“I am as My servant thinks I am”


Question: Can you explain the Hadith Qudsi when Allah (SWT) is saying, ‘I am as My servant thinks I am’? 


Destur medet. We’re asking support from our Sheykh insyaAllah, maybe to just say a couple of words. Because we are looking to see what the people are going to be able to understand and take benefit from.

Tarikatuna sohbet fil khayri min jamiya. This Tarikat it is based on association, and the goodness, benefit, comes from that association. Association. The whole key is association, understand? Because only Allah is alone, only Allah is Ahad, is alone. Everything else has to associate. Allah is without partner. Doesn’t mean you are going to be partner to Allah. Partner is different, servant is different, you understand? Then if you are going in the way of the Evliyaullah, the way of Tasawwuf, then they are going to make you to understand now, nothing else is existing now except for Allah. Try to be nothing.

Nice words, ‘try to be nothing’. What does that mean? How are you going to live that? How are you going to think that? How difficult is that? So difficult. So many they don’t question when there is a honeymoon period that is happening. You know, when you are in love, you accept everything, everything is perfect. Even if the person is crooked a little bit, you say it’s perfect. But there is a reality to that as well, it’s not false, there is a reality to that, because everything is perfect. But when you try to make it into a lifestyle, that is a belief, you try to make it into a lifestyle you understand that it’s not so easy now, it requires a lot of work now to make, to understand that everything is perfection.

If Allah had wanted, there is no necessity for Him to send any Prophet. Do you understand? That means everyone is going to worship Allah alone, by himself, by his own understanding, by his own imagination, by his own openings. But He didn’t. Everyone then, that means that everyone is going to worship Allah according to his idea of what Allah is, to his Lord. The Lord, I’m not going to go so much into what is Lord and what is ilah, what is Rabb and what is ilah, you understand? If you first understand who you’re serving, then you understand, ‘oh, that is a Lord,’ now once you start understanding what is that Lord, now you’re going to understand that is an ilah, that is an ilah, that is Allah. Because La illaha, illallah.

So as it is today, we have two billion Muslims, but everyone is following Allah according to their own head, everyone is going to worship Allah as he thinks what Allah is. Allah could have done that through seven thousand years of history, He could have just sent inspiration to every single one to accept Him the way that that one is accepting. But He sent a way that He wants to be worshiped by. He sent, not two ways, one way. A way, one way, the best way that He wants people to remember Him by. To think, the best way, according to that, everyone can think. In reality not only man, everything in creation there is a connection to Allah (SWT). Every living thing and everything that we are thinking is not living. We are thinking that the sun is not living, the sun is living. Everything is living; everything in creation Allah has also given life. But it’s not a life that we understand. Again, even according to the worldly knowledge, you cannot just go according to what you think, there are people who have that knowledge and there are people who have studied it, there are people who have passed it on and there is imagination and there is reality. Correct or no?

Even the sun is going to be questioned on the Day of Judgment. The sun is going to be questioned by Allah on the Day of Judgment. And in reality, everything, the sun and the moon and the stars and the Earth and the animals and everything in creation has been created for mankind. Not only to serve mankind, but, in reality, to pull mankind away from worshiping himself. Because these are the creations of Allah and show a reflection of Allah (SWT) and His power. Understand?

So, the problem is now we are in enemy territory. All this understanding, everyone can understand this. But you’re living in enemy territory, you’re living in the worst place ever, the worst, where this kind of thing it is going to be easy for people to understand and to preserve. We’re living in Asfala Safileen, we’re living in the lowest of the low. Allah has put inside of mankind, His Khalifa, the ego and his desires, all these enemies that are so strong that not even the angels they can carry. They cannot carry it, you understand now? Angels, with their tremendous power, they cannot carry the ego, they cannot carry the desires. And what Allah (SWT) has given to those two angels who were saying that they are, they can carry, Harut and Marut, it’s not even ego, it’s just desire. Desire is different, ego is different. The ego demands itself to be worshiped, the desire just wants to be fulfilled, it’s completely different. And the angels couldn’t carry that desire, they failed. You know how powerful angels are? They failed. But mankind, Allah has given us that power that He says, ‘if you turn your heart to Me, you will find it never ending and you will be able to carry it. But you have to worship Me the way that I’m saying you’re going to worship Me. Not the way that your ego or your sheytan or your desires or the dunya is going to say.’

