Hazrat Ibrahim (AS): Allah’s Friend



There are scholars, Muslims scholars, feminist Muslim scholars that millions they’re following, who is saying Hz Ibrahim (AS) is a deadbeat. Deadbeat, how you can translate, what is a deadbeat? Right, a loser, irresponsible, doesn’t carry his responsibility. Saying Hz Ibrahim, Khalillullah, saying that he is a, astaghfirullah, Hasha, irresponsible, lazy, loser, because he left his wife and his kid. So many are following and they say, ‘yeah, that’s right.’ You understand? Because there’s no more fear of Allah, fear of Allah, who is saying that? ‘Oh, don’t say about fear of Allah,’ we have become Christian like that, ‘love of Allah, always, love, love, love. Love, love, love, love don’t judge.’

MashaAllah. No shariat. There’s no shariat. They can say that openly, so that’s why people can say this. We have become worse than the Jews and the Christians. In the past to say something like that, oof. Openly? Oof, oof, oof. People would not even imagine to say, that’s why they don’t say, ‘Abraham,’ they say, ‘Ibrahim Alayhi Selam, Hazreti Ibrahim Alayhi Selam, Nabi Ibrahim Alayhi Selam.‘ But today we have all been infected by this Wahhabism, by this. There’s no respect, there’s no fear, there’s no consequence, because Allah lets the Batil to rule for a while they say, ‘oh, we can commit so many wrong things, nothing is coming to us. We can commit all these things, there’s no punishment raining from the skies, from the earth- this world is paradise, right?’ This world is paradise right now? When everything that you’re touching is poison it’s paradise right now? But they’re not seeing it, either way they’re not seeing it. So of course they’re going to say things like that.

Don’t have any ounce, any ounce of tolerance for wrong things like that, no you cannot, because the fire that they have will reach to you no matter how religious you are, how good you are, you have an ounce of love for the Batil, the fire is going to reach to you.
So we turn our faces, we cannot say anything, we cannot change it with our hands, you can say something, say something, you cannot say something change it with your heart, don’t, ‘hahahaha,’ laugh with it also, ‘eh it’s okay.’ Say, ‘astaghfirullah,’ because definitely the curse of Allah is on those. Khalillullah, breh. Astaghfirullah. The one that when Namrud was building the fire and he command everyone and everything to bring wood and to put it there, that every animal was bringing water, every animal was bringing water to put it out, and they were all crying, because if the angels in the skies and the heavens they are crying for Khalillullah, one Friend of Allah, in the whole world at that time, one Friend, if the angels are crying you think the whole earth is not going to cry? Even Fire was afraid. But it was given a command.

That one, that when he was, he was only asking from Allah (SWT), meaning that he’s saying, ‘Allah is watching me,’ the help is not through the angels, the angels themselves offered to help, he knows the difference. The angels wanted to help, he knows the difference between, he is a Friend of Allah, he knows whether his friend is helping him or other people are helping him. Do you understand? And he knows if his friend wants to help, he says, ‘if my friend wants to help, He will help, and He’s given the choice to you and He’s given the choice to me, and I want my friend to help.’ So what happened now? Ibrahim Khalillullah, the one who has already put that fire inside of him, he has burnt himself, he has burnt his self, you understand? And now, inside of that fire now, where he has burned his nafs, he’s only bringing that garden to the middle of the physical fire. Then what happens? The nightingale, with a drop of water in its mouth, because he loved Hz Ibrahim so much, he just threw himself into the fire. And when he threw himself into the fire he thought he was going to burn, but he woke up and he saw that he is in the middle of a garden on a rosebush. And then Allah made it to sing the Ninety-Nine Names of Allah, the Asma-ul-Husna. And it started singing from that time until now, which is why the nightingale, the bulbul, it is very important for us. Because in its language it is singing the Asma-ul-Husna. People are not speaking about these things that makes their faith to grow strong, they teach the people Islam that makes doubt and confusion to enter into their hearts. ‘Stick with tajwid, stick with fiqh,’ stick with all these kinds of things that it’s only intellectual, ‘hmm, I think it’s like this, I think,’ it’s not hitting your heart to have an understanding, a little smell coming from paradise. That one, Hz Ibrahim (AS).

So, this is happening today. We should be aware, because we are not living in paradise, we should be aware of what is the fire so that it doesn’t reach to us. If you don’t, the fire is going to reach to you and you won’t even know it’s fire. People are very careful, they want to eat only organic, they say, ‘I don’t want to eat anything that’s processed, that’s chemical,’ are you thinking what is entering into your heart and from where, from whom? Who is speaking? You’re reading something, where is it coming from? So those ones, they are only bringing fire to themselves, they think they’re building a garden but they’re only making a fire to themselves. So, that one, that Ibrahim (AS), he asked for a son. For what? We ask for sons because we want someone to play with, we ask for a son so that it can continue our lineage, to be proud of. He’s not asking for children, for sons that way, he’s asking for a son because he says, ‘if I go, what’s going to happen to the message?’ And in his old age, and you see the connection there between Hz Ibrahim and you see the connection there with Hz Zakariyah too, and then connecting there to the Holy Prophet (AS). Because the sacrifice of Ismail (AS), when Allah granted him the son to continue that, and Allah tested him, the thing that you love most, cut him, and he cut, he cut seventy times he cut. But the knife did not cut. Just as the fire did not burn, the knife did not cut.

Ismail (AS), being the grandfather of the Holy Prophet (AS), that the Prophet (AS)’s father there was also the demand that when his grandfather asked for a son, saying, ‘if You grant me a son I will sacrifice,’ he sacrificed hundreds, thousands, Arabian horses, oxen, everything, they say, ‘no, you have to sacrifice your son, that one.’ That the Holy Prophet (AS) then was also born from this, understand? We are the Ummat, the person should be saying, ‘it is a sunnat of Ibrahim (AS) to sacrifice everything, himself, to throw it into the fire, to sacrifice his beloved wife and to sacrifice his beloved son for the sake of Allah, and it is a sunnat then for the sons and the wives and the children of believers to run in the way of Allah. And that has been a sunnat of thirteen hundred years of believers, that’s why this world doesn’t hold them because they’re looking to the ahiret, because these are their role models. We are the millet of Ibrahim (AS). We are continuing the tradition that seventy-thousand Prophets coming from Hz Ibrahim (AS), the nations of those seventy-thousand Prophets they dropped. They dropped. This shalwar that we’re wearing, it is a tradition of Hz Ibrahim (AS), they dropped. To sacrifice in the Ka’aba, you’re supposed to do it, some way, some how, it’s still continuing. So many other things that we need to say but people are not ready so we cannot so much. There is a strong connection there to then and the events of the Ahir Zaman. May Allah wake us up, forgive us insya’Allah. Selam aleykum.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifa of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah,
8 Zul Hijjah 1440

August 9, 2019
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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