What does it mean to make the Qurban?



Because they were asking an important question. They were asking about Qurban. You make the Qurban, what does it mean to make the Qurban? As every year if you are listening not only with this ear, but with this ear (heart), every year we are repeating our Sheykh’s words to say that the Qurban that we are making, the animals that we are cutting, Allah is not in need of that animal. That animal is symbolizing our nafs, our animal characteristics that we have to cut, we have to finish willingly. It’s also meaning that the will that Allah SWT has given to us, that He has not given to angels that will, or animals that will, He has given to us, we give it back to Allah. He is giving us, we give it back to Allah.

Allah has given us life, we give it back to Allah. Submission, but we are also saying now the Qurban, if you are going on a Haj, you do everything, from the Tawwaf to the Sa’i, throwing, everything that you are doing but you don’t cut the Qurban, is it acceptable? Is it acceptable or no? No, it’s not. Meaning that if you are doing everything that you are supposed to do, your obligations properly, perfectly, but you don’t make that sacrifice of your ego, it’s not accepted. Your Labayk is not accepted. Your Qurban is not accepted. Your pilgrimage is not accepted. Pilgrimage, your moving from this world to the next world, it is not accepted. So how important is this Qurban that we are making now.

I’m saying today, because they ask interesting question, the question may seem very basic, I didn’t wash them up because we have to look also who is asking, why they are asking. We don’t just behave like that just because something hits us we are going to hit back like this. You have to have some intelligence and if you are connected you will understand, ‘wait, don’t go according to what you think it is. Go according to what they are sending.’

So now, Qurban, you are doing everything properly, you are praying properly, you are making the Haj, praying, you are fasting, you are making sadaqah, you do everything, yet at the very end of the last one that you are doing, you are doing the Qurban, the fifth pillar and the last thing that you have to do that makes the fifth pillar to be acceptable, it is the Qurban. Now, for the Dervish, for the one that is in the Tarikat, the Qurban it is not once in a lifetime you go to the Hajj and you cut, it is not even once a year that you cut the animal, it is obligation for us especially in the Hanafi mazhab. For the one that is following in the Tarikat, you have to cut your ego everyday. So you are going to see, ‘my ego is rising.’ Cut it. It’s rising. Cut. Rising, cut. How many Qurban can you make in one day. That kind of Qurban now is going to be acceptable to Allah SWT, and because that Qurban is acceptable, everything else that you do, even if it’s broken here or there, very easy for Allah to make it to become perfect. Allah SWT will give the power, not Him doing, He gives the power to others who is going to make it perfect. So look to see, how is your ego, how it needs to be cut, what is your ego, are you understanding how it’s attacking you? Are you understanding when it’s attacking? Are you understanding where is the weak points in you?

Everyone is concentrating on the strong point. Everyone concentrating on strong point. No one is concentrating on weak point except for Tarikatul Evliya, the most distinguish Naksibendi order, alive, living order, to say now the enemy doesn’t come to the strongest part of you. It comes to the weakest part of you. Look to see what is weak. Where is your weakness coming from? For some the weakness is coming from the material. They’re attach too much. For some, it is people. For some, it is their anger. For some, it is their arrogance. Look to see where you are going to get drunk, where you are going to lose yourself. That is your weak point. Then you are going to study it properly, ‘how is this harming me? How is this harming everyone? What is it that I have to do?’ You work on it.

Sometime people are saying, ‘when is this going to finish?’ As the Saints they say, ‘if you finish it, then what?’ If you finish it, then what? Isn’t it something that not even the Saints they are saying, ‘oh, we finish our ego long time ago.’ You ever hear Sheykh Effendi claiming that, like that? No. They may speak about the other Evliyas, the Evliyas may speak about this, may speak about this…they never refer to themselves. But of course we cannot compare ourselves to them. Because whatever that they are doing that is considered to be a sin, estaghfirullah, their sin it is better than our good deeds, our worship. Their sin is better than our worship. You cannot compare. You finish your ego, then what? So many people they think they finish their ego, correct? Then what? So many wrong things happen. I’ve never seen a person who says, ‘I finish my ego and he’s really making wonderful things to happen in this world, never. Those who claim that they finish their ego, usually they’re damaging themselves and others. But those ones who are working to fix their ego, cutting their ego everyday, and you see they are busy with themselves, they are like, you see the look of a fighter, the look of a soldier. Sometimes they look very tired, sometimes they feel very energized because they are fighting the good fight, the enemy. You look at them, they have the presence of Allah. Because they are doing it for their Lord. They are not doing it to get into Paradise. They are doing it to please their Lord. Because it is the right thing to do. So look to see where our weakness lies. Make it to become stronger.

Where is your ego, it’s attacking from that side, it’s attacking from so many sides. Sit down. Take one side first. That is the time when you need a guide. You don’t just attack your ego, just like that, anytime that you want, anyway that you want. That is when you need a guide. If you don’t have a guide, a journey of one year may take you one hundred years and if you have, hold it strongly. That’s all. Wa minAllahu Taufiq Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz    
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi NY
16 Zul Qaida 1440
July 18, 2019
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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