Verily, Allah is with the Patient


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The rebel, when he gets pain, when he gets difficulty, he complains, he curses, he fights, he is very angry. The believer, when there is pain, he becomes patient, he is more accepting, he is closer to his Lord, you understand? That he is always now speaking and pleading to his Lord, and those words are very sweet to Allah. So, what is the quality of that patience, it is very important.

So the servant, when he is patient, understanding that this patience is also coming from Allah, what can he do? Allah doesn’t love the servant who declares his greatness, because greatness belongs to Allah. Allah loves the servant who declares his weakness to Him, you understand? These days people declare their weakness to each other as a game, false modesty. ‘Oh, no, no, I am nothing, you are everything,’ ‘No no brother, you are nothing, I am nothing.’ No. You want to cry, cry. Cry to Allah by yourself, don’t make a show. Now, in front of others, you don’t have to show nothing. Especially in front of others don’t show how good you are. You are supposed to hide whatever wrong things that you do, whatever bad things you do you are supposed to hide. Good things you should hide it ten times more. Correct?

Allah is saying, Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘what the right hand does the left hand must not know,’ correct? What good you do, the left hand, they’re so close to each other but… because what happens now when you do something good and you are declaring, you are showing? There is no barakat there. That is one part of a hidden shirk, because you are doing it to please others, not to please Allah. You understand? To please others. These days, everything they do, they show. So where is the blessing now? There’s no blessing. Even if you have all the knowledge of the heavens and the earth there is no blessing that is coming down. Because this is the edep, what the right hand does the left hand must not know. Not only the good that they are doing, their children their grandmother their, everything they are putting on Facebook and they are declaring to the whole world. So there is no, Allah is saying now, ‘those false gods that you are worshiping, ask for their help now. To what use are they going to be now? Call on them,’ Allah is going to say on Judgment Day.

So you don’t have a choice but to be patient, then use that patience not to be angry, not to get upset, once you see yourself complaining, pull yourself away from that, once you say, ‘what did I do?’ pull yourself away from that. Pull yourself until it becomes a habit that you’re saying, ‘shukr Ya Rabbi that You are giving this to me, I deserve worse, but You’re giving me, may this clean me up. May this make me to become closer, may this give me more hikmat and more love for You.’ You think the words of a servant is not sweet to Allah? It is. Because Allah loves to hear the servant declare his own weakness, not his power.

So this is when your heart you are trying to fix now, you are going to take everything that is in front of you, you don’t have now to read so much, to memorize so much. It’s happening to you, you take it. You take that as a lesson, you take that as a sign. Now you are pulling that and you are pulling it to your heart. No one can say, no one should say anything, but you, your heart is knowing, ‘okay, this is happening. Let me use this opportunity to come closer to Allah.’ If you see yourself complaining, you say, ‘no,’ pull yourself back. As much as you are fighting, we are weak ones, we cannot do it every time maybe, but as much as you are fighting it, the protection and the blessing will come to you. Understand? InshaAllah.

We must especially stop ourselves from complaining. Don’t complain. Today, they are teaching us in the system you must talk about everything all the time. A little bit coming to your heart, bla..bla..bla..bla..bla..bla..,you have to say. ‘Oh, yeah I have to go to the bathroom,’ ‘You have to go- why are you telling me you have to go to the bathroom?’ Every little thing you do you have to talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. Then that time you have no control. You have no control. And mostly you are going to talk about bad things too. Good things you’re going be quiet, bad things you’re going to start talking all the time. Now, when there is no control over there, but there are always scribes, what Sheikh Effendi calls them, secretaries. They’re going to write down everything. Because what you say in your heart is between you and Allah, there is no witness. When there are no witnesses, even if you do the wrong thing, there are no witnesses, they cannot pin anything on you. But if you have a witness, that time even the best judge, best lawyer, very difficult to get you off the hook, you understand?

Good things, we should not have witnesses because Allah is the one that we are trying to please. These days people are doing it upside down, good thing they want the whole world to witness, why? You’re doing good for them, it’s wrong. You are doing good for Allah you don’t have to show no one. That is the way of the Prophets and the Saints. You do bad, that time bad you have to hide even more. You don’t show anyone witness, and you know that Allah is seeing and you’re saying, ‘ya Rabbi, please cover me with Your most beautiful cover.’ This is what we recite every single day as Naksibendi murids in the Fajr time. ‘Cover me with your most beautiful cover.’ Then, when you are asking for that cover, you know how to cover, you know how to cover other people too. Then that time you’re not going to look to their wrong things, you’re going to look to what is good, you’re going to know what is wrong, but you’re going to know what is good too, you’re not going to concentrate on others. So you don’t open it.

