How were the Sahabi e-Kiram able to be so sure during battle when all odds were against them?


Question: How were the Sahabi e-Kiram able to be so sure during battle when all odds were against them?

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So you’re asking us the question, how the Sahabis, the companions, they had such a strong heart that they were not even hesitating when all the odds were against them, everything was stacked against them. Everything. And even seeing that the Prophet (asws) is begging Allah for help. Because usually if a person is confident he’s not going to show any weakness, correct? Going to war, especially the generals they don’t show any weakness. But the Prophet (asws) he was crying, all night he was begging to Allah SWT in the presence of his two generals that are there, the Prophet is the commander, Hz Umar and Hz Abu Bakr. It doesn’t make sense. So many things in Islam it doesn’t make sense. Because Islam is not from the senses of this world, it is from the senses of the heavenly stations and the Divine stations. And it is not to make the man just to wake up to the senses of this world, it’s easy, you can do that easy, but for him to wake up to his heavenly senses that those heavenly senses we had before we came to this world. Those Divine senses we had, we still have, before we were sent into this world and even in this world we have those heavenly senses and those Divine senses that the Prophets are sent for us to wake up to that.

So the Prophet (asws) woke up this faith in them, this Divine sense in them, to follow him. How did they achieve it? Is it just by some secret dua, some blowing, and then suddenly they turn and they become like this, like they teach us so many times in Tasawwuf and Sufism that is what is happening? Those things they do happen, but it only happens to those whose hearts they have opened. Not open to sheytan and ego, they open to Allah. They have locked it up to sheytan and the ego and they open it to Allah, with one look they can transform, yes. But if the heart is still filled with the ego, it’s still filled with selfishness, it’s still filed with pleasure of this dunya, even if you’re going up and down, praying twenty four hours a day, your heart cannot be open to nothing. No spirituality, because you have not woken up that spiritual side of yourself, you’re still busy with the senses. But understand what the Sahabi-e-Kiram they went through also. They were able to have submission to the Prophet. How did they have submission to the Prophet (asws)? Because they submitted their will to his will. They had no more will. They submitted everything that Allah SWT has given to them. These are the ones, like Hz Abu Bakr As-Siddiq saying, ‘I’ve given up everything for your sake ya Rasulullah, for Allah’s sake, for Islam. I don’t own anything.’ And he asked him, alayhi salatu wasalam, ‘What did you leave your wife and your children?’ He says, ‘I left Allah and his Prophet.’ He’s implying by that, by giving up everything you gain Allah and his Prophet. And he leaves Allah and his Prophet to his wife and to his children. ‘

So in order for that to happen, you have to learn submission. Not Islam, shahadat, praying five times a day, fasting, going to Hajj, not just understanding Iman by imagination. Amantu billahi wa mala’ikatihi wa kutubihi wa rusulihi wa yawmil Akhiri. Not just saying, ‘ah, Islam, well, to worship Allah as if we are seeing Him, knowing we don’t see him He is seeing us.’ The Prophet (asws) he did not deliver these hadiths as words, that we are reading them today as words, he did everything and then he said the words. And the words, it’s only to package his whole lifestyle, his whole teachings, his whole manners, you understand? It’s only to package it. But inside is that practice, inside is that spirit. And now we are just left with that package to recite to each other over and over again but there is no spirit that is in there. Because what is that spirit? What is that spirit there? Praying five times a day, you think that we are the same as the Sahabi-e-Kiram? Never. They cannot pray, they pray in public they get stoned. Have any of us felt anything when we are praying? Muslims are ashamed to pray in public. Have we prayed together in public? No. They say, ‘no, no brother, don’t do that.’ You cannot even wear a turban or keep a beard in public, to protect the sunnats of the Prophet. They say, ‘no, no, you do that you’re going to make them to run away.’ Breh, they’ve already been running away. And you know what? When they come into Islam they want to run away from their traditions of not wearing turban and not keeping beard. That’s why they’re running to this. They know.

So why are we running to their traditions when they are running away from their traditions to find truth? Oh, you don’t want to find people who are seeking truth, you want people who are hypocrites to come. You want people who are corrupters to come. To say, ‘look, change all of this, become modern, and then all of them they are going to follow you.’ What are you going to get? Filled with munafiqs, that’s all. You’re not protecting anything. Because you only protect things that have value, no? You don’t protect something that is not valuable. So if you’re not protecting the sunnats you don’t find it valuable. You’re saying it is worthless.

