Is strong Faith given by Allah?


Destur Medet ya SaibulSaif. Tarikatuna sohbet fil khayri min Jamiat. BismillahirRahmanirRahim. We are asking support from our Sheykh, SahibulSaif, insyaAllah to send us something that is going to benefit us.


We have a question from a murid. The question is that for some people, their faith is so strong, whatever that is hitting them, it doesn’t move. But for some people, small things hit them and their faith moves. And they want to know if this is something that Allah SWT has given or not.

BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Does Allah SWT make exceptions to people that He gives faith and He doesn’t give faith? No. He gives faith to everyone. Prophet (AS) is saying ‘every child is born a Muslim.’ Faith is given to Hz Insan, to mankind. There are some that are so evil, it looks as if there is no faith there. But some of the biggest Prophets they are sent to these most evil ones. Were they sent to the evil ones to curse at them and to punish them? No. They were sent to these evil ones to make them to wake up and to make them to accept and understand. Meaning even these ones, Namrud, Firaun, Abu Jahil, Abu Lahab, let’s say, even these evil ones, there is what? Faith there, inside. Deep down inside, there is faith.

If there is no faith, then why Allah is going to send his most Beloved ones to go to them? And when they refused, Namrud, Firaun, Abu Lahab, Abu Jahil, when they refused faith, is it fate and destiny, that Allah SWT destined for them not to receive the faith? No. When they refused faith, it is from their own self, from their own will, from their own ego, from their own sheytan, they say ‘I don’t want this faith. I kick it away from me.’ So that faith, now, it is in everyone. Some people they have more faith, some people they have less faith. But faith, everyone has. And what Allah SWT is always saying to the people who have faith? Big or small, high or low, what is He saying to the people who have faith? He says ‘be Jamaat. Be a Jamaat. Be together. Don’t separate. Be with the Saliheen. Be an Ummat. Be together.’ Because the weakest one, the weakest sheep, in a whole flock he becomes the strongest one. Nothing outside can attack, because he’s surrounded by hundreds. The strongest sheep, when he is outside, he is alone, he becomes the weakest one. So then what happens? You see some people, Allah has given, you think, because so many times also, exceptions very very few, most of the people they work for it, because Allah wants them to work for it. They change and they become.

We have examples of so many Saints, they become Saints, the most beloved ones to Allah, the Highest stations, not because what Allah just gives to them, correct? But because they, what? They work for it. They work for it. One of the most beloved ones, that the west is running after, Hz Rumi, Maulana. How did he become Maulana? He became Maulana when he met his Shams, he met his Sun, he met his Sheykh. And what happened when he met his Sheykh? His Sheykh says ‘leave everything and follow me. Leave even the knowledge that you have collected all your life, from your father, from your grandfather. Leave everything and come to me with nothing.’ And he became Maulana because of that. And you see these stories over and over again. Hz Aziz Mahmud Hudayi. He was a huge scholar in the Ottoman times. He became a Saint, not because Allah is just giving it to him but because he worked for it. He stepped on his ego and he sacrificed. Correct? How much he sacrificed. Everyone is telling him ‘you are doing wrong, you are getting brainwashed, you are joining a cult,’ he says ‘no.’ He stepped on his ego. Look to the lives of so many Saints. And that Saint, he name slipped my mind, before he became a Saint, he was doing wrong things. One day, he came out and he was drunk and he saw the Name of Allah, someone had written on a piece of paper ‘Allah’, on the ground, Hz Bishr al-Hafi. He saw, and he says ‘who is putting this Name of Allah on the ground? What a stupid, dirty person.’ He was drunk. He took the piece of paper, he kissed it, he cleaned it, he went home, drunk, he put perfume on it, for the sake of Allah, and he put it high. And Allah sent one of his most beloved ones to him to clean him up and to make him one of the most beloved ones to Allah SWT. Bishr al-Hafi.

