What is the meaning of the crescent moon?


Question: What is the meaning of the crescent moon?


The crescent moon, it is representing the Holy Prophet (AS). Was that symbol being used before Islam? Yes, of course. Who took the Crescent and made it into something that is, using it to represent Islam? Who did that? Yes, it is the Ottomans who took that properly and say that this is representing Islam.

There is a calligraphy over there, is that the Hilya? The Hilya is there. That calligraphy there is called the Hilya, and it’s root word is coming also from hilal, and in that you see the circle and there are words there, and inside the circle there is also a crescent that is there. The Hilya, it is calligraphic, let’s say, representation of the description of the Holy Prophet. Because the Prophet (AS) had said in a hadith “The one who reads my description, it is as if he has seen me.” So that comes with tremendous blessings. And the Ottomans took these words of the Prophet and they made that into a form that is very superior. They didn’t just put the words of the Prophet, they made that into an art form. So this Hilya. What is there? There is the words of Allah, there is a description of the Prophet (AS), his physical description, there is even the Hadith Qudsi and there is words coming from the Quran e-Kerim. So, putting it there, people are looking at it, you get the blessings of that crescent. And the Ottomans were using it very strongly for that.

Why is the moon representing the Prophet (AS)? Because he has always been described as that, as the full moon, that nothing is as beautiful as the full moon nothing, is as perfect as a full moon. And the crescent, depending now, the crescent, on which angle you look. There is a crescent that is the waxing moon, there’s a crescent of the waning moon. There is a crescent when it just appeared, and there’s a crescent when it is disappearing. So the Ottomans were taking that shall we say, taking that, extrapolating, taking that and to say that now Islam is rising. It is rising and is gaining ascendancy. It will cover.

One of the reasons why we have our symbol now, in this order, it is also the crescent, but it is the crescent, the moon that is disappearing. Because the time it is finishing, the time of this world, the time of, not Islam, but it is the history of Islam as far as until Hz Mahdi (as) is concerned, it is finishing so that is as being used, as so many things are being used before Islam.  The Ka’aba was used before Islam, no? It was used as a symbol of what? Idolatry, right? And people who say “Oh, they are using something that is pre-Islamic,” then when is Islam? When is Islam? What is Islam and what is not Islam? If we understand Islam to be fourteen hundred and forty years, then where is that Ayat fitting when Allah SWT is saying innaddina indallahil islam? Within Allah the religion that is acceptable, within Allah, it is Islam.

So now we’re talking about something that is historical and even historical, as in Islam in this world, Islam in this world Prophet (AS) brought the completion of Islam. It is the same religion that was revealed to Isa (as), same religion that was revealed to Ibrahim (as), to Musa (as), to Yaqub (as), same religion has revealed to every messenger, 124,000, from the beginning. So, one of the symbols of the full moon, one of the meanings of the symbol of the full moon is that when the Prophets they came and they brought Islam, but it’s Islam, for example, in the time of Adam (as) for his people, for his children. In the time of Nuh (as) he brought it for his nation. The Prophet (AS) is the only Prophet that the revelation was given to him to be spread to every people in the whole world. It is not limited to his own. And now you have the teachings of submission to Allah in it’s full glory, in it’s full majesty, like a full moon. That’s what we are using.

More things, more things to discover, more things, when you are here with us a little bit more, more things will open, insyaAllah.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz    
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi NY
1 Zul Qaida 1440
July 4, 2019
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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