That is the thing, two billion Muslims now cannot even get together to do nothing, because everyone is thinking, ‘I know Allah,’ everyone is saying, ‘go to Quran, go to Hadiths, go to Quran, go to Hadiths.’ And in everyone’s mind Quran and Hadiths they are books, correct or no? Go to Quran, Musab, go to Hadith, volumes. What happened to what Allah had sent?

Allah had sent the Quran to that one, Allah had sent the Hadiths-e-Shareef, meaning the actions to explain the Quran, through that one. So what happened to that one? What happened to that one? This is Ahli Sunnah. Ahli Sunnah is not following books. We’re not Ahli Kitab, you understand? We’re Ahli Sunnah, meaning that we follow the actions of someone who is living. The fact that Holy Prophet (AS) is Hazir and Nazir, he is alive and he’s fresh means that we’re not going to follow books, we’re going to follow living Prophet, and the living Prophet that has his inheritors that are also living until Kiamat.


So we have our own idea, even if we have the books of Quran, the books of Hadiths, the books of every single thing, and we’re not following that one, you have made up an ilah to yourself. A Lord to yourself. Tasawwuf is saying, ‘don’t worship to a Lord that you think by yourself, don’t trust in your own shahadat, don’t believe in your own faith, believe in the faith of those ones who are carrying the faith from the Prophet (AS). It’s not just being humble to say that, ‘oh, we’re not relying on our worship,’ and everything, you understand? But let’s look at it very simply. Most people, the reason for their worship is not to glorify Allah. Most, the reason for their worship it is to ask Allah to provide. To fulfill, correct or no? Either this world or the next. It is not to glorify Allah, it is only to ask Him, to ask Him. Sure, Allah is saying ask Him, but there is a difference between, let’s say, that’s why we cannot understand the glory of Allah (SWT) or the glory of the Holy Prophet (AS) if there is no structure called the Sultanate, called the Khilafat, called kingship. The king, the Sultan, he’s admitting his subjects to come into his presence, and if you ask majority, ‘why do you want to be in the presence of the Sultan?’ Most will say, ‘because then I can ask him for things. Because I want things.’ Very few they’re going to say, ‘I’m not going to ask for nothing, because just to be in the presence of the Sultan that is blessing enough, that is an honor enough. Just for him to look at me, what a big honor it is,’ you understand?

So yeah, it is one Sultan, but you are, let’s say, using him differently. So that becomes a different ilah now. What does that Sultan want from you? Ah, it’s nothing, but let’s say the Sultan is saying, ‘I want you actually to be in my presence to know me.’ By knowing Allah you can glorify Him, you can worship Him. But if you’re busy asking, ‘I want this honor, I want this riches, I want this, I want this, I want this, I want-’ even knowledge, ‘I want more knowledge, I want more knowledge,’ then you’re missing, missing everything.

That’s why in Islam, Allah (SWT) is showing Hz Peygamber Effendi (AS) he is an ummi. Doesn’t know how to read, how to write, meaning that the highest level ones, the highest level Saints also, are those who don’t know how to read and they don’t know how to write, simple one, very simple, and their connection to Allah is very strong because of that simplicity. Because they just say, ‘I want to know You so I can worship You, nothing else, so I can glorify You. There’s nothing that I can do, that I can say, that can glorify You. In reality of course, whether I glorify You or don’t glorify You, You’re already the Subhan. But I am just feeling so honored and so happy, because You’re allowing me to know Your glory, and only by glorifying You I can know Your glory.’ Some they worship their Lord for revenge, for dunya, or their desires, for everything else except for Allah.

