Man is not sent to this world to sleep



We are asking support from our Sheykh to send us something insya’Allah. Tarikatuna Sohbet fil khayri min jamiya. Man is not sent to this world to sleep. Hz Adam (AS) he was not sent to this world to go to sleep. His wife, our mother, was not sent to this world to sleep. And when they were sent to this world, they did not sleep.

When they were sent to this world, Hz Adam, our father, stood for three hundred years, on one foot, on the mountain of Serendib, that is in today’s Sri Lanka. At that time it was not an island. At that time, the earth and the water has not been mixed up. Everything was separated. People who were trying to find out about that secret through google, you are going to get more confuse and more lost, because that kind of thing you are not going to find out through the online, through the internet. When the Evliyaullah they have that secret now, they are going to give to people. If it is not necessary that they are going to use for nonsense things. If you don’t know your ego, you are definitely going to use it for nonsense things, for your ego.

Hz Adam (AS), he stood on one foot that up till today there is still that footprint. For three hundred years, what was he doing? Sleeping? No. He was asking Allah for forgiveness. He was asking Allah for forgiveness directly. Three hundred years. Did he know his Lord? Of course he knew his Lord. In pre-eternity his Lord address him directly and he address to his Lord directly. In pre-eternity he was seeing the angels and everything in creation directly because it was not only the angel that was made to prostrate in front of Adam (AS), everything in creation was made to submit to him. Everything. The sun, the moon, the galaxies, from the smallest atom to the biggest galaxies, they are made to submit to him, to make prostration to him. Mankind has that secret. Of course they have to. Because who is mankind representing? Allah. Does everything submit to Allah? Yes. So everything has to submit also to His representative. Finish.  Let’s not enter into the light of the Prophet (AS). That’s another ocean that if we go in, we cannot come out from.

But when he was sent down to this world, because he did an action that was not pleasing to his Lord, and he ate from the forbidden fruit, and him, Adam (AS), our father, and our mother, Hawa anna was sent down to this world. And He who address his Lord directly now, he who knows the names, Allah asked him, ‘now speak. Say, what is this, what is this, what is this, what is this…’ and he knows the names of everything. Names of everything what? Names of everything in creation.

The name, it is the essence, it is the identity of a thing. Meaning that Adam (AS) who has just been created, that is in him that Allah SWT has put that secret, he knows everything. He knows the names of everything in creation. He knows the secret of everything in creation. Allah has given it to His representative. He has given it to Hz Insan. Which is why Allah SWT has said, ‘we have honored the children of Adam – Wa laqad Karamna Bani Adam. Those who are the children to Adam (AS), those who are not the children to sheytan, those who are not the children of the nafs, those who are not children to this dunya. Children to Adam (AS). Just as their father, that when the first separation happens, he says, ‘estaghfirullah, estaghfirullah, estaghfirullah.’ 300 years he was standing, and he was saying estaghfirullah to his Lord, and he was crying. He was crying and he was crying and he was crying. And he was crying, because of his separation from his Lord. What do we cry for? Let me ask you. You ask yourself, sit down, ‘what do I cry for? Am I crying because I am separated from my Lord?’ No. ‘Am I crying because I am separated from my Prophet?’ No. ‘Am I crying because  I am separated from my Sheykh?’ No. ‘I’m crying because I’m separated from my job. I’m crying because I’m separated from my income, from my car, from my dunya, from my ego, anything that I want, I’m separated and I really want it, that’s why I’m crying, that’s why I’m opening my hand to ask.’ Twenty-four hours.

Adam (AS), he was sent to this world, he wasn’t sleeping. This world was a punishment for him. This world was an exile. This world was a world of separation. And he stood on one foot and he bagged Allah for three hundred years. His physical creation was so tall that his head was reaching up to the first Paradises. First sky, let’s say, first sky. And it was interfering with the work of the angels. Because the angels love Adam (AS), meaning Angels love bani adam, the children of Adam. From that time until today. The angels are continuously asking for our forgivness, making dua for us, that as we are going to enter into Leylatul Raghaib, next week, Insya’Allah on Thursday, around this time. On that night, Allah will notice that all the angels from all the skies, from all the Paradises, they are empty from the angels, and He is seeing all of them, they are circling around the Baitullah. And Allah will lower Himself, to ask. Because Allah knows the answer, that’s why Allah is lowering himself to ask,  because of course, Allah knows the answer. That’s why Allah is lowering Himself to ask, why are you here? What is it that you are asking for? And the angles, they are saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, it is known to you, we are only here to pray for those ones who are keeping this night holy, who are keeping this night bless.’ Because this is the night that the Holy light of the Prophet (AS) was passed from his father to his mother. That the angels were saying, ‘anyone who keeps this night holy, anyone who puts this night with value, who worship, who does anything to thank Allah for the rahmatulil Alamin, we are asking for them to fulfill the duas. Give them anything that they need. Lift their burdens from them. Save them in this dunya. Save them in the Ahiret.’

