How can we be more intelligent by being less dependent on step by step explanation?


Question: How can we be more intelligent by being less dependent on step by step explanation and read the Sheykh more?


How are you going to know more? How are you going to know more and how are you going to be quicker? That is according to training. That is according to your training. Training is two things, one is you and one is your trainer, you understand? Trainer wants to train you, you don’t want to be trained, no point. You want to be trained, but the trainer doesn’t want to train you, then there’s no point.

There has to be these two things, they have to be together. Then, you have to give yourself in the hands of your trainer, then it’ll be okay. In this way the trainer has to train you, sometimes it’s going to take, most times it’s going to take a long time. You have to get knocked from wall-to-wall, you’re going to get washed up, because the ego kicks in, you want to look at it according to your eyes, if you want to be trained, sometimes people say, ‘I want to be trained,’ later they change their mind. Some say, ‘I want to be trained,’ then later they’re saying, ‘this is not working,’ or, ‘I’m stubborn, I’m this and that,’ they’re resisting so you’re not going to learn so much, you’re only going to feel the pain, you’re only going to feel that you’re getting scrubbed, but you’re not seeing how you’re clean. You only feel the pain. The stubbornness, so many they are quitting halfway.

So how are you going to be able now, just from the signs now, to be able to understand? You have to start shedding yourself, you have to start freeing yourself. You are murid X, you have to stop being murid X, you are murid Y, you have to stop being murid Y. Stop. You have to understand, this is how the sunnat is, this is how the Sheykh’s sunnat is, and this is murid X. Stop being murid X, don’t be so in love with murid X. Shed it. You take it off, but you put it back on. Then you must understand this, ‘I put it back on, I need to take it off again.’ More you are shedding, more you are taking it out, then that time more they will put a new skin on you. If you are insisting on your way, and you don’t know why you’re insisting, just because you’re being stubborn, or, today’s people saying, ‘oh I cant help it, so what?’ So what? Why are you here if it’s so what? Why you go to school, why you go to the top school, Princeton or Harvard or Columbia, and then you fail and you say, ‘so what if I fail?’ So what if you fail? They kick you out.

You are there not to fail. You are there now to learn new things. We are here now to shed ourselves. As Mevlana is saying, ‘I was a mineral,’ hundreds of years before that idiot Darwin monkey, coming up with theory saying that we are coming from monkeys, the idea, the concept, the reality of how mankind, mankind, must change, must reach to the highest levels, must evolve, not the physical, but must evolve, Mevlana Rumi was already saying it, in a small village in Konya. Saying, ‘I was a mineral, and I died,’ he’s saying, ‘I died. And I became a vegetable. I was a vegetable and I died, I became an animal. I’m an animal then I died, I became a man. I was a man, then I died, and I became an angel.’ And he’s saying, ‘why should I fear death? And to change it is endless because our return is to Allah,’ meaning the death it is endless now. But the death is not the end, it is the beginning, so why are we afraid? Aren’t we all destined to die? This is the one reality that is not going to change. Muslim, Christian, Jew, believer, unbeliever, we’re going to die, and the Sufi, the Ahli Tasawwuf is saying what? ‘Die before you die.’

This is what? Holy Prophet (AS) is saying this. Die from what? From your false selves, die from your animal self, die from your ego, now have a new life, you have to have a new life. If you don’t die before you die, they will kill you. If you don’t fix yourself, they will fix you. That time when they fix you they have no mercy, they are, ha, everyone is thinking angel, now Muslims have become like Christians, saying angels are nice white people with blonde hair with nice white wings, that’s angels. Because they’re so brainwashed by Hallmark cards that they think this is angels. There are certain angels that they don’t have any mercy, you like that part? There are angels, the Zabaniyya? They don’t have any mercy at all, they are angels. So anyway, we have become like Christians and Jews, twenty-first century Muslims, this is the problem. So, we are in the way of Tasawwuf to learn how to die. So many different ways to learn how to die. Do you want to die? Are you willing to? Do you want to let go? Do you want to shed that unreal self that you’re holding on to? Do you want to smash that idol? Do you want to say, ‘la,’ to the ilah that you have made to yourself? Hmm? Or you want to hold on to it? Hold on to it, it’s okay, they will smash it later, that’s all. You have to smash it. You have to smash it. What is it saying over there? What is it saying?

