are going to be transformed into something else, as Mawlana was saying.  Those who have not experience that death while they are on this world, where it is only a short time that is given to you, very short,  to learn all of this, we are thinking, oh whole life time we have to go through this, very long. Don’t we think that? So much, so long. Whole life time we have to go through this. Are we understanding how much time we are here on this face of earth?

This time for this nation is given only sixty to seventy years. Sixty-three years, out of that sixty-three years, sixteen years of age you have no mind. All your mind is somewhere else. Up till the age of twenty to twenty five, you are still running around. Thirty you start to slow down. Forty years of age, then you start to realize certain things. Correct or no? Between forty to sixty-three, say twenty-three years, calculate those twenty-three years. Most people they sleep twelve hours a day, oh they say you have to sleep ten hours or eight hours, cut,  now from that twenty three year there’s only twelve  years, correct? Out of that twelve years, calculate the time that you spent going to toilet. How many years it’s going to be? Calculate the time that you are eating, you are playing, you are watching TV, you are doing all sorts of malayani, calculate all that time, subtract it from that twelve year, you are left only with a handful of years, if it is there, to sit down and to think for your Lord, about your Lord. Even if you take sixty three years thinking about your Lord, even if you are thinking for one thousand years in this life, worshiping to your Lord, it is nothing compared to the time of pre-eternity, it is nothing compared to the time when, even this worldly time is going to be destroy and you enter into another time and another dimension, this is nothing. You’ll realize that all this is just a joke. That’s what Maulana is saying, you are going to wake up when you are dead, laughing about all the things that you used to think that is so important.

Don’t think too much about these things, you are going to go crazy anyway. Your mind might short circuit and you say that now, because of that I am just going to be like a bump on the street. That’s an easy way to do. Some people becomes qalandars and all of that. It’s very easy to do, to be irresponsible. So many they are fake, some they are right, they are true, they are real. And so many they are just using that as an excuse. It is more difficult to follow the sunnat of your Prophet (asws), to realize all of that and yet to still plant that date tree.

You think the Prophet (asws) doesn’t know? He didn’t want to come back when he went for the mi’raj, and he didn’t. Holy Prophet (asws) stayed and only one ray came back to this world. And that was enough for the world. So understand, this is a reality. That’s why thinking about death will make you to become more real. You don’t believe in anything that I’m saying, you believe in death, you are going to be left alone with nothing, same thing. The one who gain this whole world, Dzulkarnain, the one who gain this world, he passed from this world, he says, ‘make sure that you just give me one sheet of kafan covering my body. Make sure you put my hands out, stick them out. Don’t dress me up with fancy clothes,’ because it was the practice of the people then that when they die, they want to be very fancy. They are still not understanding, you are living this earth, you are entering into another dimension, you don’t need nothing. That is showing how foolish they are. You don’t need nothing, you cannot bring anything there. You like it, you cannot. You like your clothes, you want to go pass this atmosphere, you cannot bring your clothes, you have to wear different kind of clothes. ‘No, but I like it!’ You cannot survive there. You have to wear different. ‘I don’t like those clothes, they are very ugly.’ What do you know? This is what this hell is. It’s pulling you. Because you are not understanding. So, his hands open like that to show, ‘I have East and West, I conquered both East and West, but when I die, I die with nothing. I take nothing with me.

This whole world, right now in the western hemisphere where it is winter now, snow is coming, covering everything. It’s a sign from your Lord. The whole world now is in kafan, it’s a funeral shroud now. Everything is dead. There’s no more life. But from that, Allah will give life. This is supposed to make man to realize. Man must realize because we are given that will. So, you have to go through, pass through different stages, different test. Because Allah is saying: for you to be able to know Me, you have to go through all these things. And it is nothing, it is nothing. That time, you have the experience, you have that knowledge, that time you can represent Me properly. You don’t know, you don’t feel, you cannot represent Me properly. You are going to become a tyrant.

May Allah forgive me and bless you, Insya’Allah. May Allah raise the station of our Sheykh. May we always be protected, Insya’Allah ar-rahman. Wa minallahu Taufiq. For the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws). Bihur matil habib. Bi Hurmatil Fatiha. Amin.

Dergah is the station that prepares you

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi NY
26 RabiulAwwal 1439
December 15, 2017   stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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