Make Yourself To Be Zero



We know nothing. I know nothing. What I know is just a drop from the oceans of my Sheykh, insyaAllah, if he permits me. And if he sends something, then we may speak. If he doesn’t send then I don’t know. It’s not my responsibility to know everything. I may turn down the question and say I don’t know, you think about it and you tell me. But we are asking him, first, for his medet insyaAllah, to send us something, what is necessary for us. It used to be, at the end of the khutba in Jummah, every imam is going to say, there is a formula that they say. This is not compulsory, it is not wajib. But, it is highly recommended. They say at the end of it, ‘Verily, the zikr of Allah is greatest.’ Wala zikrullahi Akbar. The zikr of Allah is greatest. Clear, they are saying the zikr of Allah is the greatest. Salah, let me give you an example to begin with.

BismillahirRahmanirRahim. What is the requirement of zakat? Simply put, zakat it is our third pillar. It comes right after Salah. It’s very important. Always Allah SWT is mentioning Salah and Zakah, Salah and Zakah, Salah and Zakah. Salah, it is the right of Allah on you. That’s why it is obligation. Zakah, it is the rights of others, not the Creator but the creation, on you. So it is about fulfilling rights. We are given everything, now we have to fulfill the rights now. Simply put, zakat we may say, one fortieth. The science of algebra, it is because of zakat, because of inheritance, because of everything, that they want to calculate, during the time when the Muslims had so much wealth and everything, and they need to calculate how much needs to go to the bayt-ul-maul, how much needs to go into the inheritance, what you inherit from your father, they come up with a whole science of mathematics based on that. Solving a very practical issue, which means that Islam begins with something that is very practical. It doesn’t begin with something that is very, very, very spiritual, that nobody can understand, that is not from this world. Because, where are we? We are in this world. And the Prophets came to take us out of this world into something higher.

So, step by step, first we have to understand what is this world. What are the rights of this world. Then step by step, we will understand our own humanity, you understand what is the rights of others, then, you may go higher and you may return. If you are not fulfilling the rights of where you are right now, no way, no how, no way, you will be able to make that journey back, that ascension back. So, Allah SWT, He is mentioning, I’m not a scholar, especially I am not an Arabic scholar, but if our Sheykh wants us to understand something, he lets us to understand. And I’m trying to understand. So the prayers you said that there is a lot of requirements for the prayers, which, these days, people don’t know. When I say, ‘What is the farz of prayer?’ ‘What farz of prayer?’ so many scholars they are going this deny this today too. There’s no need, especially modern day Facebook scholars, they’re going to say no need. We’re going to say, what are the farz of the prayer according to the Imam Abu Hanifa, there’s how many? They don’t know. It is common knowledge. It’s twelve, no? Six that is inside and six that is outside.

So, before you even reach to the fulfillment of your rights to Allah SWT, there is a great deal of preparation. And all that preparation is not just something that is making the intention, it is also you have to clean yourself. Because we are living in this world, everything has to happen at the same time. Now, Zikrullah Allah is mentioning next to Salah. You cannot have Zikrullah without Salah, that so many so-called Muslims are saying, ‘No need to pray, I’m only going to remember Allah.’ So you are taking one jump, one step ahead, and you fall down straight. What is this remembrance of Allah? Oh, this remembrance of Allah, that time, it depends on what you think of your Lord. How you want to think of your Lord, because Allah SWT is saying what? ‘I am as My servant thinks of Me.’ I am as My servant thinks of Me.

So, before you get into the zikr now, there’s a preparation for zikr. And the preparation for zikr is not just Salah, Salah it is Salah. Salah now it is a physical preparation for the zikr. Now, as it is, before the Salah you have to make an intention. It is very important, you have to prepare so many things now. Before you make the zikr, the Salah is just the physical now there is a spiritual aspect of the remembrance of Allah. That before you understand what is that the remembrance, if you are not knowing how to prepare for it, meaning, you’re not knowing what you’re doing, you’re just pulling a tasbih and just going ‘Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.’ That is one type of remembrance but that is not the greatest remembrance. Just as, I remember Sheykh Effendi, Sheykh Mawlana saying, Sheykh Mawlana is saying, oh, these ones they are sitting around making zikr, making rabita, mashaAllah. We enter into rabita in a bit. And Sheykh Mawlana is looking and he said, ah, this one he is making rabita to his wife. This one is making rabita to his job; this one is making rabita to his desires. Everyone is making rabita. As, in reality, everyone worships. But which lord do you worship?

