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Out of billions of people in this world, who are we that Allah (SWT) is pulling us out from the mess that we all made for our own selves, and He’s saying ‘these ones, they are special. Don’t touch them. They are only here to worship Me, to praise My Prophet’? Do you understand what a huge honor it is? That should make your heart to swell.

What are you going to take from this world? All the difficulties you are going to bring to your grave? Nothing. You’re not even going to take nothing to your grave. You’re going to leave everything behind. But you live for Allah, you die for Allah you’ll be raised for Allah, for Allah’s sake. Do you understand? There are those ones Allah (SWT) is saying ‘I have made hereafter, paradise, forbidden to them, and I made the dunya to be open, halal for them.’ These are ahli dunya. They get everything from this world. Happy or not happy. Anyway, this dunya is an enemy. You serve your enemy, even if your enemy makes you happy for one day, it’s going to make you to be unhappy for the rest of your life. But those ones that Allah is saying ‘I have forbidden paradise for them, hereafter, but I give them to the dunya,’ we see so many. They are enjoying themselves, they are taking. Don’t get fooled to say ‘oh, look. They are happy. I am not happy.’ What is happiness? Happiness according to who? If you ask the child, the happiness according to the child is getting candy. That is your life. If you ask the happiness of the person who’s just drinking, his happiness is drinking. You ask the one whose happiness it is to be a tyrant, his happiness is being a tyrant. If you ask the one whose happiness is giving money, that’s his happiness. But, as we said before, Allah (SWT) is the Creator of happiness. He is the Creator of Happiness. We are not running to creation, we’re running to the Creator.

So we are not bringing anything, but we are serving Allah, we are trying to. Yes, we are weak. We are very dirty ones, but Allah has pulled us out into a clean place, according to our intention. Don’t forget that. Remember it, because it is a very huge honor. First honor that we have is that we are created as humans. Bani Adam. We are not created as animals. How many of us making ‘shukur, ya Rabbi, shukur that You have created me as a human’? But we have so many other duas that we make. Usually, ninety-nine percent is about the dunya also. This reminder it is for you and it’s for me. First, we’re humans. Second, that we are from the nation of the Most Beloved One, that even the Prophets they are jealous of us. They want to be from this nation. That you are lifting your hands, you say ‘shukur,’ with sincerity, ‘ya Rabbi, shukur, I’m in this ummat.’ Third, that we are Muslim. Trying to be believers, pulling ourselves back from the fitnah of this ahir zaman, to try to live simply, the most important thing is to worship to our Lord. Everything that we are doing now, here, it must be worship. It must be worship. Worship is not just going up and down, that’s not worship. Everything else that you are doing in your life; you are taking care of your children for Allah’s sake, that becomes a worship. You’re going out to work for Allah’s sake, to take care of your family, that is worship. You’re sitting and you’re listening to someone pouring their heart out, that is worship. You are sitting and you are being patient because Allah is testing you, one thing and another. That is worship. And you are remembering how our Sheykh is teaching us about the Prophet (AS), how he is living this life, this life becomes worship, continuous worship. Continuous reminder. That time you say ‘subhanaAllah, ya Rabbi, shukur. I will forget this sweetness, because man they have been created forgetful,’ say, ‘ya Rabbi, make me to remember this.’  This is why we need to remember, we need to remind each other.

This world is going to pass. Our lives are going to pass. Our children, our families, our properties, everything will pass. We’re going to be in the grave by ourselves. Look to see what you are going to put in your grave today. Don’t be busy with things that don’t concern you. Do not be busy with things that don’t concern you. That is a sign that Allah does not love you. Be busy today, check yourself, ‘what did I do today for the sake of Allah? Why did I do that? I got up and I worshiped. Why did I worship? I went to the Jumma. Why did I do that? Why did I speak these words to this one? Where is it reaching? Did I break that one’s heart? This one is saying something to me. Why was I being upset, why was I being angry? Astarghfirullah.’ You see something that you do good, you say ‘shukur alhamdulillah.’ You see something that you are lacking, you say ‘astaghfirullah.’ You’re making intention ‘tomorrow is going to be better than today.’ Be simple, because being complicated, we’re knowing so many things in these days, it’s going to sink you, it’s going to crush you. Don’t you see, we just gave in the khutbah, oh, the scholars of today. They can say anything that they want. Anything. It used to be , there are established laws in Islam. Established. The pillars of Islam, the rukn of Islam, the rukn of iman, you believe, Allah and His angels and His Prophets and His books, da, da, da. You believe, prayer; Iqamatus Salat, wa itauz Zakat, wa sawmu Ramadan, wa Hajjul bayti, Haqq. All these things, basic. It’s common, everyone knows. You cannot change it, hmm? The laws of taking your wudu, the laws of prayer, the laws of fasting, the laws of inheritance, the laws of marriage, what is halal and haram it is clear.