They worked. They put away, they sacrificed, they submitted, they trusted their Sheykh. Do you understand? Because Allah is Just. Allah is Just. Nobody, on Judgment Day, can say to Allah ‘I’m doing this wrong thing because You put it in me. I cannot do right things because You didn’t give right into my heart, You give right and faith to that one, you didn’t give to me.’ Do you understand? They worked. And He is showing us so many Saints, they achieved to the Highest station, because they worked and they worked so hard for it. But to them it is not working too, because they say ‘this is the shariat of love. The shariat of love, I don’t have to think twice about giving my life. How can I give you my life,’ that poet is going to say, ‘when it doesn’t even belong to me? It belongs to you.’ Do you understand?


Hah, Murid, you say good things, you pet them, they like it, then they get spoiled, then they turn around and they start judging and criticizing and doubting the Sheykh, then later we put them to a test a little bit, ‘I’m leaving. I don’t like it. Goodbye.’ Do you understand? So what happened to your promise? What happened to your beyat? What happened to your submission? What happened to the words that you always say, in Turkish, what? I put it on top of my head? Basus tune.

Oh, those are just words that you say. What happened to all the countless sohbets that we say ‘what comes to you, whether it is a rose or the thorn of a rose, because it comes from you I accept.’ What happened?

Forgotten. Why is that forgotten? Because you never remember, that’s why. Because you never take value from it, that’s why. You never test it, that’s why. Because you are spoiled, and you think so highly of yourself, sheytan is sitting in your heart and directing you. You can fool the whole world, to look like you are such a nice person, you are not going to fool those ones who are seeing with the nur of Allah.

So if you are together with those ones, Allah is saying ‘be with the Saliheen,’ our Sheykh saying ‘be with them,’ not just to be with them be with them. Learn from them, serve them. Understand. Then slowly you take their color. Do you understand? Slowly you take their color. And it is a good attitude to say ‘this one has patience, this one has intelligence, this one has faith, this one has more modesty, I am going to learn from them.’ That is the secret. But people are doing the complete opposite. They are saying ‘this one is dirty, this one is stupid, this one has no manners,’ they criticize everyone, so you learn nothing. You only know how to praise yourself. One day you are going to fall. And instead of looking and learning from that, those good qualities, you say ‘I already have those good qualities.’ In the way of Tarikat, one, you don’t change, very quickly you will fall. Especially in our Jamaat.

So Allah is Just. What He has put into that one, that secret, Allah has also out a secret in you, and you have to find what that is, finding what that is, how much you are holding on to your Sheykh? That much you are holding on, that much you are going to find. And be patient. Do you understand? So if you say ‘my faith shakes all the time, this one’s doesn’t,’ learn why that one’s faith doesn’t shake. Learn, work for it. Don’t just say ‘Allah didn’t give me patience.’ Allah gave everyone patience. Some people, maybe they are more patient than others. But it also doesn’t mean that those ones they have more patience, they are better in every situation. Breh, you see a truck coming to you, you are going to be patient? You are driving and you see a truck coming to you, and you say ‘wait, that truck!’ ‘No, be patient, I see it, no, I see it…’ No, you cannot. You understand? So now, the murid is looking for the murad. Once you are submitting, meaning, to put it simply, the Sheykh is saying ‘this is a wrong thing, remove that,’ you start removing, your murad starts popping up. ‘Remove that,’ you remove it. Sheykh says ‘this is wrong, remove that,’ you say ‘no, I am not going to’ or you become stubborn, you become arrogant, more you cover. Do you understand? Saying ‘this is wrong.’ ‘No.’ More you cover. ‘This is wrong, this is wrong, this is-’ you become more stubborn, more arrogant, that time, oho, especially the phase that you are going to go through when you are living in a Jamaat, then after a while you are going to hate everyone, you think everyone is against you, everyone is hating you, you cannot get along with anyone. That is a phase that you have to go through, leave that. Come out from that, do you understand? That one may have more patience, you may have less patience, it doesn’t mean it is all bad. You have to know when to use it. Maybe Allah gives that one more patience, but he has give you more awakening station. You have to use that, do you understand? Maybe Allah has given that one more service to do, but He has given you more sincerity and more happiness when you are doing it.

