Why is the ego self-sabotaging?


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The power is coming from Allah SWT, and that the more that it is making itself to be humble, the more it is pulling itself down, the more Allah will raise. The more you are humble, the more Allah is going to raise you. But the ego is drunk. The ego doesn’t know that. Ego doesn’t want that. But Allah SWT has also created the ego to be subdued by the spirit and especially the power that you are able to have when you are putting the ego down, this world, and then with the power of that ego you can rise to high station. But don’t think now the ego is going to bring you to Allah SWT too. Because in order to go to that journey to meet with your Lord, that time everything you have to leave behind. The ego, everything you have to leave behind. So we cannot enter into that so so much. Where are we? We don’t even know how to enter into a bathroom.

So you are asking the question, why is the ego self-sabotaging? Because the ego has not been created to be a Lord. But it thinks that it is. The ego has been created to be under the control, to be a servant. The ego is not a servant to Allah. The ego is a servant to the spirit and when the spirit is able to catch the ego and make it to serve him, then that time with the power of that ego especially, you’ll be able to, in this world, to be able to escape from this world, to be able to escape from the gravity of this world. Because the ego is the one that is pulling it down.

We are entering into the days of the Mi’raj. This is completely tied in with the mi’raj. So, different vehicles the Prophet (AS) ride. Because it is not just the Buraq. In fact, the Buraq was tied up. How many vehicles there are the Prophet (AS) make, I believe it was five, that is known. More than it’s known, we don’t know. Maybe more, of course there may be more. Buraq making the Isra’. Now, still you are in this world but you are breaking away from the laws of this world. But still you are in this world. But when you want to go into different worlds now, you have to ride on different vehicles, different kinds of transportation. Prophet (AS) rode on, for example, raf-raf. The raf-raf is all the way up there. Prophet (AS) rode on the back of the Buraq, when up to a certain level, rode on the back of Hz Jibreel (AS). When to a certain level, other vehicles, he went on to a certain level. So this is showing how when we are able to make what Allah SWT has given us to be servant to the spirit, and when the spirit knows that it is a servant to Allah SWT, meaning the servant that Allah has given you, they are not becoming the masters, then you can use them and it is not going to be so difficult now to be able to make that journey. Journey to Allah SWT. Journey away from yourself. Do you understand? Because our self is false. Prophets came to teach us that.

Prophets came to show us the different realities so that we don’t get caught up with one thing, and one thing only. Trying to show us that, in this world too has so many different realities. We have not even discovered so much. Modern man discovered nothing. And if you think that you are going to discover all this without first discovering yourself, because all these is supposed to make you to discover into something bigger and bigger and bigger, higher. But if you are not discovering yourself first, then you are going to get smaller and smaller and  deeper and deeper, instead of going higher. It will destroy you. It’s one of the reasons why this time it is not permitted for us to enter into those kinds of talks. In our way it is not permitted for us to enter into those kinds of mystical talks. It’s not the time for that too. You understand? Because people hardly know, forget about entering  the toilet, they don’t even know that they are dirty, to get rid of that dirtiness. You enter, estaghfirullah, you enter into a toilet to get rid of dirtiness, correct? But people don’t even know that they are dirty. So they are carrying the toilet inside. How are you going to get rid of that now? First, make people realize that they are sick. So many people are not realizing that they are sick. And when their doctors, spiritual doctors are telling them that they are sick, they accuse those doctors.

So this is one of the tricks of dajjal, the confusion of dajjal. Like what we talk about a few days ago, dajjal makes confusion. Now you don’t know what is Haqq and you don’t know what is batil. Dajjal is not coming with open batil. It comes with hidden batil. It comes with the guise, with the covering, with the form of Haqq. It comes with the form of Haqq. How then are we going to know that there is batil inside that. How are we going to know? This is how dajjal is going to be confusing to people because he’s not coming with, don’t think dajjal is going to come with two horns and one eye and that kind of thing. Dajjal is coming to trick.  He’s going to come in the most beautiful form. He’s going to come in the form of Prophets. Sheykh Effendi has spoken so much about this. And he is going to speak from the Holy Books too.  And whatever he speaks, people will listen. It will pull their hearts.

How are we going to know if that is right or if that is wrong? This is the knowledge that people in the ahir Zaman they should run after. This is the knowledge of the ahir Zaman in so many Muslim countries they forbid people to talk about. And if they permit people to talk about the ahir Zaman, signs of the ahir Zaman, they just talk about deserts turning green, tall buildings in the deserts, barefoot naked arabs running around, those kinds of Prophecy. You understand? But they don’t talk about how we are to fight against to the dajjal. How are we going to polish our heart, that we are able to see kufr that is written on his forehead. So now you must know what is Haqq and Batil. Now you must know that there is a Haqq and there is a Batil.

First thing that dajjal is going to introduce is there is no batil. Everything is Haqq. Everything is  permissible. There is no boundaries. There is no law.  The law is, everything is permitted. Meaning there is no law of the Prophet (AS), there is no sunnat, saying what is right and what is wrong, saying, ‘don’t judge me. Everything is permitted.’ So, looking at it from one eye, not looking at it with two eye. Looking at it from one eye. And what is it that he’s going to bring is going to pull the ego very much. It’s not going to pull the spirit. It’s going to pull the ego. Whatever the ego wants, it’s going to give it to you. Person who doesn’t even understand what is spirit and what is ego, do you think he’s going to understand what dajjal is bringing and be able to fight against it? He’s not going to. So for that, we need the training of the Saints. We need the training of the Evliyaullah. That they are going to tell us how to look at things and how to think. They are going to tell us how to polish our heart, how to look with the Nur of Allah. Not to look with our ego.

Alhamdulillah, may we always be looking through the eyes of our Sheykh and holding tightly. This much is enough. Fatiha. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz  
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi New York
21 Rajab 1440 
March 28, 2019
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