So everyone in reality remembers. Because who are the ones who don’t remember? They’re crazy and they are not responsible for nothing. But you’re regular, you’re normal, you’re average, you remember. What do you remember? Now, in that aspect of removing everything but Allah in your heart, and then to remember Allah, this is where Tarikat training is. Because otherwise, just taking a wazifa, anyone can take a wazifa, anyone can say ‘I’m going to recite one thousand, two hundred, why you have to need a Sheykh for that?’ and they are reducing the role of the Sheykh just to give, ‘okay, you recite this, you recite this and you recite that.’ What are the Prophets doing? What were the Prophets doing? They were what? They were taking us out from our lower selves and this lower world and entering into that higher world. Which means in this lower world we can also worship, but that is the worship of the lower world. You can worship in the higher world, but that’s different from the worship in the lower world. Maybe the form is the same, but it is completely different. Just as at the Ka’aba people who are circling, making the tawaf around the Ka’aba they are kicking, they are biting each other, but above the Ka’aba there is another level of people who are circling. And those are the ones, that they are circling and everyone is circling there is one level of the Mevlavis that they are making the tawaf around the Ka’aba and they are circling and they are making orbit around themselves, but they are not touching each other. They are not interfering into each other. And then there is another higher level, from that and another level continuously, continuously, as much as you think that there is a limit to the Arsh of Allah, all the way up to the Arsh of Allah.

So, remembrance. What are you trying to remember? Now this is the part where the Naksibendi order comes in. Because they are going to make you to doubt and for you to put a question mark on everything that you are doing. You are remembering, that is a false remembrance. You have to know what is it that you are remembering. You have to think, and you have to understand, so you don’t do things in ghaflat. Why our Sheykh has been concentrating so many years, especially few years before he passed, on heedlessness? Because heedlessness, it is the opposite of zikr. Ghaflat, it is the opposite of zikr. And now, this is a very delicate subject, because you can be making zikr in heedlessness. If you are just making zikr, for example, you’re pulling the tasbih, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, but it’s not moving your heart, nothing, it is just moving your tongue, it is still remembrance, but it is not the remembrance. You can even be sitting down and really concentrating, saying, Allah, Allah, and you are putting it in your heart, but what are you doing it for? So many people, they are making the zikr for something. Asking Allah for what? It’s like going to the sultan and asking the sultan that you want to have some gold or some jewels.

Sultan says, ‘That is my treasury, I own everything here. Everything. What do you want? You are in my presence.’ Those are the ones who are coming to the Sultan of the sultans and they’re asking for candy. He is saying, ‘I have jewels.’ Those ones who are more smart they are going to say, ‘I will have the jewels.’ But those who are smarter still what do they ask from the Sultan? Himself. They say ‘We want you.’ Ah, now, you come to another level, another phase. Where there’s a beginning there is going to be an end, and a beginning and another end, and a beginning and another end because for that, when you say that you want Allah, then you have to finish yourself. Because, in the Divine Court, wahdahu la sharika la. Doesn’t matter if you think you’re a saint or you’re a holy one. You still exist, you still know that you are, then you are posing a challenge to Allah, because only He is. But to come to the level of now to become nothing, very painful. Then, it’s like you go up, now you know you have to go back down and even deeper. Then you go all the way up again, you go higher, now you have to come back down and even deeper than the that. Continuously. More deep you go, more higher you can go. More higher you can go is depending on how deep you can go.

Like what our Sheykh says, if you make yourself to be zero and Allah is one, together you are going to be ten. He says, don’t stop there, make more zeroes to yourself and then you are going to be a hundred. Make more zeroes to yourself and you are going to be a thousand because now the believer cannot get stuck. Because when a believer gets stuck at a certain level, then it becomes partnership. He starts to think that, ‘I’m existing.’ Then to train for that, how to not exist, now you go back down again deeper, more basic things now. So, this much is enough. Once you are, I don’t want to use fancy words like fana, once you are in full submission and you are saying, ‘Only You. Only You exist.’ Only You exist, that’s the time you will remember. Then let me ask you, are you remembering Allah, or is Allah remembering you? Allah’s remembrance of you is before, or are you remembering Allah before? Now, Allah is saying, Subhana wa Ta’ala, ‘Faz-kuruni az-kurkum.’

