How do you build a strong desire for ahirat?


Question: How do you build a strong desire for ahirat?


What is ahirat? What is ahirat? First you have to know, what is ahirat? Ask yourself that question. For most people, Muslims, the ahirat means Jannat. We were taught that. I’m not saying it is wrong, we were taught that, right? “Oh, MashaAllah, may you go to Jannah.” And we are not putting it down. But, the relationship now is treating Allah (SWT) like your boss. Like your employer. You tell me to do this work then you’re going to give me this pay, correct? Is Allah (swt) our boss or employer? He is Lord. He is Lord. If He gives or He doesn’t give, He deserves to be worshipped. He deserves to be worshipped. If He grants us, or He doesn’t grant us, He is still Lord, He is still deserving of worship.

So what is the ahirat? That’s why, these kinds of things, we are going to go a little bit deeper into Tarikat.  So many people, generally, they are going to misunderstand. So, how do you build a strong relationship with ahirat? First, what is your ahirat? To some people, yes, they do all the good things because they want to go to heaven, to go to Jannah. They don’t do bad things because they don’t want to get punished.  So many people, that’s what they are doing in this world also. They are doing good things so that people can praise them, they don’t do bad things because they don’t want people to curse them. Meaning that, ‘if I can get away with it, I will. If I can get away with doing bad things and nobody is seeing it, I’m going to do that. If I can escape from doing good things, I’m going to do that.’ You understand? So, now what is your meaning of ahirat? What do you want, again? We say that question, over and over: What is it that you want? Friday, what you want? Every day, what you want? What is your intention? You’re praying, what do you want? You make a dua, and Allah (SWT), every night it’s as if He is daring us; ‘what is it that you want? What do you want from Me? You want this? I’m here to give. You want this? I’m here to give. What do you want from Me?’ Now ahirat, what do we want from ahirat? What is our meaning of ahirat? What are we understanding? Of course, Jahannam is Haqq, Jannah is Haqq. Everything that is off of this world, that is in the ahirat, it is Haqq. But that’s not the only thing. It is the whole world. What is that understanding, the whole world?

Everyone is making a big fuss now, because they say the Hubble telescope, the strongest telescope that we know, correct? So it trains on this spot, next to, I don’t know if it is a star or the moon or something, this spot, a very bright spot. It was looking and it was looking, looking, looking, looking, it is some billions of light years away, billions of light years away. Because it’s bright, a spot there, there’s so many spots of course, surrounded by spots, but this one is a little bit brighter. They were looking at that. They thought it’s a planet, it’s not a planet. They thought it was a star, it’s not a star. It’s a galaxy. And that galaxy contains trillions of suns. You understand? It makes the Milky Way look like a scratch in the sky. It is so huge. And they say, according to our understanding of physics too, it should not exist. It is too huge, they say. This is this world. So what is our understanding now of ahirat? And now, what is our understanding when you say ‘Allahu Akbar’? Now, don’t need to understand how small we are and how great it is to go to sajda. What do we want? As mureeds, it should be clear what you want. If you are in love, what you want is the object of your love, that’s all. That is what you want. InsyaAllah, may we get that. What we want is their pleasure, that they are happy with us, and as they like. Tamam?

So, now if you get the answer, now work towards that. Build a relationship with the ahirat, which means that now, everything that you have now, don’t let it to overtake you. Build now, again, as I said before, build now that connection. Build that connection, because that connection is taqwa. You say, “I’m doing every day, every day, I’m doing this to get closer to you. Every day, I’m finding new ways to fall in love with you. Don’t take that passion away from me. Don’t take anything else; don’t let anything else to confuse me. Let everything that I do be a way for you to be pleased with me.” Then that time, you may dissolve in the oceans, insyaAllah. Wa minAllahu taufiq, al Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz 
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi, New York
29 Jamad al-Awwal 1439
February 15, 2018stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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