How People of the Past were Concerned with Leaving this World


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Once there was a man who after some days when he got married, he died. They put him in the grave, his punishment started non stop because he was a disobedient one. Non stop punishment was happening to him. There was a Saint in that village, this is the thing also, imagine living in a village where there is a known Saint. You understand? Like you live in an area and then we know this one holy one, one holy one, one holy one there. How much protection and satisfaction you will have. Not just to live with this, this, this, this police, state department, troopers, we have all of that, but to know there’s a Holy person here, Holy person here, Holy person here, and everyone in that village now is going from time to time, asking for prayers. Time to time you do wrong thing, you said, ‘what can I do? Ahh, let me just make one cake and give it to him, he pray and then I get his prayer and then it’s going to be okay.’ You understand how much mercy that is, right? Instead of just fumbling along, falling just thinking you are by yourself, you’re alone no one to help you, which is what’s happening. Thinking, ‘I have to pray more, pray more, pray more.

So anyway, there was Saint who was in that village and he saw him in punishment, heavy, because the Saint they are responsible for that area too. They are not going to be malayani, to be responsible for any other area unless it’s given to them. They are in that. They are looking to see who is there, who is buried, who has passed, who is coming, taking care just like how the Prophet they were taking care of their ummat, asking Allah always for their sake. Then, before you know it, the man who left his wife, his wife was with child. And years passing, wife gave birth, after sometime, little boy she’s raising him alone. Years passing, the Saint keep seeing that man was in fire. Some years passed, then he looked again, he saw that man is suddenly in Paradise. He said, ‘this is unusual. How it can be? For seven years he was in fire and suddenly he is in Paradise.’ So that night, with that question he went to sleep and he’s asking Allah SWT, ‘Ya Rabbi, what is Your wisdom?’ You see, Saints they always ask. Always they are asking. It’s the foolish mureeds like you and me, we are never asking. Like lo-lo, never asking, never wanting to find out. But those ones, they are always asking. And Allah SWT then showed him, the man who passed, when he passed and the wife was pregnant and after seven years passed, the little boy grew up, and it was the first time that the little boy was in the presence of a Hoja, a teacher and that teacher was teaching that little boy how to say, ‘BismillahirRahmanirRahim.’ One, BismillahirRahmanirRahim. And Allah is saying to His friend, saying, ‘and I swear,’ Allah is saying, ‘by My own majesty and by My might, I will not punish the father of a son who is calling Me by My name of Rahman and Rahim.’

So Allah pulled that one out from the fire and put him in paradise because of his son. That is these things that people in the old days they were concentrating, how to leave this world. They are not concentrating how to leave this world and to leave one million, two billion, ten billion dollars, we cannot say millions anymore because people are thinking billions. And every Hajj season I’m going to say this how Sheykh Effendi in the Hajj, in front of the Ka’abah e-Sherif, with his mureeds, kind of his mureeds, they are following him, following this Sheykh, following that Sheykh, and the mureed is looking at the ka’abah and asking, asking, crying, asking, crying, and Sheykh Effendi was looking at him and feeling so much impressed by this one, praying to his Lord. Later Sheykh Effendi asked, ‘mashaAllah, you are making dua. You are asking your Lord.’ And he says, ‘yes, Seyhim, I was asking Allah.’ ‘You were asking, mashaAllah. You were asking something?’ ‘Yes Seyhim, I was asking, Ya Rabbi please, I have only left half a million dollars to my children. I have three, one child half million, the other one half a million, the other one half a million and I’m begging Allah to let me not pass this world until I left them one million each, at least. That is what my prayer is.’ In front of the Ka’abah, in the Hajj season. And Sheykh Effendi got so upset and so disappointed and so sad.

But people in the past, they were concern about how they leave this world so that they don’t leave a way open that fire is going to enter into their grave. They leave a way open that Paradise will enter int their grave. They leave their books open, things that they do that continuously there’s going to be blessings, that it will reach to them. Because they are in need. That’s why they are running to do what? To feed poor people. They are running to do what? To make endowment, wakaf. They were not leaving their property to their children too, saying, ‘I don’t know my child. Today he’s like this. Tomorrow what he’s going to do with the money? Let me leave to the waqaf. Make it to an orphanage or a hospital, or a school,’ this is how civilization rise. Because the people they are taking care of each other. They say if I do that, then my book is open and every day good deeds will be given to me. I cannot do any good deeds, but raining rahmat continuously. They were busy with that.

Today’s people they are not busy with that. You know why they were not busy with that? Because when the child raise up, first thing they teach the child is how to be busy with dunya. Last thing they are going to say to the child before they die is, ‘be busy with the dunya.’ Ahiret is for granted. Paradise is for granted. They say, ‘of course I’m going to Paradise. It’s a question, ever?’ they are going to say. No fear. No fear from Allah. No fear to look, one wrong work that we have done can cancel everything. One wrong thing that we do. In the Hajj that we are going now, one wrong thing that you do, it may cancel everything. Are people fearing that? If they are fearing, they are going to be very careful. They are not fearing that. They take for granted. ‘I cut the ticket, I’m going to the Hajj, of course I’m going to be a Hajj. Of course everything is going to be acceptable. That’s why they can turn the Holy places into trash places, holy places into malls, into selfie stations, into social gathering, into vacation spots. Third world vacation spot, I must say. Because one thing that Sheykh Effendi was very impressed when he came to America, there’s so many wrong things in America but so many right things. He’s saying, people they take care of the things that are around them. Even if it doesn’t belong to them, they take care of it. This is Islam. He said, ‘people here they are living Islam, without them knowing it.’

So he says, he goes to public places, even state parks, vacation places, he says people they don’t just trash it. Oh in Muslim countries, now number one, if they see it’s clean they are going to make it dirty. Because something has happened. They have left the teachings of Allah and His Prophet. They have left the meaning of the teachings. They’re still, outside, looks like it, but they lost it. They have become cold. They have become dark. The sun is no longer shining there. The sun is shinning somewhere else. Shining somewhere else.

So what are we running to do in these days? So many are still running after the dunya. It may be out last chance. It may be our last chance. So no more fear of Allah, saying, ‘Allah doesn’t rule.’ We have become, like I said, Namrud. Not even Firauns, Namruds. And  Namruds, Allah doesn’t like. So this time for us, what do we take? Take care of the things around you. Be very simple. Don’t go for spiritual lessons. I’m teaching you very simple things. If the simple things you understand, you understand from the highest level. Take care. Take care of your houses. Clean your houses. For the sake now if you don’t want to clean it for the sake of yourself, or because you’ve got so used to living like animal, to be a garbage person, garbage everywhere, then say to yourself, for the sake of Zul hijj, I’m going to clean my house. For the sake of Hajj, I’m going to clean my house, for the sake of Ashura, for the sake of Holy days and Holy nights, for the sake of Jumma, I’m going to clean not because I want or my husband wants or my children. For the sake of Jumma I’m going to do it. Even if I don’t like it I’m going to do it. See your life turning around then that time. See how much faith is going to enter, how much understanding you are going to have, how much patience you are going to have. Things that could destroy you, it just touch you, just like that. Then you are going to understand how the mercy of Allah is reaching. These days, be careful.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifa of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah New York,
1 Zul Hijjah 1440

August 2, 2019
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