Understanding what to ask for during Leylatul Bera’at


Question: The things that I read, they say to ask for increase in rizq, increase in life, and increase in faith. Now, I know that in Islam the less you have the better, as far as wealth, and that it’s a burden to you, and you’ve talked about the Sahabis asking for, or wishing other Sahabis a short life, for early death, and so when we ask for increase in life, does that go against what we should be asking for?

SLE_night of raghaib.jpg

Do you know who is saying that, to ask for these things? Who is saying to ask for in life and increase in rizq? I don’t know, I’m asking you. You read it.

Murid: It was some Sufi site.

Sufi. What is everyone’s understanding of long life? Everyone thinking ‘I’m going to live to one thousand years.’ That’s what they are thinking. No understanding. Sufi understanding, thinking? Rizq, what is everyone’s understanding of rizq? What we see on television, lifestyles of the kafirs. We say we want that kind of lifestyle. That is rizq. Holy Prophet (AS) said to a man who came to him and he said ‘Ya Rasulullah, I love you,’ maybe that’s what we should be asking, to increase our love for the Prophet (AS), instead of just thinking for ourselves, because the love of the Prophet is the love of Allah. Everyone is just thinking of this dunya. The man said ‘I love you, ya Rasulullah.’ Prophet (AS) said ‘then prepare yourself for hardship’’ Hardship has always been the way of the Prophets, the way of the Evliya, the way of the Sahabis, the way of the Tabi’ins, the way of the Saliheen. Why is that? Holy Prophet (AS) is saying ‘the sign that Allah does not love His servant is you’re not even going to find him to have a toothache.’

What is this understanding? Are we asking Allah for hardship? No. Do not ask Allah SWT for hardship. Don’t ask Allah SWT for tests. Ask Allah SWT, always, for Mercy. Which is why it is linked to the Holy Prophet (AS), because he Rahmatalil Alamin. He is the Mercy to all the alams. But he is the most merciful, the one who was created by the Most Merciful, yet look at his life. His life, you cannot say it is the easiest, it is the most luxurious of lives. It is most difficult. Every Prophet had difficulties, the Holy Prophet (AS) had more.

So what is people’s understanding of what is life, what is rizq and what is faith? What is our understanding of holding onto faith? What is our understanding of holding on to the love of the Holy Prophet Allah (AS)? So he saying ‘then prepare yourself for hardship.’ Because loving the Prophet (AS) while having his mercy is also not having a fake smile twenty-four hours, smiling, smiling, ‘I love everyone. I love you. Wahabbis, I love wahabbis. Kafir? I love kafir, because Prophet loved everyone.’ No. Prophet did not love everyone. He loved Allah, and he loves what Allah loves, and Allah does not love batil. Allah does not love the oppressors. Allah does not love those ones who are making partners to Himself. If it’s up to today’s so-called alims and ulamas and so-called Sheykhs, oof. They are going to say ‘we have more mercy than the Prophet. Don’t you see? We love everyone.’ Then there’s the dua, Holy Prophet (AS) is saying ‘ask for the best, the best of this world and the best of this ahiret. Fid dunya wal ahiret.’ The best of this dunya according to Allah and His Prophet, not according to the unbelievers. The best of this dunya according to unbelievers and the best of this dunya according to people of the ahli dunya, if they gain this whole world, this whole world is made from gold, it is not enough. They are going to look to the moon, they are going to look to the stars, they are going to look to everything else, they say ‘this is also, this is the best. It must happen.’

