The greatness of the Ottoman Sultans


4876.jpgYou are saying how, when you are growing up and you read the history of, say, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, which, we don’t say ‘Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent’, because the west only sees Sultan Suleiman with his magnificence, because that’s what draws them. That’s also one of the reasons why the Ottomans used that, to draw the west. Do you understand? The magnificence. But he is known, Sultan Suleiman, as what? Kanuni. Meaning the Lawgiver.

It’s not about his gold or his palaces or his luxury or his beauty, or his majesty. It is about him giving the law. In the tradition of who? In the tradition of Prophets.

In the tradition of who? In the tradition of the high Sahabi e-Kiram. Kanuni Sultan Suleiman. And is anyone studying Kanuni Sultan Suleiman to see how he made laws, taking not only from Islamic law, but the laws that are available all around, in those great civilizations, in those great empires, and to take and to take the best. Filter everything so that people will be able to live Islam according to that time and that place, to move forward. Correct or no? Is anyone studying him? No, we don’t study him. He is taking laws from the west. People now saying ‘oh, we need a new Islam, new this, new that,’ this BS ‘reform Islam’, but they are not studying him.

It’s not only Sultan Suleiman, he is one of the greatest examples, but there are other, earlier examples also, who were taking and they were balancing certain things. So, he is known as that to us. Just like Hz Umar, he was a lawgiver. Because Muslims, we are not too impressed by all this, what do you call in today’s words? Bling? All this bling. They are not interested. They are interested in something else, how much they are holding on to the Laws of Allah SWT. This is what is impressing believers. Do you understand? Because in Islam, in Khilafat, no one has monopoly over Allah. No one. Like the Church say ‘we have God.’ Correct? ‘No one can come to Allah except through us.’ The priests say ‘you cannot even worship by yourself, you have to come to church. You have to come to the priests.’ Correct? No, it’s not in Islam. In Islam, Allah SWT has a direct connection to everyone, and everyone has a direct connection to Allah SWT as well. There are best ways and means to get to Him, but everyone is also connected to Him. Do you understand? And those ones who are believers, that Allah’s Look is on them, they can be the most humble people in this world, but they will shake the sultans sitting on their thrones. They will shake the empires. And those are the real sultans with the power, and for fourteen hundred years, Muslims are respecting that, understanding that is real. And they take care of those ones and they say ‘no one is above the law.’

So, you are saying you are reading all these things, good thing you are reading in Urdu. If you read it in English, ohh, what are they going to concentrate on? Same thing they’ve been concentrating on for two thousand years. What is that? Sex, money, enjoyment. Look into the Vatican. There’s nothing spiritual there. There’s nothing spiritual. Anything that is there that is reminding you of Isa (as), Jesus, and his mission, what he sacrificed? No. You look into the most holy place, you see naked men and naked boys. How is it connecting you to Allah? And Isa (as), if anything, he came out from the temple. He didn’t come to build a temple himself. He came out from the temple. He was there to destroy the temples. Because he was coming from the Bani Israel, and he was very harsh to the Bani Israel. He was cursing at them non-stop. Cursing at them, saying ‘you hypocrites, you snakes, you this, that,’ he was cursing at them. Because they had that, just like the Vatican today, or churches today. They have over 25 billion, this is open, Allah knows what is hidden, because two thousand year-old company, they cannot just have 25 billion, impossible. 25 billion dollars worth of real estate. And ark, they say 10 billion. SubhanAllah. This is what Isa (as) is teaching, to collect your wealth? Or he went to the temple and he kick the moneylenders? He kicked them out. He says ‘how dare you?’

So they lost their teachings a long time ago. Lost it. But these are the ones who are writing about our history. So if you are going to read that in English, then forget about it. Because that is their concentration, that is what they are going to see. Anything they are going to see is according to that. If they look at Islam, op! it’s just filled with sex, money and entertainment, fun. Everything they look at is according, their life is according to that. Do you understand? So the way they look at the Khalifah and the Sultans, that’s what they are concentrating on. Just that. The way they look at Islam, just that. The way they look at the Prophet (as), just that. It never changed, for two thousand years. Muslims had a mind before. It hasn’t been corrupted yet. The corruption is almost finished. It’s finished. There’s not much that you can do. Understand that Allah SWT is going to send Mahdi (as) and Isa (as), Hz Isa, to come back, not to preach. They are not coming to preach to people, to pull people to Haqq. No. Their job is something else, right? It is almost complete, because people are not interested in Haqq anymore, they are interested in enjoying life. Because they fell in love with this life.

