Why did Allah send Holy Prophet in a human form?


Question: Why did Allah SWT send Holy Prophet (AS) in a human form?

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If Allah SWT revealed to this, number one, of course, this world cannot carry anything. This world is the lowest of the worlds. This world, everything that is in it, cannot carry anything from Divine Presence, cannot carry anything from that Paradise stations. It has to be veiled. If it is shown, that, that just that, let’s say, the radiation, it cannot carry that. It will just destroy everything. Forget about that Sun of all Existence, if this sun, this one of billions of suns, this sun were to move just one millimetre, not one centimetre, one millimetre closer to this world, this world has no life. Correct or no? So there is a balance there. Everything now, it has to be veiled. Everything has to be protected.

But Holy Prophet (AS), he was sent into this word for mankind. Yes, he is the Prophet of everything in existence, but to this world he was sent, for mankind. So he has to have the appearances of mankind. And the mankind, that is that Hz Insan, he will understand that, yes, Holy Prophet (AS) he is man. But he is not clay like us. What kind of a clay, that has no shadow when the sun is falling on it? What kind of a clay, that everything that comes out from him, it is pure and it is beautiful? What kind of a clay, now, they understand his physical form and they say ‘this is just, Allah is just hiding the Prophet, tricking us.’ Do you understand? What kind of a man that is made from clay, like us, he is not like us, that when his troops they were thirsty, he made water to come out from his fingers, that fed everyone. Everyone is able to drink. Holy Prophet (AS), we can sit until Judgment Day to talk about the miracles that he had, only to prove that he is not a man like us. But he is a man, but he is not a man like us. Which, in these days the don’t discuss that also. They don’t like to discuss his miraculous nature. Everything that is physical in him, it is also a miracle. They don’t discuss that, because people don’t believe in anything Holy or miraculous anymore. They say ‘I have to understand with my little mind. If I don’t understand with my little mind, then it doesn’t make sense to me.’

That one is very unusual. His birth, his life and his passing, it is very unusual. It is not just, oh, if you are a believer then you are going to see. Unbelievers see that too. But they don’t want accept it. They see it. They don’t want to accept it. They become more sheytan. Once, one of the unbelievers, Abu Jahil or Abu Lahab, I can’t remember which, one of his uncles, took some stones, put it in his hand, put it behind his back, went to the Prophet and says ‘if you are a Prophet, tell me what is in my hands.’ Prophet (AS) looking at him and shaking the head. He says ‘oh, turn around, open your hands and listen to what the stones that you have picked up they are saying.’ He turned around, he opened his hands, and the stones were saying ‘Ashadu an La ilaha ilallah, wa ashadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa Rasuluhu’ over and over again. He got a shock, he dropped the stones. Then he turned around and says ‘you are a great magician.’ This is mankind. When the ego it is stopping you, it doesn’t matter what kind of miracles is showing there. If the ego is stopping you, it doesn’t matter even if the moon is split. You say ‘no, I’m not going to.’ That becomes complete sheytan. The ego then becomes complete sheytan.

Have we not learned from the earlier nations? The earlier nations, that they were eating and drinking from Paradise? They were eating food from Paradise. Have we not learnt, how they saw their Prophet split the sea, and in the sea that was split, each one has a lane. Because there are twelve tribes of Bani Israil, and there were twelve lanes so that they don’t mix, too. And then what happened? And then what happened? They crossed, then they turned around and they see the armies of Firaun coming, and they say ‘oh, it’s your fault! Now we are going to get killed. We’d rather that we were back there, slaves, at least we are not going to get killed.’ This is the nature of mankind. That’s in them, it’s in us too. Understand that to see, to experience, to eat, to drink, all of that miracle that is in front of you, still the ego has that power to say ‘eh, I don’t care.’ How many of us we have seen miracles from our Sheykh? Those ones who have left, they have seen those miracles too. What happened? Their hearts turned. They said ‘eh, what is this?’ Once you put that doubt, and if you are not taking that doubt out of it, it just sits there and it grows, it grows, it grows.

So Holy Prophet (AS) was sent as a Mercy to the Universes, he was sent to us, to mankind. Some saw his real form. Those who see his real form, which is also a mercy, that veiling is also a mercy, because if they see his real form and they disbelieve more, more they are pulled to their complete darkness, more they become disobedient. They don’t see, it’s something else. That’s why Holy Prophet (AS) is saying ‘I can’t wait to see my brothers.’ And the Sahabi e-Kiram said ‘ya Rasulullah, aren’t we your brothers?’ He says ‘no, you are my Companions. My brothers are those ones who are going to come in the End of Times, and they are going to love me, but they’ve never seen me.’ He says ‘you, you’ve seen me. You eat with me, you are, it is undeniable, you have to love me. But those ones coming at the end, they are so far apart from me in time, but’ he says ‘if they are sincere, if they love me,’ love is not just to say ‘I love you’, love is to do. It’s to stand up for what he believes in, what he gave his life for. I dare all those ones, big ones, big spiritual ones, that they have the microphone, now, as much as they are saying ‘we love Prophet, Prophet is high,’ I dare them to stand up and to say ‘we denounce this cruelty that is happening to his nation east and west, north and south. We denounce these regimes, we denounce these cruel ones. We denounce everyone that is supporting them.’ They don’t dare to say it. Why is that? Isn’t that what the Holy Prophet came, you think he came to this world just to have lights around him? He came to bring down the zulm. The zalims, he brought them down. Not just his uncles, the whole world, zalims came down.

So if Muslims are not standing up to bring them down, how we can say we are following Islam? How we can say we are following the Prophet? Do you understand? We cannot do anything. There is no permission for us to do anything with our hands. With our tongue, maybe. Then at least, in your heart, now, you have to say what is Haqq and what is batil. Muslims everywhere, from China to Yemen, from Kashmir to Palestine, Chechnya, India, Russia, do we need to count all the countries? I remember, one time, there was a big Sheykh who was speaking, and one man came, ‘Sheykh, you are talking about all this and loving the Prophet (AS), but what do you say about Chechnya, what do you say about Uzbekistan, Tajikistan…’ he went on, listing all the Muslim countries. And the Sheykh says ‘oh, nice poem you make. Everything is rhyming.’ His heart broke. Everyone started laughing. Because it has become like that.

So now, that form, the form of the Holy Prophet (AS), it is to make us to understand that we are part of him, physically, because he’s created physical like that, he is not made from light, sending like that, there is a physical form there. Of course he is from light, but there is a physicality that is there. It’s supposed to make us to feel closer to him. Part of him. Because Allah SWT is saying ‘he is part of you, you are part of him.’ But in these days also, we have to wake up a little bit. That one, the Archangels they are his servants. His Akhlaq, his character, it is, Allah SWT is saying it is, what? Azim. Azim. In this rush for everyone to be so tolerant and friendly, we are making everything down to the lowest level. Everyone is going to see the Prophet (AS) in the lowest level. It is not. Astaghfirullah.

May Allah forgive me and bless you. InsyaAllah, our aim is to serve. Doesn’t matter if he looks or he doesn’t look. We are not looking to see his physicality also. We are running to fulfill his mission, insyaAllah. May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the sake of the Holy Prophet (AS), may Allah raise the station of SahibulSaif. Al Fatiha. Amin. Selam Aleykum.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz  
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi New York
12 Rabiulawwal, 1440
19 November, 2018stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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