You don’t pray for each other. You only pray for yourself. Busy with yourself. Angels are praying for you. Night of Raghaib. Adam (AS), he stood three hundred years on one foot, begging Allah SWT, ‘forgive me ya Rabbi. Forgive me. Forgive me.’ And he was crying so much that the angels stopped  their work. In the Paradises, in the world, in the different alams, they stopped their work. Because they are hearing his crying and they became very sad. And they started crying too. You don’t cry for yourself. You don’t cry for each other.

Muslim today, their heart has become so hard because they love the dunya so much, their religion has become very selfish. ‘If I go to Umrah…if I go to haj…if I do this…if I do that…’ I. but they are not thinking of the ummat. Leaders are like that. Religious leaders are like that. Jama’at are like that, very busy with secrets. They are not busy with their house that is burning down. They still want to look at the secrets of the skies. But your roof which is just above you is burning. And there are ones who say, ‘this roof is burning. This is how you get out. ‘no, but I can see the secrets over there. I still want to look.’ Go ahead, until it comes down to you, until it burns you. You will understand that time. Maybe you are not going to understand when it burns you, but when it burns those ones that you love. You are going to understand.

Never make the mistakes, adam (AS) was not crying for his wife. For all your information, he was not crying for his wife, because he miss his wife. He was missing his Lord. And because of that, Allah (SWT), because he was interfering with the works of the angels with his constant crying, Allah SWT reduced him in size. So it is a wrong thing that makes a man, to become small. Then with the mercy of Allah, it came to his heart, he says, before, for three hundred years he says, ‘forgive me,’ after three hundred years he says, ‘forgive the sake of Muhammad (AS).’ That’s when he was forgiven.

The Prophet Adam (AS). When he was forgiven, his wife was forgiven too.  And when it came to him, question was asked, ‘how did you know, to use this name?’ don’t think that Hz Adam (AS), didn’t know the Prophet (AS). He knows each and everyone of us. What kind of a father wouldn’t know his children. But there is a different secret there. That name. The name again. The name of the most praised one. The most praised one. And he says, ‘I’m using that name because the first thing that I ask when he opened his eyes, was this writing. Don’t think it is a writing, like this writing also. Because this writing was under the base, was the throne of Allah. Meaning Hz Adam opened his eyes, and he was looking to the throne of Allah. And don’t think throne it’s a chair. Or it’s a big chair, or it’s a house, or this or that.’ All the paradises would disappear under the throne of Allah. All the alams will disappear and he was seeing under the throne of Allah, lailaha ilallah Muhamadur Rasulullah. La ilaha Ilah Allah Muhammad Rasulullah. And the names of Allah and the Prophet’s name was next to each other. And he says,’by the secret of that name, I’m asking. Because that, You have put his name next to yours. And I’m asking.’ And when Hz Adam (AS) asked for forgiveness with the intercession of the Prophet’s name, just with the name, do you understand? Just with the name. Why is that necessary for us? Because do we know the Prophet? Have we met him? Especially people in the ahir Zaman, all we know is his name. Just with that, Allah SWT says, ‘I forgive.’

He was not sent here to sleep, and he did not sleep. He asked for forgiveness, and he found a way. He found a way for that forgiveness to reach him. Did he expect, after he was forgiven, that he was going to enter into Paradise? No. Like so many people, they expect, when they are forgiven, to enter into, eh, nothing ever happened. American style, ‘I said sorry. Why are you not giving me a hug.’ Tauba estaghfirullah. There is a mess. You don’t want to clean your mess. Who has to clean your mess? You made that mess, clean your mess. Hz Adam (AS), then understood what is it that he had to do and the mission that he had to do, why he was sent into this world, how he was sent to something else. He was sent. He was sent. But he continued that mission, to bring the children of Adam into this world, and to teach them. And everything that he did, it was a lesson for us and we needed it. Don’t say, ‘oh, if he didn’t commit that, and then he was sent into this world like this, we wouldn’t in this kind of situation.’ We’ll be in worse situation and we won’t know what to do. We would. We would be very, as they say, the generations of this time, what is the word they used? Entitled. Entitled, nice word they say. They are going to say, ‘well, I’m from Paradise. My parents are from Paradise. I should have paradise here. Who is saying that? Ego is saying that. But the spirit knows this is not paradise. We are separated. We must find the way back.

In this world, we should be awake enough to find ourselves and to find the Prophet (AS) and to find Allah. That time, we will be comfortable and we will be back where we belong and we’ll begin another journey. Endless. Insya’Allah, may Allah forgive me and bless you. Al-Fatiha. This much is enough. SelamAleykum.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz  
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi New York
23 Jamadil Ahir 1440  
28 February, 2019stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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