Travelling for the sake of Allah


Tarikatuna sohbet fil khayri min Jami’at. This Tarikat it is founded on association. We are asking support from our Sheykh, insyaAllah, to say a couple of words.


Our brother is just asking, because lately I was travelling to the west coast, we’ve been  doing that every year since Sheykh Effendi had left, touching the Atlantic to the Pacific. And there are different things that we are doing, both physically and other things also, and this is the first time that he is travelling with us. And he’s traveled a lot of times before, but he says ‘this is different.’ So he just wants to know a little bit, what is the importance of travelling, why is it different, what are the things that you are going to benefit from it. BismillahirRahmanirRahim.

Number one, the travelling it is a sunnat of the Prophets. Every Prophet traveled. Although Holy Prophet (AS) he didn’t go, in reality he didn’t go further than Medina, as a Prophet. When he traveled, he was a child when he traveled to Syria. He was not Prophet-Prophet yet. When he was grown, forty years old, he didn’t travel beyond Medina. Taif, a little bit, let’s just say, to open up, to make it so big, he didn’t travel beyond Hijaz. But in reality, when Allah SWT invited him, on the night of Miraj, he traveled not only from Masjidul Haram to Masjidul Aqsa, from Mecca to Qudus, to Jerusalem, he made so many stops before he reached to Jerusalem also. Many, because there are a lot of secrets in that travelling. This is just the Israk, this is not even the Miraj. Israk means travelling nighttime. And a few of the places that he visited, commanded to visit, was the Mountain of Tur, where Musa (as) was given the revelation, and something else was also given to him there. And also to Bethlehem, the birthplace of Hz Isa (as). Other places he also visited, we are not going to enter into that right now. Then he went to Qudus, to Jerusalem. And there he was greeted by 124 000 Prophets, their spiritual form, he prayed and from there, he went up, to make the Miraj. And in that Miraj, he travelled through the seven heavens, to the Arsh, beyond, and to the Presence of Allah SWT. In reality, what he did was, because Allah wanted to show him off to all of creation, all of creation, not only this world, but countless other worlds. Not only the paradises, countless other paradises that we don’t know, and don’t look down on this. That paradise, you think it’s just like a vacation spot? That he then went beyond that, Sidratul Muntaha, beyond, to the edge of Creation. Which means, what? He traveled, he was known, he was made known to everything that Allah SWT has created, from the smallest atoms to the biggest galaxies. Allah was showing him, ‘This is My Beloved.’ Past, present and future. Whatever you want to say. People today, every time they talk about spirituality they have to put science-fiction inside, okay, we may put some words there to make you to wake up a little bit. Everything, other worlds, other times, he is known. ‘This is My Prophet, this is My Beloved.’ Then he went to see Allah SWT, which is beyond everything.

So traveling it is a sunnat of the Prophets, every Prophet they traveled. And our Holy Prophet (AS), he traveled the most, and he traveled through everything. Traveling is not just traveling. Traveling for the sake of your ego and enjoyment, as a vacation is something, traveling for the sake of Allah, to discover Allah, is something. So, he said ‘I’ve traveled before, it feels different.’ Of course it feels different, because now we are trying to travel as the Prophets they travel. The Prophets, you think they traveled to look around, to see, ‘ohh, nice this, nice this’? Why did the Prophet (AS) then travel, that he was shown everything that Allah SWT has created in the heavens, but the ayat is saying, what? His eyes did not swerve. He didn’t look left or right. He’s not impressed by everything, because he’s searching for Allah. Do you understand? He is just made to witness, but he wasn’t caught up looking. So it is important to travel, because we are travelers. We are not from this world. We are not.

And if we are traveling, we are closer to our own reality than staying put, because we are not from this world, we are travelers coming from another world to this world, and going back to another world. And it is only when you are traveling, then you understand how weak and how small a creature you are, and how this world, it is just a temporary place. Because the traveler, you cannot bring your whole house with you. You cannot bring ten bags with you, because the traveler now quickly has to go in and out, has to pass through, he has to be light, which the Holy Prophet (AS) is saying ‘we are travelers in this world.’ So the best traveler is when he carries nothing. In today’s words, today’s people, they say ‘nothing. Just my credit card is enough.’ That is the best, no?


So now, once you start travelling for the sake of Allah, you are not alone. The Prophet (AS), when he was traveling for the sake of Allah, was he alone? No. Hz Jibril, Hz Mikhail, Hz Azrail, Hz Israfil, they were holding his Buraq. These Archangels. And he was traveling with billions of Angels, and other ones too, do you understand? Because in reality, even if you see there is just one person, a Sultan never travels alone. Correct? He is the Sultan of Sultans. He travels with a whole city with him, just like Hz Suleyman (as). Today’s words, even if the president is travelling, he is never alone. If he is traveling in the sky, he brings Air Force One with him. There is a mini-city there, from there he can control the whole world.

So when you are traveling for the sake of Allah, and you are walking in that footstep, meaning that now, even in your travel, it is not that easy, because you need to rein  everything in. Traveling with a Sheykh is not that easy, it’ s completely different, now. And I am making it very easy. But those who have travelled with our Sheykh knows that it is very hard on the ego. Number one, you cannot sleep so much, you don’t have too much freedom. So many things, because now you are away from everything that is familiar, and the kind of sohbet that he is going to give is going to be very heavy, until you feel like, ‘huh,’ do you understand? But you are going to learn new things. You are going to expand your vision, you are going to expand your horizon, you are going to expand your breast. Do you understand? As the ayat is saying, ‘have we not expanded your breast, your heart?’

So once you do that properly, without interferences from the ego and from sheytan, also without interferences from your family, from your work, do you understand? Then that, in reality, it becomes like a pilgrimage, like a Hajj. People running these days, oh, new style, Murids are asking me ‘can I go to umrah?’ I say ‘did you make Hajj?’ ‘Uh no, can I go to umrah?’ it is new style. First you have to make the Hajj. Why you want to make the umrah? ‘Oh, because it’s easier, cheaper. Easier. I can go in and out. What kind of a reason is that? That’s why today’s people they have no faith in Allah. They cannot even suffer a little bit, do you understand? So it becomes now, travelling, it becomes like, because you are looking for Allah, you are searching for Allah. In that travelling, you are looking for the signs of Allah. You are looking for His, those ones, especially now, when we are going to see our murids here and there, and making the zikr, we are going to visit those ones who have Allah in their hearts. If the Angels are going to travel to look at the believers who have Allah in their hearts, then why are we going to travel in this world? You think if there is no murids I’m going to travel there? For what? We have done that too. We are discovering, it is nothing. It becomes tasteless. It becomes the same things. Do you understand? Maybe your excitement is going to be, but if you look and you think about your excitement, ‘why am I excited? Really. Right now I am so excited, oh, to go…’ imagine that you are there. You are going to see this, this this and this huh, poof, it goes down again. But the company, it makes the biggest difference, the only difference.

Now, I said to the murids, I said, we travel. It’s okay, because to see someone, to meet someone that has the love of Allah and His Prophet in his heart, and the love of our Sheykh in the heart, that is the most interesting thing, the most beautiful thing for me to see. Then that one is very thirsty. And because that one is thirsty, it’s pulling. And when that one is pulling, the sohbet that is coming, they open the channel. More coming, because they are thirsty. Different from the murids who are so full and who are so spoiled, that they are having sohbet every day. So yes, you get a lot of benefits. This much is enough, insyaAllah. Selam aleykum. Fatiha. Amin.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz  
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi New York
14 Rabiul Ahir, 1440
21 December, 2018stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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