Things happen for a reason


Things happen

Things happen in this world. People who are judging it with their intelligence, they are never going to get it. If you judge it with the intelligence of the EvliyaAllah, then you will see everything is moving perfectly. Everything is moving perfectly. I was reading one sohbet of Sheykh Effendi, Sheykh Effendi is saying “everyone is saying ‘we don’t want war’.” Only Sheykh Effendi is going to say this. “Why you don’t want war? Why you don’t want war?” And he’s speaking, going deeper and deeper, and he’s saying, people don’t want war because they are selfish. They don’t want war because they don’t want their selfish lifestyles to continue, because they don’t want it to be interrupted. They don’t want war, not because they want to save other people or stop cruelty,  they want it to be part of that system. So there are very unusual ways of thinking, our Sheykh, the EvliyaAllah. Look to see. Don’t jump. Think, try to understand. Because everything is moving perfectly too.

Once upon a time, there was a Sheykh and he had one favorite murid. That murid was new, young guy. All the other senior murids, not understanding, feeling very jealous towards that one. And the Sheykh wants to prove something to them. So very simply he’s saying, one time, they are gathering, giving sohbet and he’s saying “If Allah gives you the power, what would you change in this world?” He’s asking one murid. That murid, senior murid, says, “I will make everyone to become Muslim.” Sheykh says, “MashaAllah. What are you going to do if Allah gives you all the power in the world to change anything in the world?” He’s saying, “I’m going to stop tyranny.” Another one saying “I’m going to make everyone to fall to sajda.” Every with different ideas. Then the Sheykh turned to his favorite murid and said “What are you going to do?” He says: “Nothing, ya Sheykh. I would not change anything, because everything is perfect the way that Allah likes it.” Very hard for us to accept that, these days especially.

So Hajjaj, he’s known as a tyrant, and he’s asking the scholars, those ones who have too much intelligence: “Am I a zalim or am I an alim?” As you all know, the story, he was a governor. Where? In Baghdad. And the Khalifa sent him there to be the governor. So he sat down, he gathered the whole city in front of him, then he turned to one man. He says “Read the letter that the Khalifa sent.” BismillahirRahmanirRahim. The Khalifa is saying Salam Aleykum.” And the people there just grumbling, because as you know the people of Baghdad they are rebellious kind. Always. Hajjaj not liking it. He said, “Say again.” 

“Khalifa is saying Salam Aleykum” (people still grumbling). So Hajjaj, his blood was boiling a little bit, saying in a very jalal voice, he’s saying, “The Khalifa has sent one of his most dangerous poison arrows to you, to clean you up. Now I’m saying again: the Khalifa is saying Salam Aleykum.” Now everybody got very scared, they say “Aleykum Salam.” “Very good.” So he started talking, speaking little bit. And he says “There are too many heads now, the heads will have to go.” So he said, calling the names one by one, all those troublemakers, all those ones who are rebellious, because, as you know, rebellion is forbidden in Islam. The Prophet is saying: Even if your leader takes your skin off your back, don’t rebel in Islam. There’s a reason there. Who can rise up? Not the awam. Because the awam always gets fooled. So he said, next morning, bring me all these hundreds of scholars, too intelligent people. They came to his presence, and he said: “Now you, am I a zalim or am I an alim? Am I a tyrant or am I the one with knowledge?” Man saying “You’re an alim.” He’s saying “You’re a liar and hypocrite. Take his head off, bring him to the other side.” Man screaming.

Now the next one gives the answer. He says: “What are you? Say to me, am I an alim or am I a zalim?” The man says “You’re a zalim!” “Yes, I am. Take him!” So one by one, everyone started being taken away. Now there was one person, he was in that group there. And when Hajjaj asked him, to cut the long story short, he says, “Give me three days. I will give you an answer.” Hajjaj looked at him and says: “What? You’re making deal with me? Negotiate?” He says “Give me some time” So Hajjaj liked it, because the man is showing some life. He says, “Okay. I will give you however much time you want. Go and then I will call you again and you’re going to give me an answer.” So the man went. But before the man went, he said to Hajjaj: “But before I go everything that I want in this world, everything I need, you’re going to provide for me. Anything I want to eat, drink, everything you must give it to me.” Hajjaj said: “Give him anything that he wants.”

So the man went home, he told his wife. His wife started screaming and crying, saying “What have you done?” He said, “Eh, at least now for three days, seven days, we are going to really live.” He says, “Before I go. We’re all going to go anyway.” So one day passed, two days passed. On the third day the man is saying: “This is my last night, let me at least spend it in seclusion.” So he went to the biggest Masjid, Jami, that area. Night time, that big jami they closed. So he was hiding inside behind one of the pillars. Jami closed, he stayed inside He says “At least, now, I’m just going to make some zikir, remember my Lord. Tomorrow, I’m going to go.”

He was sitting, some hours passed. At the time of Tahajjud, the door started opening. He saw bright light coming. It was Hz. Ali who walked in, then Hz Usman, then Hz Umar, Hz. Abu Bakr, then all the rest of the Sahabis they came in, and the Holy Prophet (AS) came. Holy Prophet then sat on a high chair, all the Sahabis they were down there. Then Prophet (AS) said: “Bring him in.” Then Hajjaj came. And he was crawling. Crawling, crawling, all the way up the the Prophet (AS), and the Prophet (AS), there’s a book in front of him and he was crossing out certain names and certain things, he closed it and he gave it to Hajjaj. Hajjaj took it, didn’t even look at the face, crawling, crawling all the way back. Then all the Sahabis they left, Hz Ali, Hz Usman, Hz Umar, Hz Abu Bakr, they left. Everyone they left, the door closed. Then the man is looking like this (shocked). He says “Ha ha. Now I know.”

So the next day he want to Hajjaj. Hajjaj says: “Now tell me, am I an alim or am I a zalim?” And the man just smiled and looked at him and says “You are the messenger of the Prophet (AS). You are the one who fulfills his work. Hajjaj was staring at him, he realized he was there last night. He says, “Don’t speak anything, don’t say anything. As from now on, you foolish one, I will pay for everything for you for the rest of your life. Get out of here.”

What is he saying? Things happen for a reason. Tyrants are there because they are being put there. When whole peoples they are punished, the nation has deviated from the right way, generally then the punishment comes. Allah is saying, “We don’t punish a nation unless we have warned them over and over again.” Big punishment is coming to this nation. Warnings they are everywhere. May Allah keep ourselves safe, inshaAllah. 

Welcome to you

Pull away from all this mess that is happening in the world. You don’t know who is on the way of Hakk, who is on the way of Batil. There is so much confusion everywhere. All the politicians, all the presidents, all the leaders now, they’re all sitting on the same table anyway. Muslim, non Muslim. Jewish, Arab. Same. They only trying to trick the awam, but they will never trick those ones who have the vision. The vision of who? The vision of Allah SWT. Seeing with the nur. InshaAllah ar-Rahman, Allah keep us in safety. Salam Aleykum. Welcome to you.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz  
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi, Passaic
20 Rajab 1439
April 6, 2018stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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