Hubbud dunya, the love of this life, that the Prophet says ‘I fear for my nation. They love life and they hate death.’ You walk around, especially in this festivity time, you look around, there is no reminding of death. You look around, everyone they want to live, and they want to live forever. They hate death. You walk around the streets and you see, these are people who hate death. Don’t think we say ‘oh, only in western countries.’ No. In Muslim countries, more than that now, Muslim countries, mashaAllah, looking at that city of ninety-nine percent, almost hundred percent Muslim, but they love the dunya so much, they love the world so much, now they say ‘world is celebrating Christmas,’ they never celebrate Christmas, for one thousand years, they say ‘let’s put Christmas tree. Let’s have Christmas fair.’ We can understand if there are Christians there, we can understand if their system is… it’s Muslim. There is no middle ground. What, these Muslims have never come into contact with Christians for fourteen hundred years? Huh.

SE dunya ego

We never lost our identity in fourteen hundred years, even when we were controlling Bethlehem and Jerusalem. And we were able to love and respect and be in harmony with the christians even in the Holy days, without selling ourselves. Now, ohh finished, everyone is saying, ‘you must celebrate.’ From the moderates to the extreme, they were saying, ‘you must celebrate now.’ At least, it used to be, some years ago, some wahabbi types they are saying, ‘oh, haram, haram, haram…’ now in the heart of wahabbism, they are going to make celebration. Isn’t it? Correct or not? In the heart. And they are going to show people, people who are saying, ‘of course.’ You don’t have proper understanding, then you are going to breed people who are extreme, one way or another. Do you understand?

They are only going to show now, some imams are saying, ‘if you are going to celebrate christmas, you are going to go to hell forever.’ It’s not like that too. But media and fake Fox news, it is in the name, ‘fox’ teke, you understand? But, now, like I said before, sheytan is fighting with sheytan. Sheytan fighting with sheytan. Small sheytan fight with big sheytan to see who is going to be the best sheytan to represent dajjal, to be in dajjal’s armies. So this is happening.

Yes, you have fake news, but the one who says that, he is the worst liar. And one of the title’s of sheytan in the bible is what? The father of lies. The father of lies, everything he says is a lie. So now, like I said before, it is between two evils. Choose the lesser evils now. How are you going to tell people? Don’t tell people. If they are interested, we say. Because people, number one, they are not interested. Number two, when they are interested, they already have their thing, they don’t want to listen to anything else. They are just there to fight back and forth with you, to argue, to say, ‘I know better. I am more clever than you. You don’t know nothing, to show off. No. Don’t. That’s all ego. If you are saying you want to learn something, sit. We will teach. We will teach from what we have learned. It’s not coming from us. We are not here to argue.

Now, only some are going to be interested. Only some, out of that, will have passion. Of course now, Naksibendi mureeds themselves, they are questioning, ‘oh why are you concentrating on the Ottomans. No one else is concentrating.’ Then I say, you just came yesterday maybe, definitely but when you came yesterday, you should not be judging, because the tone of that is a judgment. Asking is something else. Learning is something else. Don’t you know, Sheykh Mevlana, for ninety years of his life he was living for the Ottomans. You don’t know because you are with people who are putting the Ottomans down. But the Ottomans are going to come back. Yes, we are celebrating the urs of Sheykh-ul Akbar, Hz ibn Arabi, the one who said to the Muslims, how long ago was this? I think it was 800. He said to the Muslims living at his time, that they never have internet, they never have fast food, they never have cinema theatre, they never have anything of the dirtiness that we have. They are living clean, and he said to them, ‘your heart is filled with desires. And I’ve just proven to you. Even when you come to the masjid, you are worshipping only for dunya, and the Lord that you worship, which is dunya, which is gold, it is under my feet.’

