Living in a world that is completely the enemy of spirituality


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Tarikatuna sohbet vel khairi fil jamiat. We are asking support from our Sheykh, InsyaAllah, to send us something that is going to be useful for us in these days. This Tarikat it is based on association. With association, believers will find more ammunition to fight against their sheytan and their nafs. Find a way how to negotiate living in this world. This world is our enemy. Don’t try to make this world to be your friend; it is created as your enemy. This world it is the lowest of the low. We’re supposed to live in it, we are not supposed to put it in our hearts. Now it is winter time, we are talking about how cold it is. May Allah protect us against the cold part of hell, because there is a hot part of hell and there is a cold part of hell. Those who are living in climates where there are seasons, there is blessings in there. There are a lot of blessings in there. It’s supposed to make the man to think, and to remember the favors of our Lord. To remember. If you don’t remember, if you take everything for granted, even if you are living in that palace, it will become tasteless for you. Then you start complaining about the smallest things. Because you are not remembering about the favor of your Lord that he is giving us.

Now, it is winter time, and everything is covered in white. It is a kafan. It is a funeral shroud. The whole world now is kind of dead and Allah is saying, ‘Now look. I will give it life again.’ But this kind of weather also is a very big blessing, because not too many diseases can survive in this kind of cold. At the very least people are not going to be so convinced that this world is their friend. Because try to stand outside there for ten minutes, one hour, you know this world is there to kill you. Correct? You are going to be so fashionable, today’s fashion is to show as much skin as you can. In the old days, the high fashion is to put on as many layers of clothes to show how highborn, how rich you are. Only the slaves they are showing skin. Now we all become slaves because they are teaching the young ones, young, they don’t even enter into the childhood, they say ‘you must show your skin. More skin,’ especially to the women, ‘more skin you show, more people will love you.’ At the same time they say, ‘don’t follow Islam because it doesn’t give you any rights.’ This world now, now can you go out there and be fashionable? No, you cannot. You cannot show any part of your skin. In weather like this, if the wind blow a little bit, even the men are going to start wearing burqah. Covering everything, correct? Covering their hands, covering their feet, covering their faces. It’s making us to think. You must think, because you have been created to think. How is this? Showing you how weak you are. And Allah, when He loves that servant, He is going to make him to understand how weak he is and how great his Lord is, and how merciful his Lord is. A sign that Allah does not love that servant, Allah (SWT) does not love that one, Prophet is saying, Allah will not even give him a toothache.

So it is very fashionable these days, people are talking about depression and this and that in Islam and saying that, ‘oh, even Prophet was depressed,’ Alayhi salatul wasalam, because Allah (SWT) did not send revelation to him for six months. Do you think that your depression and Prophets depression is the same? Everyone is saying, ‘it’s okay, it’s okay to be depressed. Even Prophet was depressed.’ Is it the same? What are you depressed about? You are depressed because you like someone and someone doesn’t like you back, you are depressed because you wanted to get something and you couldn’t, you are depressed because you wanted to get this much and you couldn’t. You are depressed only because of your desires and only because of this dunya and your ego, because to be depressed about Allah is completely something else. To be depressed that you are angering Allah (SWT), is something else. That’s not real depression, because if you are worried about angering Allah, worried about being a bad servant, and you are depressed because of that, one two three, don’t worry, that One will lift that from you very easily and you will come to your senses very easily. You will understand, then your faith is going to be up, and it is going to stay up.

If you are depressed about this world, if you are depressed because you like this girl and the girl doesn’t like you back and you get very depressed and you think the only way out of this depression it’s nothing to do with Allah and his Prophet, it’s to do with this desire that you want, what happens when you get it? We’ve gone through this before. You want something so bad, you get very sad, and then you get it. Then what? Then what? You stay happy? No. It passes very quickly; it becomes tasteless very quickly, you start fighting very quickly, then you are going to look for another thing that you cannot get, you become depressed, again and again and again and it goes around and around and around and around. Because you do not understand what is that emptiness. Prophet (AS) he was sad not because he was saying, ‘oh, Allah You have abandoned me,’ hasha astaghfirullah. No. He was very afraid. Do you understand the heaviness that he is carrying? He’s doing everything, nothing for his own sake, nothing for his own ego, nothing for his own stomach, everything for his Lord, and everything for us, his ummat. He is doing his job a hundred percent and still his Lord is testing him. His Lord is testing him. Our Lord is testing us? No. We are pulling the curses of Allah on us, because we have become disobedient. We go the wrong direction, then we say this is a test. This is not a test. You take a detour, you’re supposed to be on the main highway, you took a detour, and you get lost. You cannot say ‘oh, Allah is testing me.’ You took the detour. Allah is saying take the detour? No, Allah is saying stay on the right way.  So don’t fool yourself.

