From Fitr to Qurban


at maqam

Holy Prophet (AS), he was looking very tired, on that day he was looking very old, he had just come from defending Haqq, and she (Hz Fatime) is looking at him and she said, ‘O my father, when are you going to rest? when are you going to rest?’ And the Holy Prophet (AS) he says, ‘O my daughter, I’m not going to rest until you see the sun outside, how it is shining to every house,’ he says, ‘until the sun of Islam shines to every house in this world, I’m not going to rest.’ The Prophet of Allah he speaks the truth. He is not resting now too.

When are the believers going to rest? When are we resting? Maybe when you die, you are going to rest a little bit. Maybe. But you are entering into another world. When you are entering into another world, you don’t rest. Because you are just entering. What is Tasawwuf? What is Sufism? Resting. When is the spirit at rest? When is the spirit resting? When the nafs that is there, fighting against it, twenty-four hours, claiming its existence, claiming its importance, claiming its Lordship. When that nafs, from that nafsu amara, it becomes the nafsu Mutma’in, that time you are going to find some rest. because that is the time when you are not going to struggle  against to yourself. That rest is rest for yourself. You are not going to struggle against to yourself. You are not going to fight against to what is bringing you up. The spirit is pulling you up, the nafs is pulling you down. When you let go, when you cut off that gravity, that pull, and the spirit is now rising, this is the nature of the spirit. It is not going to come down. It always have to rise higher and higher. That time you’ll find rest within yourself. But that is not rest also. Are we saying that Holy Prophet (AS), he was fighting against himself? Hasha. Are we saying the Sahabi e-Kiram, they were fighting against to their own nafs? No. They have already been free. Allah has already been pleased with them. So now, that time they start struggling against to our nafs. Not theirs. Our nafs. Start struggling against to our ego, the ummat.

Everything else that is happening in the world is because the ego is feeding it. The dunya is not going to have too much power if the ego is not being its guide. Everything is depending on that ego now. Once the ego unlocks, when the ego opens, then everything is going to go crazy. It’s going to escape. So when are we going to rest? For us, we are going to find maybe a little bit of rest when we realise that yes, we are fighting. We are not giving in. That we have finished the month of Ramazan and we are discovering, we are tasting the sweetness that comes, the ease that comes with the difficulty. Indeed after every difficulty there is going to be ease. Only after every difficulty there is going to be ease. So it is in that struggle, in that fight, that the ease and the sweetness is going to come. The taste is going to come. Without that fighting, without that struggle, it is not going to be.

When you are finding your life, especially now, everything is opening maybe, and it becomes a routine, you are not fighting, you are not struggling, it becomes a routine. Routine means that it is on auto mode. It’s automatic. It’s robotic. You don’t have to even engage. You are just putting it there and then it’s going by itself. We’ve finished the month of Ramazan. The month of Ramazan, there is a sweetness there because we cannot be in auto mode at that time. One of the reason is because we are searching. Whole month we are searching. Especially in the last ten days, we are searching for something. You are searching for the treasure. Leylatul Qadr. We are searching for it.

What are we searching now? Allah is not giving now? The believer is going to search. He is going to see. And from that searching, where with this eyes, those who don’t have belief they are going to say everything is the same, with this eyes, the believer is going to see with the Nur of Allah and he is going to discover, every day it is different. He is going to discover the wisdom of every day, he is going to discover the secret of every day. ‘Now today, this is what I discover for myself. My ego is trying to go crazy, I step on it a little bit and it opens this way.’ What did you gain today? Nobody is going to go to work and to earn nothing. Everybody goes to work knowing they are going to earn something. Those who are extra smart they are going to go to work knowing that they are going to make a profit, more than yesterday. They are watching, they are chasing. Chasing.

What have we done for the sake of Allah today that we are chasing after, that we have gained? If the believer is not putting himself to ask this question, then the days, the weeks, the months, they are just going to pass just like that, and you don’t know why you are waking up, you don’t know why you are going to sleep, you don’t know why you are here in this world. But everyday that is there, there is something for you that is there. Maybe you say, ‘ah, I don’t have a family, I’m not married, everyday is the same.’ Maybe. Maybe you can. Maybe. But we are entering into different worlds. Everyday, every month, every year, we are discovering things that never before you have discovered. What are you learning? What are you learning? How is your Lord revealing to you today?  What are you watching? What are you thinking? Without watching and thinking, you are not discovering nothing. When do you think and when do you watch? When you put your heart and you examine it. When you are chasing after something. When everything is just a robotic thing that is happening, then your days and your months, years will pass without any meaning. Empty. Empty. But it’s not empty. Everything is there. Everything is there. But you are not searching. You are not trying to search to find your Lord. And when you do, everyday definitely it’s going to be different. Everyday you will have this innocence, you will have this happiness of discovering something, almost like a little child.


Allah is making us to witness, to experience that, it is a very important part of your life, it is a very important part of our spiritual training. Now you are going to see, you are going to witness. What are you going to witness? How those ones, without so call intelligence, they have more faith than you can ever imagine. How those ones, I’m talking about little children, without any wealth, without any possessions, there is a purity of experience. And that purity is surrounded by the angels. And when you are with them, you feel clean. You feel pure. You don’t feel like you are running after this world. Nobody, in the presence of say, little babies, or little lambs, or old people, they ever feel that they are dirty, that their ego is being pulled, that their nafs is being fed, that they are running after this dunya. You are completely separate from it. It is there. And that experience is for everyone. If we are discovering and we are looking and we are searching, we will find. You are not searching, you will never find. Even if it is staring at you, right in front of your face, you will not understand it. You will not see. That time you are asking,’where is Allah?’ That time you are going to ask, ‘why Allah is not answering my prayer?’ That time you are asking, ‘where is the mercy, where is this?’ You start questioning everything. Because you are just like the blind man with the eyes shut close and saying, ‘where is the sun?’ Sun is shining everywhere, but you are refusing to see.

We are with those ones who are awake. We should take their words for something. We should teach ourselves and teach our children how to become more awake with everyday, instead of going to sleep only with our egos and our complaints. That time you don’t need too many things to make you happy. That time the sadness that is going to come to you, it comes and it passes very quickly too. Just like you see the little kid, very sad and crying, but next minute it’s going to be laughing. Next minute you pick it up, you say, ‘look, look, look. Look at this.’ They forget everything. There is something there for us to know. For us to pick up. There is always the mercy of Allah beyond that difficulty that we are seeing. But which one do you want to be busy with? That sadness or that hope that is there, especially if you are in the way of Allah. Especially if you are in the way of Allah, there is not going to be one door that is opening, one hundred doors that is opening. But you just have to open your eyes.

We have finished the Ramazan. Alhamdulillah. We are looking forward to the month, to the season of Hajj, to the season of purity, to the season where we move from fitr to Qurban. Allah SWT is saying, fitr, where you are newborn, where you are clean, where you are pure. Now, keep it. That purity, you have to return it to Me. It has to be a Qurban to Me. Think in these days. We have to think. We have to look forward to. We have to prepare in our return, Insya’Allah. May Allah forgive me and bless you. Wa minAllahu Taufiq. Al-fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi, NY
14 Shawwal 1439
28 June , 2018stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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