I live far from the Dergah. How can I feel more spirituality when attending the Jumah prayer and khutbah where I am?


Question: I am a struggling mureed of yours. I live far from the Dergah and the people of Tariqat are limited in the country where I am. How can I feel more spirituality when attending the Jumah prayer and khutbah where I am? I only feel like I am fulfilling an obligation, whereas, when I’m attending a Dhikr amongst the people of Tariqat, I get a high spiritual enjoyment. When I attend a Jumah prayer amongst the people of Tariqat I feel so much better.

HG mewlud

Eh, alhamdulillah. We are living in ahir zaman. Before I came up to the Dergah too, I was living in New York City for ten, fifteen years, suffering there before moving up. Every Juma I have to go listen to some wahhabi-sheytan kind of person saying things, calling us, people who love the Prophet, people who make salawats, people making mawlid, people making zikr, calling us to be kafir. Years, I had to go through it. I say ‘okay, that’s a wahhabi mosque,’ I’m very tired, I move from there, I go to another masjid. A Sufi masjid. But I hear another new kind of nonsense also. Imams up there talking about their dreams and the spiritual dreams and making interpretation on the spot just like this, saying that ‘because the Ka’aba is Baitullah, and anyone who faced to the Ka’aba, we are all ahli bayt.  So everyone is ahlul bayt!’ That kind of thing. So I get tired from that kind of Sufi nonsense, then I go to a masjid, African masjid. They speak only french. I don’t understand. It’s better. I don’t get upset. Just say ‘alhamdulillah,’ praying and that’s it. You see?

This is how it is. It’s like holding live coal in your hand. It burns in one hand you pass to the other, it burns you pass to the other, it burns… You’re living in that condition, Allah is testing you, bear witness, be patient, connect yourself to your Sheykh, be busy with zikr, be busy with witnessing and understanding. You can either say ‘oh, that is painful’ or you can understand where that pain is coming from, who is making that pain, how that pain is. Then you learn something from it. Allah has given this technology, we can use it for the sake of Allah, whenever you feel low like that, play some zikr, watch the zikr that we are making, join us, sit somewhere and make rabita to your Sheykh, be with your Sheykh. This is what is means, teaching us now how to be with Allah, because that is what taqwa is. Step by step.

So, insyaAllah, who knows? Maybe you are going to move yourself out from that area and you’re going to come to an area where they’re making zikr every day. Every Thursday they have zikr, every Juma they have Juma, every Holy day, Holy night. Then when you come don’t think that everything is going to be paradise too. It is, but the ego is always going to rebel, going to say something, going to hit back at you, and you should fight that. Once you start fighting, this is when your station is going to rise. It’s not really about whether you taste or you don’t taste; whether we taste prayer or we don’t taste prayer, we have to pray. So now, there are people also who say ‘oh, so nice, I want to move upstate, I can make zikr, every day, da, da, da,’ I said very good. One day, two days, one week, two weeks, one month, two months, then after that they get tired. It’s also normal, but understand, you’re supposed to know yourself. ‘Why am I getting tired? Why am I feeling this way?’ Then every time, you are fighting, you are changing, your station is rising high. If you stop asking, if you stop being interested, if you stop putting the passion in you, it doesn’t matter if it is Dergah or Medina or inside the Ka’aba, you’re not putting passion, you’re not reminding yourself of that, it’ll become tasteless. That’s why people living over there they can cross the Haramain, the floor of the Ka’aba, Masjidul Haram, to make a shortcut to go to the other side. They’re treating it as a normal thing. No. If you see it, pull yourself back. Work, work towards it. This is the biggest jihad, the jihad against to your ego. Do that, Allah will be happy with you. It will be easy, insyaAllah. Selam Aleykum.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi, New York
2 Jamad al-Awwal 1439
January 19, 2018stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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