So how are you going to come from this? When you say ‘okay, stop, I made a mistake, I have to come out of this lost situation back to the main road.’ That’s the time you’re going to pull yourself out from depression. Yes, that’s the time you are going to pull yourself out from heedlessness. When you are studying yourself, when you are understanding why you’re repeating the same pattern over and over and over and over and over again. Because man, Allah is describing, ‘mankind you are ungrateful.’ Mankind always forgets. That’s why Allah is saying, ‘be grateful.’ Remember your Lord, remember the mercy of your lord because man is ungrateful. And Allah is saying, ‘remember. Don’t forget,’ because man forgets. Once you get something it wants, it forgets about everything.

So now, these seasons must make us to remember. These seasons, in reality, especially if you look, you know this technology has only been here for what, less than a hundred years, really. Correct? This is what? 2017. 1917, you think we have all this technology? Maybe not even one percent that we had. So mankind living with this kind of technology for thousands of years, it’s only in the last, let’s say, fifty years that we’ve had this technology. And what has it made us to become? Technology promises, it says you are going to become better, you have more free time to spend with your loved ones, is that true? So everything that technology is promising you for a good life, it is like a drug. It feels good, then after that you’re hooked, and you know that slowly, it’s destroying you.

So when man, without this technology, just living in the technology of Allah, which is this nature, this nature, when he understands the creation of Allah, when he looks and he thinks, that’s the time it will bring him to faith. That’s the time he will understand himself, he will start understanding his lord. If he is just studying that technology, all technology is for what? To make us to remember Allah? No, it is to make our desires, to fulfill our desires. That’s all. If we are more connected now, there is natural lifestyle a little bit, without doing anything, without reading books, without people telling you anything, you come to understand, because Allah has given you that. Then Allah sends Prophets and Allah sends Holy people to remind you, over and over again, but this is entirely up to you, you want to change or you don’t want to change. Most people they don’t want to change. Most people they are very stubborn which is why stubbornness it is a very big part you have to get rid of, the stubbornness. With anger, jealousy, arrogance, stubbornness. You have to get rid of it, because so many people they are stubborn. They don’t want to change. Prophets coming, speaking to them for hundreds of years, almost one thousand years the Prophet Nuh (AS) speaking to his nation, they still don’t change. Every Prophet that they come their own people start mocking them. They are seeing miracles. The Awliya Allah they come, so many they don’t want to change.

Be careful, because while you still have this breath of life, you are supposed to change. That is given. This world, this time, in this dimension in this world, it’s changing. There’s not going to be any time, as you understand, after this time. When you are in the grave you are going into a completely different time, at that time. You cannot understand it, you’re going to go crazy. If you try to, it’s going to explode your mind. We think this is natural? This is not natural. This is only for a specific duration. Now, we are breathing air. If you put yourself into the water you will drown, you cannot. But you forget, physically, when we were in our mother’s womb, we’re breathing water, not air. If you take that baby out before it is ready and it starts breathing this air, it will poison it. We must change. This is why the Prophets they came, the Awliya Allah, they come. Don’t use them just to justify your own desires, and just to use them to satisfy your wishes. We must change. You don’t want to change, you don’t want to, then they are going to change you when you are not breathing. That time you cannot escape, you cannot cry for help, all chances are finished.

Everyone is going to go through that. Doesn’t matter if you are Muslim or non-Muslim, everyone is going to go through that. So the intelligent ones or the ones who are going to think a little bit and to say, ‘I must change a little bit. I must try, as much as I can. I cannot change too much, I cannot take that medicine too much, let me at least hang around with people who are healthy, not hang around with people who are sick. Let me hang around with a doctor at least once a week.’ Do you know, if you are taking care of your own physical health this is what you are going to do? What, you think your spirituality doesn’t need any help?

We are in a world that is completely opposite to spirituality. We are in a world that is completely the enemy of spirituality. It needs more help. InsyaAllah, get rid of this stubbornness. Be with healthy people a little bit. See how they live. Follow them. Then that time, it will be easy. Even the difficulties of this world it will be easy, because you understand what it is for. When you start understanding and you start studying, you are not just feeling the pain anymore. You are seeing where it came from, and where it is going to go. May Allah make it easy InsyaAllah. Wa minAllahu taufiq, al Fatiha. Amin.

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stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi NY
9 RabiulAhir 1439
December 29, 2017    stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)






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