Now, this is what Tarikat is trying to teach us, it’s teaching us, we’re trying to learn now. Why do you think so many times the Quran-e-Kerim, especially regarding the Bani Israel, they go to their Prophets and they say what? They say, ‘ask your Lord, ask your Lord.’ Yes, Allah is the Allah of everything but we don’t know Allah. These ones they know Allah and Allah knows them. So they’re saying, ‘ask your Lord, pray for us.’ And this is a proper way of doing it, because so many people, the Allah that we worship, like what Hz Ibn Arabi is saying, ‘the Allah that you just worshiped is under my feet.’ Imagine him saying that, when? Eight hundred years ago? Where is eight hundred years ago, their iman and their amal and their ibadat and everything, compared to ours? We are the worst of the worst. Yet Hz Ibn Arabi is saying to those ones that one day, he’s saying to the people, ‘if you go to the masjid now to pray, I’m going to give you one piece of gold.’ So people they packed up the whole place, hoping to get one piece of gold from him. And then after they finished their prayer they came out, there’s a long story before that, but they came out and they asked him, ‘give us our gold,’ he looked at them and he said, ‘did you just worship?’ they said, ‘yes, we just worshiped.’ ‘Did you go to the masjid?’ ‘Yes, we just went there,’ ‘then the Lord that you worshiped is under my feet.’ Meaning what? ‘You’re just worshiping, to go there, because you wanted gold from me. You worshiped there for gold.’

How many times Sheykh Effendi said to us, ‘how much gold are you going to change your shahadat for, this room full of gold?’ ‘No,’ people are saying, ‘no, never Sheykh Effendi,’ ‘How about this whole town filled with gold?’ ‘No, never.’ ‘What about this whole world filled with gold?’ ‘No, never.’ But he’s saying, ‘then where were you when I was here to worship? Where were you when I was here to make zikr? Where were you when I was celebrating Mawlid? You already gave up your shahadat then. You said you don’t want to, but you already gave up.’ Because you’re not following. And what did those people do to Hz Ibn Arabi? They killed him. They completely don’t understand and they said, ‘oh, he’s making shirk, he’s saying Allah is under his feet.’ So they killed him. But he was very harsh on them. And he was harsh to Sultan Selim too, because Sultan Selim went there, he was very rough and tough with Sultan Selim in the Hamam. Speaking to him and telling him things years, hundreds of years after he passed. But understand this, his gold, that they killed him for, has been feeding people from that time until today. Because when Sultan Selim Han took the Khilafat and he, with the help of the Evliyaullah, they discover where he was buried and where the speech that he made when he accused them, saying, ‘the Lord that you worshiped is under my feet,’ they dug underneath where he was and they discovered forty tall clay jars, bug jars, filled with gold. So he wasn’t lying too. Allah is saying, ‘if My Friends, if they say something that I have not created I will create it so that they will not be liars.’

So they found those forty clay jars, they built masjid, they built Hamam, they built Dergah, they built so many things, and feeding people every Friday. Feeding people. InsyaAllah we will do that one day, to take from the blessed food. This is a time when people believed and they believed, not just they believed, they witnessed the power of Allah and the power of the Prophet and the power of the Evliyaullah. They’re not blind, they opened their eyes and they could see, todays’ people they are blind. If a miracle were to happen in front of them they say it’s not a miracle. If a Divine Smack happened right in front of them they say, ‘what smack? Nothing.’ Just like the Bani Israel, you understand? That’s how we are turning into, step-by-step. Because we’re seeing so many signs that’s happening everywhere but we’re not believing.


But the Evliyaullah, no matter how harsh they are, the Rahmat is still, at the end of the day, it is still the Rahmat that is showing. So, yes there is one Allah, but everyone is going to understand and see that Allah differently. There is one you, but the way that your wife sees you is different, your mother sees you different, your father sees you different, everyone is seeing you differently. We want to know Allah the way that His Most Beloved One knows Him, the way that His Beloved Ones know Him, and we are relying on their help for that, we’re not relying on us. That time there’s going to be some safety insyaAllah. Understand? That’s Shafaat. May Allah accept it from us insyaAllah, Al Fatiha. Amin. Selam aleykum wa rahmatullah.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz  
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi New York
22 Rabiulawwal, 1440
29 November, 2018
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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