Make the Heart to be Busy for Allah (SWT)



Worry is different from solving a problem. When you solve a problem you are looking for an answer. Worry is when you are just talking about the problem over and over and over, you are not coming up with any answer, but you are just thinking of the problem over and over again. Any answer? No answer. Are you concentrating on answer? You are concentrating on the problem. You are concentrating on the problem, that is worrying, that is coming from sheytan, it’s trying to sabotage you. It’s trying to sabotage you in the way of Allah.

So you are doing something, you’re saying, ‘I’m going to do this for the sake of Allah,’ concentrate on that. Things that are going to interfere, kick it out. Be busy with that. Don’t be busy with the things that you cannot control. Don’t be. What is your job? Your job is to cook, can you control that fire? You must, because you are going to cook. Control that fire. Be busy with that. Make the work that you are doing in the Dergah to be the best. You’re sweeping, make it to be the best. You’re cleaning, make it to be the best. You are going to the garden, you are doing anything that is around here, computer or music or teaching, make it to be the best, because there’s a big possibility that it is going to be more acceptable in the sight of Allah than your worship. Concentrate on that. You do something wrong, run to fix it. Don’t hide from it. Don’t try to be sneaky. Run to fix it. It will cover it, it will clean it. Especially in these days reaching to Hajj where all of the five obligations in Islam, everything is inside the Hajj. Everything. This is how big it is.

The Hajj is not just going to the Baitullah. The Hajj is you have to say the Shahadat, the Hajj you have to fast, the Hajj you have to pray, the Hajj you have to give zakat. Everything is in it. But where are you? Where is your heart? Is your heart in it? When you are saying shahadat, is your heart in there? When you are praying, is your heart in there? when you are fasting, is your heart there? When you are giving zakat, is your heart there? If it’s not, definitely when you circle around the house of Allah you are not there. You are not. Your body is there but your heart and your mind is somewhere else. As you can see millions they are there but they are not there. Only dead bodies that they are there.

Fix the heart. That time your body is not there, it is very easy for the Evliyaullah to put your spirit there. Your spirit is circling there. According to your station now, they may send you every year. According to your station now, they may send you more than one time a year. Why not? You think you know something? They may take you just like that when you are unaware. But your heart, are you watching? Because the heart is the Baitullah. The heart is the house of Allah. Not that stone thing that is there. It is the heart. Watch our heart, for me, I’m taking that advice for myself, and for you. For the next few days, watch your heart. Make the heart to be busy for Allah. Make the heart to be clean. Any dirtiness that is there, run to fix it. Leading up to the Holy days now. It is a very big honor for us to be in this nation, it is a very big honor for us to be in the millet of Ibrahim (AS), that so many in his lineage they have forgotten. But we, belonging to that millet, maybe like this or like that, we are not really direct descendants from there, but we are keeping it. And in these holy days, in this ahir zaman, where we are saying, ‘we are like orphans Ya Rabbi, Ya Rasulullah, we are like orphans without our Sheykh,’ that time Ibrahim (AS) he has a special protection and special love to the orphans.

Cry to your Lord like an orphan. Don’t cry to Him like a Firaun. That time it will be easy, understand? Because it fits us. WaminAllahu Taufik. Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifa of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah New York,
1 Zul Hijjah 1440

August 1, 2019
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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