we are nothing

So, we are very, very, very, very far away from that, this is just we are dipping and we are tasting that a little bit to see then, what is that level. Now, we have our Sheykh in front of us. If we cannot now remember with the remembrance of our guide, then we cannot remember with the remembrance of our Prophet. Then we definitely cannot remember with the remembrance of Allah SWT. InsyaAllah, this is basic point, submission. Then that time, the remembrance of Allah is not going to be for anything but because Allah SWT, He deserves to be worshipped. We cannot worship Him the way that He deserves to be worshipped but He deserves to be worshipped. Your relationship now to Allah SWT will be completely different then. Because, look in the history of the world since Adam (as). Have the believers been the majority, ever? Never. Never. And is Allah SWT ever giving up? Who are we that He is pleading to us, to say, ‘Remember Me and I will remember you. Call on Me.’ Especially to this last nation. Adam (as), look, how many of his children believed? Nuh (as), the whole world, only seventy-three believed. Ibrahim (as), how many people believed? He was one Ulul Azam Prophet, one of the greatest Prophets, the father of all Prophets that came after him. He was the only one, that’s why his title is Khalilullah, the friend of Allah, and that’s why the angels they were crying when he was being thrown into the fire and Allah is not doing anything, Allah is not interfering. And they are asking him, ‘Ya Rabbi, please stop it,’ and Allah is saying ‘go to him and ask him.’ They said, ‘Please ya Rabbi. If he is destroyed, then there is no one on the face of this earth that is going to remember you.’ ‘Go to him. See if he needs your help.’ That is a test to Allah’s friend, continuously. Before it was his son, then this is this. Allah, Allah. And he is saying, ‘Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel.’ Now, when that full submission, when that full reliance is given to Allah SWT, Allah is the creator of this nature, he can make this nature to be de-natured. He can change this, then, everything that is in creation, time and space and light and this and that, Allah can flip it any which way that he wants. Ibrahim (as), one person.

Look, Isa alayhi salam, Ruhullah, one of the highest prophets. Twelve people. And they all left him when he was in trouble. They all deserted him. He just told them, ‘Stay awake while I pray. Stay awake. I’m going to be inside; the enemies are going to come to take me, stay awake while I pray to Allah.’ They all fled. Now do you understand why our Sheykh is always saying ‘Wake up, wake up, wake up. Wake up.’ If we cannot even sit on our ego and to be awake in an easy situation, of course, in reality, when you are listening, or Quran, or zikr, or, that’s when sheytan is going to attack you, meaning if you’re not training yourself when sheytan is attacking you, now, what’s going to happen when you really have to attack the sheytan? If you are not trained you cannot do that.

Prophet (AS) is the greatest prophet, alhamdulillah. A hundred and twenty-four thousand people became his Sahabis. There were so many, yet and even today, two billion Muslims we may say, yet, it’s not a majority. It’s never been a majority. It’s not going to be a majority. Only time it is going to be a majority is when? Only time when dajjal is defeated, and Isa (as) comes and he establishes now that Golden Age, that is the only time. When this world will be rid of every disbelief in every disbeliever. That is the only time. Allah’s word is true. His Revenge will come. So, now, once you understand that little bit of that remembrance of Allah, you go back down again. As Holy Prophet (asws) went to the Miraj, Sahibul Kaba Kausain, he met his lord. Distance between two bows length, or even nearer. But he still came back down again. Not his entirety, you can never bring your whole entirety when you are- Something came back down again. But he did come back down again, to do what? To save mankind. Not putting any separation to save mankind.

So those now, they have the remembrance of Allah, and they have the zikrullahuakbar. Now, they have to go back down again. And they have to continue that until what? Until, as Allah SWT said to the Prophet (asws), I have given you your nation, clean and pure and beautiful, they have dirtied themselves. They are your emanat, you have to return them to me clean and pure and beautiful. Now, you’re coming down and then you start working. Doing the work. Now, you’re going to start having that, we may say the secret of nubuwwat. Nothing fancy. Just to save people and to bring them to Allah. That’s all. That is the job of every Prophet. So, step by step, at least now we get a glimpse of understanding, where our Sheykhs are, what they are doing. How heavy their job is.

May Allah forgive us and our weakness, insyaAllah. For their sake, may Allah make us to live as believers and to die as believers. Al Fatiha. Amin. Selam Aleykum wa rahmatullah.

Seyhim Lokman Hoja Hz

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi, New York
25 RabiulAhir 1439
January 12, 2018

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