What will happen to those brought to the wrong path by others?


Question: What will happen to those brought to the wrong path by others?

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Allah knows best. We don’t know. Maybe he’s going to turn around. Maybe he’s going to come back. You don’t know maybe in the last seven breath, maybe he did something to one friend of Allah that is good and that friend of Allah is saying, ‘I must help him.’ and he just tap him and say, ‘wake up! Ask for forgiveness.’

You don’t know. Our responsibility is to take lesson. Who can say for sure we are not going to be like that. Who can say for sure that we are not going to start cursing at those ones who are teaching us something. Who knows if we are not going to be those ones who are cursing at those ones that their whole life they are trying to help you, that before you say, ‘I love you,’ later you say, ‘I hate you.’ This happened before. Nothing shocking. But we have to take lesson. Like I said, don’t think something is just going to happen one big thing like that. It’s little, little, little, little. And little little coming in and they are the destruction of a building like that, little little. It is coming from inside. And it’s not attacking windows or doors. It’s attacking the foundation. Foundation.

What is the foundation of our love of our religion, of our Sheykh? That foundation. Don’t say never. Ask protection from Allah and watch. And if they are coming, you say, ‘Op! Out.’ It’s coming, you say, ‘out!’ It’s coming, you say, ‘out!’ you understand? Fight. And always check. Check your foundation. You are checking from outside, maybe everything is okay. But you are not checking your foundation. Your foundation is already rotten because you are denying it or because you are lazy. You have to check. Then take lesson. Why this one fall? Take lesson. This one. Don’t just say, ‘oh may Allah save me,’ but actually look, ‘do I have that?’ You have it little bit. Don’t say, ‘I don’t have it.’ That is a problem too. If you say, ‘I don’t have it,’ you are not going to learn nothing. But if you say, ‘ah, I also have it.’ Then you are going to scramble. To fix it better.That one came down, foundation is not. Don’t say, ‘oh may Allah protect my foundation.’ Look carefully. That time even little bit of mole, you are going to say, ‘oh, no, no, no. It cannot be. What if this mole happens? This, this, this, this…’ You are going to always try to make it to become better. That’s what we have to be. InsyaAllah. 

We are asking Allah, insyaAllah. We cannot do anything. We are weak, we are asking Allah to give us more strength. Fatiha. SelamAleykum warahmatullah.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz    
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi NY
9 Zul Qaida 1440
July 12, 2019
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