We have been created to represent the Greatness of Allah



The authority and everything are given into the hands of mankind to spread. Are the Saints still ruling? Yes they are but they are not taking an active role, they not showing themselves, they have been moving the pieces. They moved back behind the screens, the pieces think they moved by themselves but they are still the one who’s controlling things. But the time now is complete darkness.

So there are certain nations that are moving, it may look that it is wrong but they are moved by the saints. You understand? It is similar to the time of say, the Governer Hajjaj ibn Yusuf. History is saying he’s a tyrant. He did so many things, he killed so many people, correct? But he is not. One time he collected all of the alims, all the scholars, anyone who’s saying they are Imam or Sheykhs, then he asked them a question. ‘Am I the tyrant? Or am I someone who has knowledge?’ And now they are caught. They don’t know which way to answer. Some they say, ‘no you are not the tyrant, you are an alim, the one who has knowledge.’ He says, ‘you are lying. Execute them.’ The rest he says, ‘so what am I?’ ‘You are a zalim.’ ‘You called me a Zalim? Execute that one.’ He came to one person and he says, ‘what is your answer?’ and he says, this have to be smart, this is a friend of Allah. He says, ‘give me forty days to think, I will give you an answer.’ Hajjaj is saying, ‘I like this guy, he has enough guts to say these kinds of things. I will give you, then you going to tell me what your answer is.’ But this one is saying, ‘that forty days, you are going to give me anything that I need – to eat to drink and you are going to give me money. This way if I give the answer, whatever it’s going to be, there are two answers anyway. Then I make sure that my family, my wife will be able to live comfortable after.’

So he did that. Thirty days, thirty-nine days, just living life properly. His wife’s saying, ‘you are crazy. At least first time in my life I’m living, I’m enjoying from the life. My life I was suffering and now he’s proving everything, I don’t have to work at least.’ Came to the time now where he has to give his answer, so the night before, he went into the biggest Jami in Baghdad and he hid somewhere because that time they locked all the doors in major places like that, major Jamis, major Mesjids. They locked and he just stayed there. And he just say, ‘ok now all night long I’m going to worship, tomorrow I’m going to die.’  See how people they were living their lives. They didn’t care so much for their life. Because this life they say it’s BS anyway. We? We have so much trust and passion in our lives…

Anyway before you know it, after the time of Tahajjud enters, the doors slowly opens then he saw big light coming in going all the way up to the front of the mesjid and he looked and it was the Holy Prophet (AS). After him came another big light, it was Hz Abu Bakr, Umar, Usman, Hz Ali they were all there. Then all the other high level Sahabi they enter the huge Mesjid now filled, he still hiding behind the pillar then he saw the door opening again and this time, Hajjaj entered and he was crawling on his hands and his knees, reaching all the way up, Holy Prophet (AS) gave him a document, gave it to him, he took it he kissed it and he crawled backwards. He left the Mesjid. Holy Prophet left, everyone left. This friend of Allah is just looking like that. He smiled and he said ‘I have the answer!’

hoja deferance.jpg

So the next day, now is his time, so everyone was there all the court was there and Hajjaj says, ‘Now give me your answer. Am I the one with knowledge or am I the one who is zalim or am I the one who is alim?’ And this one says, ‘You are neither. You are the slave of the Prophet.’ Then he’s shocked. ‘Yes, whatever you do, you got direct orders from the Prophet (AS) to do.’ Hajaj says, ‘Don’t speak anymore. If you speak I’m going to cut your neck off. This is a secret. Now get away from here. Whole life now you have nothing to worry about until you die, I’m going to take care of you, because he showed you the secret to that.’ You understand?

So yes, every way you look at it now, the light of the awliya Allah, they have moved from east, moved from east, there’s no more light of the awliya Allah anymore and they put it in the west. They transfer to the west. This world, this country now, Sheykh Effendi had said this 20 years ago – this country will divide, the division is happening – bottom level and top level also from the Pentagon to everywhere it’s all divided. People who are standing up for truth there are people saying: No, we have to go against. And if we look wrong that this is wrong – we not agreeing with the foreign policy. If you look at it with those eyes, you understand? If you look at it with this eyes you not going to interfere, which is exactly what the awliya Allah, they are saying, ‘don’t interfere, you cannot interfere into certain things. Let them to move because they plan, but Allah’s plan is over their plan and Allah is a better planner.’

So this, it requires a certain sophistication. Because Islam does not have the morality of kindergarten disney world, disney kind of morality. You understand? You can still disagree but doesn’t mean you hate each other. You can disagree for Hakk, you can even kill each other but it doesn’t mean now that you hate each other. That is not. This is something that Shias can never understand. As friends, as families, you can disagree with each other. You feel like killing each other sometimes but you cannot have hate, you don’t have that hate. That hate is already removed from that. Any disagreement that is happening is for the sake of Hakk, it is ijtihad, Allah has already forgiven their sins and that difference, Prophet is saying, it is a mercy for them. It is a mercy.

