How can we make up lost time?


Question: How can we make up for the time that we may have lost?


Be sincere, run, fix something. That has to give you a motivation to run. That is not something that you should be, like they are teaching us, ‘don’t compare like that, you are only going to feel bad about yourself.’ Do you understand? Don’t feel about yourself that way. If you feel bad, you run to do better, because Allah loves that one more when he runs against to his ego. Maybe these ones, they don’t have an ego. They have an ego, but they haven’t realized it yet.

You understand, Allah SWT is saying ‘the one who asks Me for forgiveness, I love to forgive.’ He loves to forgive. He loves to hear His servant talk to Him, asking for forgiveness. And He’s saying that, this is getting a little bit deeper than that, ‘the servant who commits every wrong thing,’ Allah is saying, ‘even if you commit sins as much as the foam on the oceans,’ He says ‘Allah will forgive.’ And Allah’s Mercy and Compassion overtakes, if you don’t declare that there is another lord. Declaring another lord is not just saying ‘La illaha ilallah,’ when you know, when you are fighting to get rid of that lord that you are putting there to appear besides Allah SWT. If you are not following His orders, then you are declaring yourself lord. If you are not following His Prophet, then you are declaring yourself lord.

So He says ‘follow, then everything I will forgive you, and My Mercy will overtake My Anger.’ And Allah is saying, that was Hadith e-Qudsi, and Allah is saying in an Ayat, ‘those ones who are truly sincere, the wrong that they have done Allah will forgive them and Allah will make all the wrong, all the sins that they have done, to change them to become good actions that they have done.’ Which other lord you are going to find, who is going to say this, there is no other lord, that is going to say ‘you are sincere, you are coming back to me. What did you do? You did so much wrong things, and you are sorry.’ According to your sincerity, all those wrong things, Allah is saying ‘I will change them as if you did good things. And I will reward you for that.’ Do you understand? ‘And I will reward you for that.’ So, it is to make us to run forward, not for us to just be stuck and for us to be sad and not to do anything. That is sheytan. Sheytan is the first one who is emo, do you understand? He is very ‘no, You don’t love me.’ For what? For nothing.

So it is important, now, Allah is saying ‘return to Me. Don’t despair of My Mercy.’ Run, you fall, pick yourself up. You do wrong things, run to do right things. It is good to compare yourself with those ones, but nothing, a person is sincere, nothing goes to waste. Nothing. So many times, the person rises to higher stations because he has done so many wrong things and it turns to become right. He goes higher station than that one who hasn’t done anything wrong, he hasn’t discovered himself, he hasn’t discovered the dunya. Then what if, he hasn’t discovered himself, then what if, later on, sheytan just takes one swipe at him, his ego just takes one swipe at him and he falls. He’s not trained for that.

That’s why the Naksibendi way, you have to go through the world. You are tired from the world, you understand the reality, then you are going to come here. Then you understand, then you are going to fight. Some people they are so foolish, they still want to discover the dirtiness of this world. Go ahead. You think you are the first one? You think you are the only one? Go ahead. You want to swallow the world, huh? The world is going to swallow you. But the end is never going to be good. Those ones who are running after the dunya, their end is never good. Because whatever pleasures of this dunya, when you are passing the limits of Allah SWT, it will bring you suffering. It will bring you suffering. The Halal things, if you pass your limits, it’ll bring you suffering. This water is Halal. But if you drink this water, instead of one glass you say ‘I want to drink one hundred glasses,’ this will be a suffering to you. It will poison you. But this is Halal. Imagine, the Haram things that people are doing.

In these days, the shameless world that we are living in, shame is lifted from this world. There is no shame, there is no modesty, there is no knowledge, there is no faith. They do something wrong, they want the whole world to witness. You know, in this world, if you do a crime and there is no evidence, nothing, and there is no witness, you get away Scot-free? It happens, it is also there in the Ahiret. It is also, if only you and Allah is witnessing that you are doing something, and you are feeling really sorry after that, and you ask for forgiveness, Allah may forgive you. But if there are other people who are witnessing, what are you going to do? Now you cannot tamper with the evidence. It is there, you did it. Then you are going to pay more. These days, people do wrong things, they want the whole world to witness. Allah Allah. We do right things, good things, Allah is saying, Prophet is saying, don’t show off. Don’t show off. These days, Ahir Zaman, people do wrong things, they want to boast about it. No good, understand? ‘

So, insyaAllah, may Allah keep us in safety and our faith in safety, because sheytan and the dajjal is running top-speed to take away the faith. May Allah keep us in safety. Especially for the Naksibendi Murids, they are running, first, running after that to take it. Don’t be fooled. May Allah keep us in that safety, insyaAllah, Al Fatiha. Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullah.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz  
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi New York
29 Rabiulawwal, 1440
7 December, 2018stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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