But what is the best of this dunya? The best of this dunya is what the Holy Prophet (AS) had said to his Sahabis. What did he teach his Sahabi to do? He is saying, ‘now, you see the sun?’ They say ‘yes. He says ‘now, look to see where your shadow is.’ They look, they say ‘our shadow is behind.’ He says ‘now turn around.’ They turned around, the shadow is in front, the sun is behind, the Prophet is behind. And he says ‘now run. Catch your shadow.’ They didn’t stop and pause and ask and argue and say ‘it doesn’t make sense,’ like today so many people they’re going to ask. They ran, because Prophet gave an order, they run. They run to catch. Prophet said (AS) ‘stop now.’ They stopped. ‘Now turn around and face the sun. Face me.’ They turned around, they faced the Prophet (AS), and he says ‘now run. And when you’re running, see where your shadow is.’ They started running, and they see the shadow is running after them. The Prophet says ‘that shadow, that is your dunya. The more you run after ahiret, the more the dunya will run to you. You will have the dunya, it will run to you, but you are not running to the dunya. You’re running to mawla. The more you’re running to dunya, to catch the dunya, turning your back to mawla, ahiret, you will never catch it. You spend your whole life getting tired, but you never have any satisfaction.’

SE dunya ego

So this is like a paradox. This is why Islam, for 1400 years, always they are keeping very tightly to what Prophet, the Sahabis and the Tabi’ins are saying. ‘Run away from this dunya.’ More they run away from the dunya, more the dunya is catching up to them, offering them, giving them everything. Once the ummat decided to turn around and run after the dunya, forsaking Allah, this is what’s happening, we are finished. There is no honor, there is no intelligence anymore.  So what is the best of the dunya, what is the best of the ahiret?

It is not according to what we think. It is not according to what our parents, our society, our culture they think is the best. Our parents think the best of this dunya, you don’t want to be rich, don’t be rich, just be comfortable. What does that mean, be comfortable? If you are comfortable for the sake of Allah, very little will make you very comfortable, very free. If you want to be comfortable according to your ego, the ego is never comfortable. It has one, it has to have two, two it has to have three. Backup.

The Sahabi e-Kiram, so many of them they were poor, but there were also ones there that they were very rich, Hz Osman, Hz Abu Bakr as-Siddiq. The Holy Prophet (AS), they were coming and they were giving everything to him. But they never turn to look at the dunya once. Whatever that the dunya is putting in their right hand, the sign that you’re not running after the dunya is what the dunya is given to your right hand, you give it with your left. Just like the Mevlevis, and with that it will turn. The more they receive, the more they give, the more they receive, the more they give. They don’t just receive and they keep it to themselves. That time you know it is not. Because the nightmare of the ego is to give, is to share. Ego is saying, it is not enough. I have to have it.’ It’s a nightmare to the ego. Because Allah is Kerim, the ego is not.

So once you’re seeing that you are giving, and it doesn’t mean just wealth that you are giving. Wealth is, in today’s understanding it is very important, because everyone wants to be wealthy. It is the one thing that is motivating people, keeping them awake at nights, keeping them to wake up early in the morning, to go to work, to earn, correct? And is it important in these days? Yes, it is important. Holy Prophet (AS) had said it ‘in the ahir zaman, the believers who are rich, they are more blessed, believers, because they’re able to help.’ You understand? It is not just getting that wealth. Don’t you see, there’s so many Muslims they have so much wealth they don’t know what to do with it, and instead of giving they’re putting it more to themselves, and it becomes, you can already see, it becomes very disgusting. Like what they say, Turks they say, the Arabs found so much oil they don’t know what to do with it, they take the oil and they put it, you know, on their faces, let’s say. Nice, polite term. Do you think everything that is happening in the world today, to the ummat, that we need wealth, Allah did not already provide to the Muslims?

If they only were to keep that pillar of Islam, zakat, every Muslim today, you don’t have to work. I’m not kidding. Although that oil that that Allah has given is there, although they are saying ‘okay, you don’t have the means to take it out, we’ll give you the means to take it out, but half of it belongs to us, or 90% belongs to us,’ even with that that’s coming up, if they were to share it everyone would get a piece. But you know what? That oil there, it is not their right. This is when, people are screaming about Shariat, people are screaming about interest and everything, basic things they have no idea of. Nothing, no idea. Two things Holy Prophet (AS) is saying ‘it is the right of everyone, everyone has a share in it. One is water. It is haram to buy or to sell water.’ We’re living in a haram society anyway, so don’t tell me ‘oh, why you’re buying this water?’ You understand? Especially to sell it, because it belongs to everyone. You’re buying it, if you have no water you have to buy it, you have to buy it. But you cannot now say ‘this water now belongs to me, I sell it to you.’ It belongs to everyone.