These days, good thing they’re saying everywhere, bad thing they also say everywhere, they have witnesses. Now you do something bad you have a witness, then how now they are going to help you? How are they going to help you? Especially if they speak, they speak things against to Allah, against to the Prophet, against to the Awliya Allah, against to the Sheikhs now? Why you have to open? And these days people are, because they get so spoiled, they get so idiot. Because tarikat is not a cult. To say, ‘I follow, I’m saved.’ that’s it, that’s for Christians. You follow you’re saved. No, tarikat, Islam, is saying, you follow, that is the beginning step for you to become more accountable, more responsible. Then you have to watch now everything, you’re becoming an adult now. You cannot say, ‘ ah I follow this one, I’m definitely saved, I’m going to go to Jannat. My Sheikh is going to save me, my Sheikh is going to,’ no, that is not what Sheikh Effendi is teaching us.

That is not the way of the Ahlul Bayt. Those ones who can claim that they have already sacrificed everything and they are tested already, they are knocked wall-to-wall. They are not spoiled ones. These days the Sheikhs cannot say anything against them, then they get very upset, they go on Facebook and they bitch about it, correct? They hold a grudge then when there’s an opportunity they’re going to punch back. Why are you doing this? That is cult mentality. You pull back, because you don’t know what is going to happen. You are going to take sides with that understanding, you don’t know if they are really fighting . You don’t know whats going to happen one year, six months, ten years down the road. Then you’re going to be so, because you’re so sure this is it, then they may be playing a game with you, which they usually are, then you are going to curse this one and curse that one, you’re only putting more witnesses to you, you understand? So it’s not your business, pull back.

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These days people are interfering, especially they love to interfere into our jamaat. They love to interfere. Although Sheikh Mawlana is saying, ‘don’t interfere, I’ve given them permission,’ Sheikh Effendi says, ‘don’t interfere, I’ve given them permission,’ even Sheikh Mehmet is saying, ‘don’t interfere, I’ve given them permission,’ they want to interfere. We’re saying, ‘you interfere you’re going to carry our burdens. We’re still going to continue, one voice or one million voices, we’re still going to, we’re not going to drop it.’ So what are you trying to do? You’re going to make us stronger if you interfere. ‘Oh, I don’t want new people to come.’ It doesn’t matter. Those new people who are attracted and they’re going to not use their minds and their brains and their heart and their faith to be able to know what we are and what is happening, we don’t want those people in the jamaat anyway. We don’t want any weakness here, we’re trying to be strong. We are weak, but we don’t want it, we don’t like it, we’re trying to be strong. You understand?

So more they are trying to interfere more burdens they are taking from us. And those who are getting interfered they are going to get a smack, that’s all. They got a smack, it is going to continue. So, be busy. Be busy with ourselves InshaAllah. You have your work, if you’re busy with your work you will not interfere anyway. You want to interfere go interfere with the Christians. Go interfere with the Jews, or with the Hindus or with the secular, why are you interfering to someone who’s saying ‘Ashadu Ana illaha ilallah, wa ashadu Ana Muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu’? Why are you going to interfere with someone who is saying, ‘Sheikh Mawlana, everyone that he has appointed is on top of our head,’? Why are you going to interfere with that? Oh, sheytan is sitting on you, oh, you like to be in this cult thing, ‘you’re either with us or against us,’ kind of thing. No. Allah Allah.

So, everyone must be aware, awake and aware of the tricks of your ego and sheytan. And the tricks of people’s egos and people’s sheytans, you understand? Because if you want to be involved in others who are cursing and slandering and having wrong things to say about us, you are free to do it. But, you are not going to feel too comfortable later.

We are trying to drink the purest water from the best source, we’re not going to drink from here and there. And, dunya and ahiret, in terms of this dunya and in terms of this ahiret too, we are the proper ones. I don’t need, we don’t need to go to any other person to ask for that too. We don’t. Whatever we have it is enough, no? It is enough. You know what, it is not only enough for us, it is enough for one thousand Dergahs like this. It is enough, because what we have, what we like, we share. May Allah forgive me and bless you, InshaAllah, al Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz 
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi, New York
28 Shawwal 1439
13 July, 2018stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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