Allah doesn’t like when you are doing any service to Him, that you are upset and you are angry doing it. He doesn’t want it, He doesn’t need it. Before it reaches up, the Angels are going to take that service or that worship and he is going to throw it to your face. It will never reach up. Yeah. But that one that is happy with his Lord, even the smallest service he is doing it with happiness, that one becomes very precious, very valuable to Allah. That’s why we are saying, anyone who is angry, don’t cook. Don’t cook. That’s why, in the old days they say women should not be angry. Whatever you are doing, you are touching, you are putting it into, people are eating it. They are putting it into their bodies. They get more angry. Why do you think people in this world now, majority they are very angry, they are stubborn, they are very self-destructive? Because, simple, what they are eating, Allah has created so many things for us to eat, but all the things that we have made and we grew for us to eat, we do it with so much cruelty to the animals, to the plants, to the earth, with so much cruelty to that, they are angry at mankind. And now, when we eat that, kids just become angry. They are born and they are very angry, because they are eating from those ones that they have so much anger because of the cruelty that mankind does. And what happens? What is the endgame of being angry? What is the endgame of being angry? What is the ending point of being angry? What happens? You destroy. What do you destroy, who do you destroy?


Hah. Don’t be angry. Find a solution. Solution is always there. But when you are so angry and you have this culture of anger, you are not looking for solution, you just like being angry and people say ‘you have a right to be angry,’ you are not looking for a solution, you just want to be angry, you just want to be angry. You just want to burn, do you understand? So that is the endgame of anger, you destroy others and you destroy yourself. You kill yourself and you kill others. Isn’t that what is happening, from six years old to sixty years old in this country, in this world? People killing other people, they don’t know why, they are so angry. They kill themselves, they are so angry. Every day we are seeing reports, man gets up, shoots his children, woman gets up, kills her children when they are in their bed, man gets up and shoots his pregnant wife. And they don’t know why. And people are saying ‘such a nice family, I always see them, they are a nice family. I don’t know what happened.’ This is one of the many reasons. Be around people who don’t have too much anger, and you will learn how to manage it. It is not just by reading a couple of things, looking at self-help books and everything, no, no, no, it’s not like that, because these things are also a spiritual disease now. That’s why the Dergah is very important. Don’t do things with anger. It burns. Once you learn how to control it, this anger can actually become a fire that you are going to use for good. Fire burns, correct? But without the fire, we have no technology, correct? We cannot cook, we cannot heat, we cannot do so many things. So learn how to use it. Tarikat is not just saying ‘oh, this is bad, get rid of it.’ We are not Buddha-kind religion. Because this is something that is given to us. Now we are going to use it in the way of Allah, to use it properly now. Not with sheytan and ego, but with Allah.

bulan rejab-Sheykh Lokman.jpg

So now you learn. That’s why in the Dergah, you need to spend time, you say ‘this one is  angry person, I’m nice and calm, I don’t feel too comfortable,’ go find someone else. This one is angry and says ‘I’m so angry, I need to be calm,’ go find yourself a calm person. Mix and match, always, everything. It has to be. When a person says ‘I don’t like all this mix and match thing, I just want to be by myself,’ oh, first step sheytan catching you. ‘I want to be just by myself,’ no, that is the first step, do you understand? It should not be like that. So there are so many other qualities, look, learn and take that quality for yourself, whatever quality that you have, the key is in our Sheykh’s hands, slowly, how much that you are going to give up, how much you are going to suffer from yourself, that’s how much you are going to become beloved to Allah SWT. Then when you become close and you become beloved to Allah SWT, then He starts dressing you with the heavenly dresses and you become one of those ones who is going to represent Him. And this station, it is promised to every person, every single human being. Up to you. But we don’t have too much time, we don’t have too much of a choice. This much is enough. Wa minallahu taufiq, Al Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz  
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi New York
21 Rabiul Ahir, 1440
28 December, 2018stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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