They didn’t want to understand him. They killed him. When Sultan Selim Khan, which Hz ibn Arabi said, ‘when ‘sin’ enter into ‘shin’,’ when Sultan Selim enters into what? Sham. He was sitting in the hamam, he was all alone and Sultan, because Sultan Selim, very rough and tough, he was very jalal. He was sitting in the hamam alone, so much steam was there, he was sitting and thinking, because he was pulled to go there, he heard a voice, ‘Hey you, scratch my back.’ He was shocked. He says, who is this? He couldn’t really see properly. It’s this very majestic, very jalal man, more than him, giving the Sultan an order. That was Hz Ibn Arabi, Sheykh-ul Akbar.

So many secrets was given to him, and he was the first Khalifa of the Ottoman empire that he took the Khilafat there from the Abbasids who could not carry it. By the order of the Prophet (AS), then Hz ibn Arabi giving full support to that Sultan and to the Ottoman Empire, that’ s why they were able to open up so many secrets and secrets of Tarikats, the whole Empire up till today. Discovered where he was buried, made a maqam over it, discovered where he said to the people, ‘the Lord that you worship is under my feet,’ they discovered forty big jars filled with golds. And that gold, they build a masjid, they build a Dergah, they build Zawiyah, they build place for people, a kitchen, feeding people from that time until today. Still feeding. Our Sheykh has a very close relationship with Hz ibn Arabi. Yes, there are still people representing him. They are not dead.

So, he is Sultan. They are real. But who is interested in them? Very few in these days. It is both bad news and good news. Bad news because it is very terrible for the Ummat but it’s good news because the handful that are holding on, the Prophet says, ‘the blessings reaching to you one hundred times more than my own companions.’ Because out of billions, only a handful they are believing and they are living their life according to that belief. They are trying here and there, you can try. They are trying. They make television show, correct? You can try. Not one program, two, they can make hundreds of programs, they can show it everyday to the Muslims too, it’s too late. It’s too late. It’s like you are saying now, we are going to build a wall against to that. But what is it that’s hitting the wall, it is a tsunami. It’s been building up for over a hundred years. Now you are building a wall? That tsunami is gathering speed for one hundred years, even if you build a wall now as high as that, it’s not going to be able to withstand nothing. You can try. We’ll see.

First time it comes up, everybody is filled with hope. Then what happened? One, two, three years down the road, everything is less and less and less because even people who are doing that and loving it, slowly they start pulling back. Because other things are coming now. And if they are seeing anyone running after the Ottomans also, now they are going to attack it even more, these sheytans, so that people will lose their faith on them. It’s not going to affect those who are sincere. Those who are sincere, you don’t need movies. You don’t need television shows. You don’t need books. Because you are connected to the spirits of those ones. Because our Sheykh is one. Understand? Now, with one sign, one sign, everything is going to be revealed to you. You don’t need to study so much.

sheykh Lokman_outdoor_california.jpg

So what is the knowledge that people are going to base their discussions or their understandings of the Ottomans from?

Majority from Orientalist western sources, because everyone speaks English or European language. How many are going to be able to have the luxury of knowing Turkish, for example, to learn, let’s say, Ottoman history from the Turkish sources. Even the Turks themselves, they will not have too much access to this. Why? because it’s a completely different language. Ottoman Turkish is different and modern Turkish is different.

Even the script is different. You can get some, of course there are people who are archiving and changing and translating I mean,

but even those ones that are there, if you are living there, you are only getting the tip of the whole iceberg that is there. But that tip, it is like gold, compared to what the rest of the world has.

So, don’t worry. This time will end. It’s going to end. We must know which side we are standing on. It’s important, understand? Just like here, this is an empire. Different people, different understanding. We are united because of Islam. Because of the Prophet (AS). Because of the way that our Sheykh is teaching us, he’s pulling us out, to understand that according to the way of the Ottomans. May Allah bless them and may they always have their feet on our neck, Insya’Allah. Wa min Allahu Taufik, al-Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz  
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi New York
14 Rabiul Ahir, 1440
20 December, 2018stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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