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Those Sahabi-e-Kiram, how did they learn submission? Just by saying ‘La illaha illallah’ they were killed. Have we felt that? Just by saying ‘La illaha illallah’, people are going to look at us with murder in their eyes, that if they have the power they’re going to kill us? Alhamdulillah, the jamaat of Sahibul Saif we have. Praying, fasting, zakat, not zakat that you have extra and you give, not zakat, ‘oh it’s going to be tax exempt.’ Zakat, meaning you work and you’re giving something of yourself to help others. You are taking a smaller share for yourself. The Hajj, that is a return to Allah that the Sahabi-e-Kiram they wanted to return to Allah, they were fleeing at that time from their own dunya to Allah when there was nothing in their dunya, there was nothing. It was sand and stone and sky and desert. And now, in the place where we are supposed to return to Allah we are reminded of nothing but dunya. They’ve turned Mecca and Medina into a Times Square.

They didn’t just pray. They gave up in order to pray. They gave up their comfort; they gave up their safety in order to pray. They didn’t just believe Amantu billahi wa mala’ikatihi wa kutubihi wa rusulihi wa yawmil Akhiri- they didn’t just believe in all these things. They were tested with all these. They were tested in belief in Allah, they were tested with the Quran, that even to speak a couple of words of the Quran they are going to be persecuted oppressed and killed. There are, of course, still Muslims in some parts of the world that they are being persecuted because they are Muslims. But where’s the rest of those ones who have golden toilets. Where are they, that they have golden airplanes, that their wives are spending millions of dollars for shopping, where are those leaders of Islam? They are definitely not leaders of Islam, they were never trained by Islam, they were trained by the west definitely, and the ego. They were not trained in Islam and the way of the Prophet. If they were trained in Islam and the way of the Prophet (asws), then they are going to be like the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire, that they’re showing the majesty of Islam without apology to people who like all this glitter. But inside their own palaces they were living the lives of dervishes. They knew how to balance, because this nation has been given, also, all of the gifts that Allah SWT has given to the earlier Prophets. This nation. If you’re able to keep things properly, whatever Allah has given, the power to all the earlier Prophets, this nation will have. Don’t you know that?

Don’t you know Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘the scholars of my nation,’ the alim, not scholars you go to Wahhabi university and you get a diploma scholars, scholars meaning alim, alim meaning those ones who have ilm, the knowledge coming from Allah. The Awliya Allah, ‘they are like the prophets of the Bani Israel.’ If you say, ‘no, it means the scholars,’ I say, ‘okay, the Prophets of the Bani Israel they split the sea, can you do it?’ Prophets of the Bani Israel they pray and the manna and salwa is raining from the skies. Can you do it? No you cannot. You can only knock on the doors of your leaders and begging for something, recognition. But the Evliyaullah of this nation, they have the power of the Prophets of the Bani Israil, to make the miracles. And they have done. They have the power, then, because Allah is giving to this nation, to rule over this whole world. They have the power of Hz. Suleiman (as). But Hz. Suleiman (as), he wasn’t living a life of luxury either. He was showing the Majesty of Allah, just as Hz. Abdul Qadir Geylani he was showing the Majesty of Allah, but he was not living a life of luxury. How can you, when you understand what a liar this dunya is?

So they gave up from everything, and whatever that they took on from Islam, Iman and ihsan, which ihsan, they are seeing the Prophet (asws) in front of them, and they are following that one who had met Allah. They have experienced it. They have been tested, and they passed because they were patient, and they experienced it. What are we tested with? Or with a little bit of test, we get very upset, very angry. Or with a little bit of test, we get very arrogant and stubborn. Or with a little bit of test, now we start blaming everyone else. How they had that firmness of faith? They sacrificed. They were not rewarded with that sacrifice like today’s people, saying ‘if I give zakat, oh, Allah is going to give me seventy times more.’ They are counting. No. They sacrifice, on top of that sacrifice they were tested. They were tested by those who hate them and they were tested by those whom they love, and by the things that they love. Otherwise, you cannot empty. Otherwise, you cannot be nothing. You’ll still be pulled down by the gravity of this world, because you’re saying ‘I am connected to everything and everyone, and all my heart is just for the things that I love.’ That time, you cannot follow. Sheykh Effendi is saying, Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, when Mahdi (as), when he declares the Takbir, if you are holding a newborn child, drop it. Now ask. You and me, ask ourselves. Can we drop that child? Be real. Then what are we praying for? That ayat is saying, when Allah is testing, testing with the things that they love, and they are patient and they say ‘everything belongs to Allah and we return to Him.’ Do you understand what that means? That means now you are not saying ‘this is mine, this is mine. My child is mine, my ideas are mine, my money is mine, my land is mine. This is all mine.’ You cut that off, because they don’t belong to you. After you die, it belongs to someone else. They don’t belong to you. They all belong, it all belongs to whom? To Allah. Your child belongs to Allah. Whatever you love it belongs to Allah. So what are we reminding ourselves, then, every day? ‘This is mine, I want more’? Or are we saying ‘this belongs to Allah, we are taking care of it for Allah’s sake. But that has to return to Allah.’ Understand? It has to return to Allah. How are we going to return that to Allah?

