Insan e-Kamil: The most perfect form


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We have been created the most perfect form. So the goal is to become insan e-Kamil. That is the goal. That insan e-Kamil, Allah SWT He is so great and He is so powerful that He can make not one insan e-Kamil, He has open the doors to that, to become perfect, to become the perfect man to every man, insan, woman, to every human that He has created. The potential is there. The door is open. The invitation is sent. Not only to say, oh, only Jews can become, only Arabs can become. To everyone this invitation is given.

We have been created here in this world into different tribes. And Allah SWT is saying for you to find each other and for you to learn from each other. So learning from each other, to act, to take, to know that you yourself, that you are born like this, you think that you are only like this but there are so many different kinds of knowledge that is also there that will add, that will give you more completion, but all that knowledge that is out there, it is also part of you. Because there’s no way for us to know anything if that knowledge is not already here, inside. And Allah has created us in Ahsani Taqweem, in the most perfect form, and He has breathe into Hz Adam (AS), who knows the names, every knowledge he knows.  That is in us.

Science have just discovered that our DNA contains the memory of all our ancestors. That theoretically, this writing story, science fiction, like this they are saying you can have memories of this one and that one and that one, everyone has that potential. But you need a key to unlock it. So it’s not only knowing the knowledge that is happening around you, it is also the knowledge that you have access too, the knowledge that is before you. And whatever that is happening before you, if you think that you can only know the knowledge that is physical that you have that capacity to know the knowledge that is physical, it is in your DNA, we are spirits too, what about the spiritual knowledge that we are going to get not only from, say, seven thousand years, this Adam, different Adam, all the way to pre-eternity, we have that knowledge. It is in us. And Allah SWT is sending Prophet to unlock that, sending Evliyaullah to unlock that. So there are different ways to unlock that kind of knowledge. To find each other and to unlock that, so that that insan e-kamil, that perfect human, that perfect servant of Allah SWT, Allah who is most fair, it is given to everyone, that is open for everyone to have.

Like I said, the greatness of Allah SWT is, everything that He is doing is declaring Himself, His own uniquenss, His own Oneness, His own singularity. He is One. Everything is declaring that Tauhid. He can make something that is perfect that is the only one in creation. But He can make another one that is also perfect and also the only one in creation. That’s why some people when they were kids, they were not too good in math because they are taught okay this is one apple, this is one apple, how many apples are there? There are two apples. He says, ‘no. It is one apple and another apple.’ You say, no, one plus one equals two. ‘But this apple is one, this apple is one plus something, because they are not the same. 1 and 1 is the same. But this apple and another apple they are never the same, so how can they be equal?’ So some kids they have that understanding too. And Allah SWT is opening that door, because He has created all of us in Ahsani Taqweem, and He has, as many people there are, as many creatures there are, they all have a way to Allah SWT.

Why Islam is really emphasizing also that you have to treat, not only each other with kindness and mercy, you have to treat the animals with mercy. You have to treat even inanimate object that we are saying that they are not moving, they have no spirit, that we understand, we say you cannot now be cruel meaning that you cannot waste, you cannot harm, you cannot destroy. Why is that? Because Allah SWT is saying, Everything that We have created, they have a way to Us. They have a secret way of communication to Us. They have a secret prayer and Allah is going to listen to the prayer of who especially? Those ones who are oppress. So now you are having an animal, you are having a horse, you are oppressing that horse, that horse has a secret language and Allah is watching. And Allah SWT, Holy Prophet is saying, on the day of Judgement, even the ram with one horn is going to ask for the rights from the ram with two horns that they had a fight. You think the animals, this whole world is not going to ask their rights from man? Other religion may say it doesn’t matter, they are animals, they are dirty, treat them like this, like that. No, we cannot. We cannot. Sheykh Effendi is saying, Evliyaullah is saying, you cannot even kill a mosquito with anger, and Islam is saying you cannot burn. It is forbidden for you to burn. That even, don’t you know, Hz Sulaiman (AS) that one of his miracle is that he is able to talk and to understand and speak to animals, and animals are able to speak to him. Not only that, the winds and everything else, that he stopped his whole army, because of what? An anthill that is in front. His whole army that is coming, he stopped because they were going to step on the ant, and the ant will what? The ants were speaking and they were saying, ‘watch out from this one,’ and Hz Sulaiman (AS), Nabi, that his father was given the Psalms, the Book, and he has fear from Allah, and he’s telling the whole army now to be very careful. Because the ants are saying, and when the ants are speaking, their Lord is listening.

So when you have this foundation, when you have proper foundation of understanding these things, not every details should be given to you, it’s not necessary to know every detail too, because you have the foundation. We have the foundation, now you are going to build according to what is needed for the situation, what is needed for the climate, the building, what is needed for the people. Because the foundation is there. Because the foundation in a rocky place it is different thing that you need, if it is sandy place, it is different. When it is different altitude, it is different. When you have that, it is okay. You don’t need now for someone to tell you each and every detail of what to do. Because you have become intelligent enough. But when you don’t have that foundation and you are always trying to trick Allah on that foundation, then we have to tell you step by step, every little thing, because you are trying to escape.

So it is important now, the rights of each other, it is important now to look to each other and understanding that Allah SWT has created everyone special and everyone unique, as Sheykh Maulana, Sheykh Effendi is saying, if the veil is lifted from our eyes, from our heart, and if we see the crown that Allah SWT has place on the head of every insan, we are going to be blinded by that light, we are going to rush to kiss the feet of the one that is in front of us. Allahu Akbar.

This is important for us to know. And that highness, it is not according to your race. It is not according to your color. It is according to your sincerity. Especially in these days. Sincerity means you don’t try to be sleek. You know what is right and you know what is wrong. That is being sincere. You don’t try to be sleek. You don’t try to deviate. You don’t try to bend and twist. Haqq is haqq and batil is batil. And what is haqq, you stand up to fight for haqq. You don’t give in to batil. That is being sincere. You don’t become friends with batil. You don’t become allies with batil. Regular people like you and me, maybe there’s excuse for that, but those ones who are claiming and those ones who are having high authority, it’s very dangerous for them.

May Allah keep us in safety, insyaAllah ar-Rahman. May Allah make us to understand our own secret before we pass from this world, so that we can return to Him with that secret, and say Ya Rabbi, this is from You and it should return to You. May Allah forgive me and bless you. Al-Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz 
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi, New York
28 Shawwal 1439
12 July, 2018stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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