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Now, it is completely muddy. Now, it’s not clear. Dajjal is not going to say ‘this is halal and haram.’ He is not going to say halal and haram. He is going to say it is all halal. And those scholars who are going to support this, oh, working for him, definitely, ‘it’s okay, it’s okay.’ It’s not okay. It used to be if you go against any of this, you are out of Islam. Clear, because this is the basic foundation. If you start shaking the foundation, you take something, the whole house is going to fall. You cannot say ‘I’m a Muslim, but I don’t believe in angels.’ You’re out of Islam. You cannot say ‘I’m Muslim, I believe in angels, but I don’t accept the books, because the books they may have changed. Who knows? Maybe they changed.’ You’re out of Islam. You cannot say ‘I am Muslim,’ now, ‘but the Prophet, he is not masoom, he’s not protected. He’s a man, he’s a creature and he’s going to make sin.’ Hasha astarghfirullah. You are out of it. For one thousand three hundred years this has always been like this. This is what made Islam strong, and the Muslims to become strong. Now, we are two billion. We can reach three billion, seven billion, we are completely weak, because we are not standing up for haqq. We’re only standing up for ourselves.

Now, there are all sorts of nonsense, all sorts of disgusting things. You’re saying the earth is not cracking open, the skies is not splitting? That scholars of today, so-called scholars, they dare to say Hz Ibrahim (as), he is like a deadbeat, he’s a loser because he left his wife and his child. Female scholar. Thousand following her. They love her because they say ‘yes! Female voice need to be heard too!’ She’s saying that. Allah knows what she’s saying about the Holy Prophet (AS). ‘Oh, Islam has been hijacked by the male. Females they cannot speak nothing. This is wrong, everyone is equal.’ Ah, these are the tricks and the traps of wahabbism, that it gets into it and it’s poisoning people. And thousands they are following. Thousands they are following. ‘So I’m saying, well, Islam is about opinion. It’s okay to have difference in opinion.’

Since when is that? Ijma, the consensus of the scholars is the most important thing after the Quran and the hadith. You have to have ijma, you have to have everyone is saying the same thing. It’s finished. Because there is no protection to the Islam, there is no protection to the ummat. Forget about the safety and the politics of the ummat, the knowledge of Islam now it is not protected. You see? You understand why the Sultan is important? It’s not just to protect orphans, it’s not just to protect the women and the weak. It is to protect the teachings that the Holy Prophet (AS) left. Who believes in Khilafat these days, anyway? Scholars are saying ‘there is no Khilafat in Islam.’ Scholars are even saying ‘there is no politics in Islam. There is no government and no ruling in Islam. It’s a personal religion, like Christianity.’ I don’t know since when Christianity became personal because, as far as I know, two thousand years, maybe the last hundred years they lost it, but over one thousand nine hundred years it’s always been in politics. Today too, still.

Get away from all this. We are bearing witness for all this, so that it is not going to poison us, and get away. We don’t care who that person is. We’re not saying that person he is completely this or he is completely that. His actions are wrong; we stand up to say his actions are wrong, because these are the days when no-one is defending haqq anymore. Everyone is becoming very selfish. Yes, this is the weakest sign of faith. You see something wrong, you must correct it with your hands or with your tongue, but the weakest sign is that we correct it in our hearts. This is what we’re doing. InsyaAllah, may Allah accept it, and Allah forgive us. Selam aleykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Al Fatiha. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi, New York
2 Jamad al-Awwal 1439
January 19, 2018stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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