Two things. Water, and fire. Oil is coming into that category of fire. It belongs to everyone. Whatever profit that those nations they are making, it belongs to everyone, it belongs to us Our Sheykh made this calculation twenty years ago, He said, because when he was working at the United Nations, for a pretty long time, he had insider knowledge about certain things that are happening in there, how nations they earn, what do they do with their earnings, how much it is, and he said that, just from the oil, and this was twenty, twenty-five years ago, he said they can have a nice cut to themselves and every Muslim in this world, every Muslim family in this world, every Muslim individual in this world would be able to get, they must get, our right is there, you get $1,000 a month. It is enough. Allah gives more. It is enough. You don’t have to make your toilet seat from gold. You don’t have to make toilet, because everything is a toilet anyway, people are not understanding that this dunya is a toilet. You don’t have to make everything to be covered with gold. If you want to share, you’re not sharing. It is a right. Sharing is something else. This is the hak, it’s something else. It is the hak of every individual Muslim now to get $1,000 a month. If that family has five, $5,000 a month they’re getting, because Allah has designed this world especially for the believers, for them not to run around the world, not to run after the world, it is to run to Allah. How it can be, Allah SWT the Most Generous, He has created this world and there’s not enough food for everyone? Now people are believing, oh yeah, population explosion, there’s not enough food. SubhanaAllah, there’s not enough food because you’re fixing all the prices, because you’re dumping thousands of tons of food into the ocean to feed the fishes, because if you sell them at a lower price, everything is going to fall. So it is the mankind’s ego, again, greed. It is nothing to do with your religion also. If you have a religion but you don’t understand the sickness of your spirit, the sickness of your soul, that religion is not going to do nothing for you.

So yes, we ask. What are we asking for? Ease of this life. The best of this dunya for a believer is ease, so that he’s not going to sit and think about how to earn, where to earn, how to feed his family. This is the best of the world, that we don’t become a slave to dunya. And the best of the ahiret, what is the best of the ahiret? This is according to your level of faith to. We are in Tarikat. What is the best of the ahiret?

Murid: BismillahirRahmanirRahim. To be with our Sheykh.

Seyhim_rope of Allah

It is the best. To be with our Sheykh, it is to be with the Holy Prophet (AS), to be with Allah. If you are only looking to Jannah, but if you’re separated from Allah, the Jannah will turn into Jahannam. You know this. Everyone has experienced this. You know what love is, whichever level of love it is. That separation becomes a torture, when you’re separated. When you have love and you are separated from that love, it becomes a torture. Even if you are in a palace, even if you are surrounded by luxury, but you are separated from the one that you love, it becomes a hell for you. So what is it that we love? I’m not saying don’t ask for Jannah, I’m not saying look down on it, no. You have no permission, we have no right to say things like that. But we want to be with those ones who are with Allah, because we came from Allah, and our return is to Him.

InsyaAllah, this is something for us to think, to pull ourselves back, and to understand for the Night of Bara’at, Nisfu Shaban, Leylatul Bara’at, to ask Allah to give us a clean Bara’at. For forgiveness. Look sincerely. Don’t make any excuse for yourselves, for myself, for whoever it is out there. Say ‘I am like this, I have a weakness, I am like that. I am ruined if I don’t have Your Mercy.’ Don’t just have a tasbih, to pull on it blindly too. Tafakkur, it is better than seventy years of worship. Make some Tafakkur. Understand what our sicknesses are, how deeply it is. More sincere we are, more generous Allah will be. May Allah forgive me and bless you, insyaAllah, for the sake of the Holy Prophet (AS). Al Fatiha. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz  
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi, Passaic
11 Shaban 1439 
April 27, 2018
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