So the Sahabi e-Kiram, they had full submission to the Prophet (asws). They went through tests. They sacrificed. They were tested until they had nothing left in their lives, just like Hz. Abu Bakr as-Siddiq is saying, ‘I have nothing else. I only have Allah and His Prophet.’ Hah, then with that foundation, you can shake the world. You can shake the Paradises. Because now you become zero, and Allah is One. Then He’s going to make you ten. He’s going to make you one hundred, He’s going to make you one thousand. As much zeros that you are putting, you are going to get more support from Him. That time, to have the submission, to follow Him, it is just the beginning of an ocean. It’s not the end. It’s just the beginning. Because once you cross that is something else, once you go to the middle is something else, once you go deep into the ocean is something else. What are you going to do there? You’re going to swim? Have fun? Huh. Once you take something there it’s something else. Who are you going to give it to, what is… it goes on, it goes on. It’s endless. The Evliyaullah, the Prophets, they are not, like the Christians they are saying, in the skies, just playing that harp-thing and having wings and- no, no, no, no. They are not. There are so many things that are happening, still. Because the Battle of Badr, it’s not just between one thousand kufar and three hundred and thirteen believers. It is between all the forces of sheytan against to the Prophet (asws).

If the Prophet (asws) is not understanding what is ahead of him, why would he ask from Allah SWT? If he’s only seeing one thousand people there and he’s just seeing three hundred and thirteen, you think he doesn’t have enough faith to know that Allah SWT is going to support three hundred and thirteen? Then why is Allah sending him thousands of Angels? He could have just sent him strength, power. Correct? Why Allah is sending Angels? One Angel could destroy billions of this world. The power of one Angel. Why Allah has to send thousands? Thousands, against man. One thousand men with swords in their hands, and spears. Why the Angels have to fight? A little bit unfair, don’t you think? Ah, this is when we are only seeing things with our eyes. We are not understanding. Because all of the sheytans they were gathered there in the Badr, to destroy Haqq. It’s not just between small group of men, big group of men. No.

Sheykh Effendi is saying Allah SWT is promising, but only some came. The rest is not coming, didn’t come to Badr. The rest they are on standby from that time until now, training, getting themselves ready for the big war that is going to happen between Mahdi (as) and Dajjal in the war of the Armageddon, and now, beyond the Mountain of Kaf, with the Prophets and with the Evliya, with our Sheykh to get ready for that.

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So now, everyone is waiting for Mahdi (as). No one is really waiting for the battle. Now, may Allah make us to not be like the munafiqs that when it comes to the battle we run. How are you going to know that?

You’re going to train yourself from now. You’re going to test yourself from now. You’re not going to run for the pleasure of your ego. You’re going to run to work to step on our ego. This is the training, this is the testing ground. Don’t ask for something else, don’t ask ‘well, this is nothing. I mean, it’s not as if I’m getting stoned or I’m getting ripped apart.’ Don’t ask for that. If you are going to ask for that, Allah will test you for that. And those days, hard days, they are coming for the Muslims. First, it is the heart. The heart. Learn to empty it. Just put that Prophet there, just put your Sheykh in there.

Whenever your ego is coming up in front, put it aside. Whenever your so-called intelligence comes, put it aside. Try to look with these eyes, even if you don’t really understand how to use it and you use it wrong that time, doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter. You say ‘I use these shoes, my whole life it works good. I can run so fast. Now I have to use these sandals? I can’t run too fast,’ because maybe to your understanding you have to use these sandals. Then you say okay, at least now you’re training your ego to step aside and you’re getting control. You’re breaking your habits. You’re re-circuiting your mind, your brains. You are going to wear that. Oh, but you don’t run so fast. You say it’s okay. At least now you step on your ego and you’re using that. Now you’re going to say- yeah we are saying sandals, but we don’t mean literally those sandals. But because you passed that test, although it doesn’t make sense to you, but you are still following, now we are going to give you wings. It’s very easy.

May Allah not test us, but when the test it is there may Allah give us the power and the strength against to our ego and sheytan. May Allah give us the faith of those ones who are better than us, who have passed before us. May Allah have those ones that He loves to be in our hearts. May Allah forgive me and bless you. Wa minallahu taufiq, Al Fatiha. Amin. Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullah. InsyaAllah. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz 
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi, NY
18 Ramzan 1439
June 1, 2018stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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