Murid: BismillahirRahmanirRahim. We are trying to be nothing.

We are trying to be nothing. This is the point. We are trying to be nothing. How much are you trying to be nothing? Who is teaching you to be nothing? What is nothing? What is the something? At least, if you say, ‘I don’t know what nothing is,’ do you know something? Yes. Get rid of that something, slowly you will learn what is nothing. But if you are insisting, because you haven’t learned yet, they have patience, they will wait, some people for example, when you’re a kid, they want something they cry. Okay, when you’re seven years old it’s okay to cry when you want something. By the time you are seventeen years old and you want something and you cry, is the world going to tolerate that? Your father and your mother that raised you, are they going to tolerate that? They’re not. If you’re twenty-seven, thirty-seven, forty-seven, seventy years old you keep crying, if you’re seventy years old you cry, they put you into a mental hospital. Because you don’t know how to live properly.

So how long are you going to decide, ‘I’m going to behave like this.’ This is your decision. Especially in this way it is no mystery, they say, ‘you do like this, this is your outcome, you walk like this, this is what’s going to happen.’ You keep insisting because maybe you’re young, but after a while you get old, you get tired, you say, ‘same thing, same thing. I do this, I become like this.’ Now you have to decide now, you want to change or you don’t want to change, because either you take it off, or they will rip it out. It’s up to you, easy way or hard way. Now in the hands of the Sheykh it is a little bit easier, because now you have guidance. If you try to do it by yourself without the guidance, you may hurt yourself. If you leave for the world to do it, the world is going to kill you. Believe me, the world will rip you to pieces, the world doesn’t love you that much, you love the world, the world doesn’t love you that much. Stay in the ground, this ground will grind you, it will rip you to pieces, this earth.

And so, especially in this way, those who don’t want to change, they don’t want to change and they’re not putting their Sheykh there, their guide, their Prophet, their Allah, they’re putting their ego there, they’re going to suffer a lot. Unnecessary. This is just the first step. After you become something, you become nothing, you become something, you become nothing again, you become something, that means that you are walking, you understand? It’s not just being, you’re walking. When you’re a vegetable, you live your life as a vegetable, you’re walking towards that. When you’re an animal you walk towards that, when you’re a man you walk towards that, when you’re an angel you walk towards that, higher than that you may go. Of course higher than that you may go. So this is difficult for a lot of people because they’re thinking, ‘there’s nothing wrong with me. There’s nothing wrong with this idol. There’s nothing wrong with my American type Sufism,’ they say, ‘no, no, no, this is not about getting rid of your personality, so don’t follow a Sheykh that is going to put his personality there, this is not personality cult.’ You understand? And I said, breh, you have been brainwashed by Charles Manson, you have been brainwashed by Kool-Aid people, who else is a cult? The Waco-Waco. You know Waco, Texas? All those kinds of things, you have been brainwashed by that. But there are so many, at the same time there are so many people who follow so many people that they are good people, you can call them personality cults too, there are so many people, good people from this country.

So how you are going to change now? Like they’re saying, if you put a white rose and a red rose next to each other they start to exchange their color. Which color do we want? It’s not just the Sheykh, the Sheykh is representing the Grandsheykh, who’s representing the Prophet, and the Prophet (AS) is representing Allah, it doesn’t stop just there with the Sheykh. So to understand what your Lord wants from you, to take on the color of your Lord, to take on the Sibghatullah, this is how it’s important to be. Otherwise you can sit there for twenty years, forty years next to your Sheykh, you’re insisting on your own thing, you’re not going to get it, you completely missed the point. And it doesn’t mean that you turn into your Sheykh also, it doesn’t mean that you become a robot, it doesn’t mean that now you have, no, no, no, it doesn’t mean that also. Because hundred and twenty-four thousand Sahabis, and none of them became like a robot. Four Khulafa-e-Rashideen, Hz Abu Bakr, Umar, Osman and Ali, they’re completely different from one another. And they’re very different from the Prophet (AS), but they’re also representing the Prophet (AS). Correct or no? And at the same time, there is also a hierarchy, it’s not everything is the same, everyone is the same too, the hierarchy is Hz Abu Bakr Siddiq, Siddiqul Akbar, he is the next, the second of the two. We’re following in his way. So insyaAllah, try to understand this.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifa of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah Passaic,
2 Zul Hijjah 1440

August 2, 2019
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