Why did people find the Miraj to be unbelievable?


Question: Why did the people in the time of Holy Prophet find the Miraj to be something unbelievable?

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First you have to understand, this is a people just like the people of this Zaman. Always look, to us. People of the first jahiliyyah, they don’t believe there is a Creator. People of the first jahiliyyah, they don’t believe that there’s a heaven and a hell, they don’t believe there is an afterlife, correct? They don’t believe in that. Their understanding of something that is supernatural is very low and very common, you understand? It is just superstition. That is the nearest that they get to something other than the material world. Correct?

Okay. For them to believe that there is an Allah, that there is going to be a life after death, is something that is so difficult for them, wasn’t it? Impossible. Just like today. Majority don’t believe. ‘Well, I don’t know if we’re gonna come back. There’s no proof,’ they say. ‘No one has ever died and come back.’ I say you idiot, so many they have done that but you’re not able to see.

So now, to hear that the Holy Prophet (AS), that within one night, within, let’s say, a split second, because the Miraj, though he traveled from Mecca to Quddus, making so many stops along the way, from Quddus door was open for him to go to the different skies and the different heavens and reaching to Sidratul Muntaha and then to be beyond that, to be in the presence of Allah SWT traveling for, Evliyaullah are saying, what? Four times forty thousand, doesn’t matter. Hundreds of thousands of light years traveling, staying there with his Lord and then coming back, and then going through the Paradises again. And don’t forget, he went back and forth to Allah SWT, when Musa (as) says go back there’s a deeper secret to that. It’s not just about that, you understand? So all that. But when the Prophet (AS) was returned the pitcher, there’s water next to his bed, it was knocked down. When he came back, the water was still dripping.

So Allah created time inside of time. How difficult is that for our Lord? It’s not difficult at all. Allah can create time inside of time inside of time, and He can create space inside of a space, and that, for those people, shocking. Unbelievable. Because they are people like the people of today. They are just running after their own senses and satisfying their own senses. When you’re satisfying just your desire, your animal side, then your spiritual side you’re choking it. You’re killing it, it is dying. So it’ll never believe in things so easy, because it’s dying. And for that, so many they say ‘this is just too much for us to believe. There’s too much.’ And the unbelievers, Quraysh, unbelievers, they did something which was very simple for everyone to understand how unbelievable it is. They said to the Prophet (AS), they are saying ‘take one foot up, pick up one foot,’ and he did and they say ‘now pick up the other foot.’ Prophet (AS) put one foot down, pick up the other. They said ‘no,’ they said ‘you claimed that you went here and there, and you cannot even put two feet up.’ And he (AS) says ‘no, I’m not claiming I’m going,’ he says, ‘I’m claiming my Lord took me.’ Which the surah is saying that Allah took. Now that is another secret there. Allah taking is different, you’re going is different. So it’s one of the reasons why they need to see so many miracles, so that they understand that there is another reality beyond this reality and that can wake them up.

So do we need to see miracles here? Even if miracles are shown, people’s hearts in the Ahir Zaman, majority they are completely sealed. They say ‘we see this on YouTube. What’s so great about this? We see this, we see this, we see this,’ yet they are chasing after, and don’t forget that dajjal is going to come with those miracles too, that people are chasing after. They will still believe that, because now Hz Mahdi (as), like we said, is going to bring the law, is going to bring out the lost traditions of the Prophet (AS). People are not going to like that.

Even if Hz Mahdi (as) is going to show miracles, they are not going to like that because it’s making them to be more tight. They say ‘we cannot just go and let our egos to be wild. We like this, who cares if you show miracle and we have to have our ego to be tight?’ Sheykh Effendi has shown so many karamats, and then later he’s tying their ego and they don’t like it and then they wait until he passed. They wait one, two, three, seven years until he passed, and now they want to be loose. I say go ahead. We don’t want people who are weak too.

Just like that Sheykh, now, it fits. Once upon a time there was a Sheykh and he was a Sheykh that he could work so many miracles. And his murids are thinking ‘why is our Sheykh keeping his karamats and his power so secret? If more people know then it’s better. More people can come and serve our Sheykh.’ Just a few murids he has around him and the whole society is looking at him like he is nothing. So the Sheykh knew what the murids were thinking, and the Sheykh was trying to make them to understand. And one day when they were eating together, yes there was a time when the Sheykhs used to eat together with the murids, now it’s become little bit different. The Sheykh needs to eat with the murids. Murids need to look at the Sheykh, at least once a week, if not once a month. That time, they were eating, yes, and there were some bones from the chicken that was in front of the Sheykh, and the Sheykh says BismillahirRahmanirRahim and he hit the plate, and the bones they come together and then it became a miracle in front of their eyes, the chicken just come out like that, alive, and it started running around they had some guests, and they were shocked. The murids start speaking about this miracle, the guests start speaking about this miracle, they say ‘you know, there’s one Sheykh, he’s so great he can do this, he can bring the dead back to life.’

Before you know it, one week later when the Sheykh was sitting down, his Dergah usually has five, seven people, now it’s filled up with hundreds of people, they are all wanting to see this miracle from the Sheykh. The Sheykh looking around, look at his mureeds, giving them a hard look like this, putting his head down and he started eating. They were eating and they are watching. ‘BismillahirRahmanirRahim,’ Sheykh was eating, ‘BismillahirRahmanirRahim,’ with every mouthful he must say. After a while, the Sheykh was eating, he moved his body a little bit, and then he let go of one, how they say in America? He let one rip. Correct? Something like that. People were shocked. You know how it is, especially with Turkish people. Turkish people, they see you eat with your hands they get very disgusted, especially the way that people are going to eat with their hands not according to Sunnah, but according to how they eat like this, like this, they put in their beards, they lick their hands like this, they say ‘Oof, ugh, ugh, ugh.’ Very bad, right? Now, imagine. This Sheykh that has a reputation of being so holy he is able to work miracles, he’s able to raise the dead to life and he’s eating and he’s farting. The people got very disgusted. They say ‘did you see that? Is this possible? Tauba Astarghfirullah,’ they said, ‘this is disgusting.’ They started to leave. They all left cursing at the Sheykh, saying he’s a fraud, he is this, he is that. And the Sheykh continued eating, not saying anything when he looked up and saw his own murids, just five of them just seated around him. He said ‘don’t you see, my son? Those who are going to come through one clap like this,’ because he was clapping the table to make that chicken to come to life, ‘they are going to leave with one fart.’

So many they are coming because of that clap. We should not be. We are not coming for that. Besides, what is the Sheykh trying to say? What is the Sheykh trying to say, raising those chickens to become alive? What is Isa (as) trying to say, when with Allah’s Permission he raised the dead to become alive? What is he trying to say? Isa (as) raised the dead with Allah’s Permission. The Prophet (AS), he made the hearts that are dead to become alive. Did the Prophet (AS) raise the dead? Yes. I’m not going to enter into that tonight. The Saints of Allah they are able to do that. Which one is harder? Which one is harder? To bring the meat and the bones to become alive, or to make the heart that has been dead, to bring that to life? So this is what we should be concentrating on.

First understanding how our hearts are dead, and then knowing what is it when it becomes alive, what it must beat with. Not with nafs, nafs, nafs, nafs, not with your hawa, but with Allah. InsyaAllah. I’ll speak more about this, but you need proper circumstances also, because some of you are very tired. This kind of talk is also very heavy because whatever is coming down is heavy and we have to put it properly. Wa minallahu taufiq, Al Fatiha. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz  
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi New York
21 Rajab 1440 
March 28, 2019
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