So let those things to happen, don’t worry. You understand? We are not saying now that suddenly Mr Trump is a Saint or Bush is a Saint or Obama is a Saint,anyone. We know they are all tyrants, they are eating from the same table, going to the same bathroom, you understand? They’re eating from the same bathroom but where the hands of the awliya Allah they are controlling, that time you have to have the proper spiritual eyes to see and what is your level of interference with it. So now, so many people they oppose to Trump. Yes, so many ways he is wrong but when he first came I said I like him because he’s saying he did this and this, didn’t I say that? Now, you see. Before, in Obama’s time everyone is a munafiq. Now you cannot even know what he is hiding. No one is hiding anymore. Correct or not? Now even the Muslims they not hiding anymore. Now you see Saudi Arabia is openly supporting Israel. So now when things are open, what are you going to do? Which stand you are going to take? This is the point.

Now Muslims cannot sleep anymore. Either you are going to take a stance or the Prophet says, ‘don’t, pull back and wait and be clean. Don’t go one way or another, you’re going to get.. Pull back and watch especially the majority.’  So now it’s waking up the Muslims. All the Muslims over 20 years, 30 years, 40 years saying, ‘no no no America is good, we assimilate, we become very American, and they are going to accept us.’ Now, how is that working out for you? No it’s not. Didn’t Allah say this? Didn’t He say this 1400 years ago? Didn’t He say that you will try, try as much as you want, but until you become, you change your religion, they will never accept you. You can change everything, I tell you what, even now if you change your religion they will never accept. So, now you have take a stand. Say, what we’re living for? It’s not enough just to say ‘I’m living so to give my family a  good life now.’

Now, this is a actually a big, opening for the Muslims, a big chance to say, ‘I’m living for haqq, I’m living for Islam. I’m living for bigger, better and a bigger agenda.’ Look at these unbelievers, now they are living for a bigger agenda. American kids, students, who have zero interest in politics for decades, they gave up on politics and politicians and now politics, is the most popular thing. Everyone is talking about it, everyone is reading, up to the minute, up to the hour: ‘What is going on?’ everyone is being involved. They are waking up. What are Muslims doing?


We should understand what is making us go to sleep, what is making us to wake up. Tariqat is supposed to make you wake up, not supposed to make you go to sleep. So up to you as you like. InshaAllah. Those who have work outside they are going to continue. Don’t worry. Doesn’t matter to me whether they listen to us. Of course they are listening to us. Allah is also listening to us. Allah is also listening to us. And believe me, we are not naive people. Our Sheykh is not naive. He knows the dunya has entered into the holes where the sheytan are, where the underbelly of the city or the underbelly of the United Nations have entered everywhere. Just as long as you know how to walk to the way, it’s ok, because they are looking at us and they say they know certain things but what power do they have? Nothing! They have some spiritual power but this is unproven. You understand? Because knowledge without power is useless. Useless. You cannot do nothing. Understand? No, knowledge is power. What knowledge is power? We have knowledge, you stand in front of the military you see whether you have power or not. Idiots. Correct?

That’s why Islam is saying, don’t enter into a war if you cannot fight, if you don’t have better spirit, better arms, better weapons. This is a very realistic religion. It’s not a religion of other world. You understand? Religion is revealed to this world, religion is not revealed to other worlds. It’s revealed to this world to guide us how to live in this world . So that’s why they are saying they may know certain things, they may talk about certain things but they don’t have any power left. Who listen to them? Who listens? No one is listening. Those who are listening, how much are they doing? No one is really doing, let them to be. It’s ok. Understand?

So it’s not only that, our Sheykh is also hiding us, filling us. Which they are filling us to our own self. Understand? Khayr. Don’t worry we are very well known in the angelic worlds. We are very well known with those ones. We are nothing, we know our Sheykh. Because we know our Sheykh, they know us. We are no good for nothing but with their support you can turn the whole world upside down. With their support we dare to take that flag and put it on the white house. InshaAllah ar-Rahman. Eh, if we die tomorrow, that is our intention, that’s why Islam is saying you’re going to rewarded according to your intention. We’re witness in this ahir zaman, billions of Muslims they are afraid and they want to blend in, they want to take over. Islam always begins with one. One. one person. Two, three. One. So don’t look at your lives that they are very small. We have not been created for this smallness.  Allah has created us to represent the Greatness of Him, not the represent the smallness of our existence. May Allah forgive me. Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi Passaic, New Jersey
9 RabiulAhir 1439
December 29, 2017    stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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