Look Inside You for the Qibla


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One raindrop, with that one raindrop is contained the knowledges of dunya and ahiret, if the man, his heart is open and he is studying that. Understand? Isn’t it true? The rain, coming from Paradise. Whole of these universes contained in one. So how are we going to reach to that station where we are going to see our Lord? How are we going to reach to that station where everywhere we turn, we are going to see our Lord? How? When the man stops looking outside and he starts looking inside. When he stops looking outside for the Ka’aba, for the Kibla, he starts looking inside. When he starts looking, ‘what is my heart reflecting?’ To look inside. Not to look inside and say ‘yeah, yeah, Allah is inside.’ What is Allah to you? At least, you are saying ‘my heart, what is my heart occupied with?’ to know what is there, remove those things that Allah doesn’t like, and put those things that Allah likes first. Because these days, people are entering into Tarikat, they just entered, they already think they are saints. And they enter into Tarikat to become saints. No. You become a believer to become a servant to Allah. The one who enters into spirituality to become something is sheytan. And that one, one day is going to say ‘you are wrong and I am right. This order doesn’t fit to me. It doesn’t fit to logic. It doesn’t fit to anything. Why I have to bow down to Adam (as)? Why?’ But if you enter as a servant, the servant, if Allah is saying ‘bow down to a piece of stone,’ you’re going to bow down to a piece of stone. Isn’t the Ka’aba a piece of stone? Are we bowing down to it? Yes. But are we saying the Ka’aba is our lord? No. We are bowing down to the Lord of the Ka’aba.

So the one that you are bowing down to, that one is a direction, that one is a Kibla. But because that one thinks himself so high-level, meaning ‘if anyone should bow down to anyone, all of creation should bow down to me.’ Sheytan is saying. ‘Not to Adam (as). They should bow down to me.’ And everyone’s ego has that same characteristic. That’s why it is poison for the ego to follow someone, to bow down to that someone and to say ‘you know, I don’t know.’ To bow down to someone, not just to bow down to someone to say ‘I will only follow you if da da da da da. I will follow you if you reward me. I will follow you if all these things you are going to give to me.’ Then what is it? Your spirituality, like your faith, is like a business with your Lord. There are people who are like that. We are not going to say too much. But if you want to become a servant to Allah, the one that Allah loves and the one that you love Allah SWT, the relationship is completely different. It is not trading. It’s not trading, it’s not a business. ‘I do this, you do this for me.’ This is why they’re calling Tasawwuf always about love, because with the love, you do crazy things. And with the love, in serving that one that you love, it’s already enough for you. You don’t need anything else.

Why Allah is making us to say Labbayk? Why Allah SWT is making us to say ‘Labbayk, here I am,’? Allah SWT is saying ‘remember Me and I will remember you.’ You think our remembering of Allah is before Allah’s remembering of us? Allah is remembering us, that’s why we are remembering Allah SWT. Don’t think you’re doing a favor to your Lord by worshiping Him. Allah wants us to open our ears, to say Labbayk, to hear Labbayk. Because Allah SWT has created all of the universes, everything in creation, for mankind. For mankind. Everything in creation is saying Labbayk to mankind. ‘Here I am, at your service.’ We are saying Labbayk to Allah. Can we serve Allah? Does Allah need our worship or our service? No. Who is it that is helping us, supporting us, giving everything to us? Allah SWT. So that reality now, of that love, when you say Labbayk, to understand it is not you who is saying. Allah is saying before you even think to say Labbayk. Allah is saying ‘here I am. Here I am. Alastu birabbikum? Who is your Lord?’ Qalu bala. You are. Allah is saying ‘I am closer to you than your jugular vein. I am close. I am there. I am hearing. I am All-Hearing.’ When man forgets that Allah is there, All-Hearing, and Allah is the One that we ask and He gives, when man forgets that, he becomes a Lord, he becomes a tyrant. He falls into kufur. As our Sheykh says, the one who doesn’t return the love of his Lord, that one is a kafir.

So at least now, one time in your lifetime, to make it properly, not to go there for shopping, or eating, but to say ‘I’m there as if I’m entering my grave and I’m calling out to my Lord, knowing that my Lord has been answering my call and saying Labbayk to me since the Day of Promises,’ because when we say ‘You are my Lord,’ Allah is saying ‘here I am for you.’ Allah has not left us alone. Then that time, that pilgrimage is going to be a pilgrimage. You enter into that ihram, you’re supposed to be dead from this world, not to enter into that ihram and to go shopping. Then Islam, yes, the Muslims have become like the Jews and the Christians. Ritual, it is just a ritual. You are running in between Safa and Marwa, the way that they have done it, it is just like you are in the airport and you’re running from one terminal to another terminal, correct? Don’t think I don’t understand logistics too, we understand logistics, of course, if you have millions coming and everything, but put that aside. You think they didn’t know how to build it properly for 1300 years? Why they left it alone? So that at least we can taste a little bit of what it means for Hz Hajar, with an infant son, how much sacrifice she made, how much sacrifice Hz Ibrahim made for the sake of Allah, and all she asked is, not to question her husband, all she asked is ‘is this Allah’s command?’ And he says ‘yes.’ She says ‘then I am submitting.’ And she ran from one hill to another with a newborn babe. No water, no food, no nothing. How are we going to feel that? We’re not feeling it anymore. That’s why we don’t really get any feeling. And the places where you’re supposed to get feeling, like the Cave of Hira, the birthplace of the Prophet (AS) and other Holy Places, they sealed it. Not making you to feel what it is to be running in the desert, from one hill to another seven times, asking Allah for help.

So how are we going to prepare ourselves for the Hajj? Like Jews and Christians? This is what it has become. As the Prophet (AS) had said 1400 years ago, in the Ahir Zaman, the people going to the Hajj in the Ahir Zaman, they will be going there for business. The businessman going there for business, the beggars going there to make money, the people for vacation are going to go there for vacation, the scholars are going to go there just to show off, to see how many mureeds I have, you see? Then later they fight. Only a handful are going to go with the desire to leave this world and to be with their Lord. To have some understanding before going for the Hajj, it is important, because the Hajj it is the climax, it is the total, most important thing proving our iman, our faith, and our Islam. If we are not doing that properly, it’s no good. Now you can do it physically, which physically they destroyed everything also, you don’t get the feeling of it physically. In the old days, people don’t need to study so much, because physically they are already there. Even if they don’t know so much, they experience things there. Because they ground, the place has not been changed so much that the spirit is taken away. The spirit is still there. But in these days, you cannot even have that. InsyaAllah, good news for the strangers, to receive the Salams of our Prophet insyaAllah. This is advice, advice? This is sohbet. Prophets they give advice. The Sheykhs they give sohbet. I’m just repeating certain things that my Sheykh had said, for us to be very aware of what is happening in our hearts. Because the one, imagine how sad and angry and disappointing when you know someone is claiming that they love you, and they are in your presence, and they are not interested in you, they are interested in something else, someone else. They don’t want to be there with you. Imagine going to the Ka’aba and we are not asking for the Lord of the Ka’aba, we are asking for something else.

InsyaAllah, may Allah accept our intention properly, if it’s good for us, for us to go. And for us to be able to make a Hajj that is pleasing to Him. And to accept the Hajj of those ones who are sincere and to make this world to be filled with adalat, with justice again. We are asking for the return of the Khilafat and the appearances of Hz Mahdi (as), Al Fatiha. Selam Aleykum.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifa of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah,
8 Zul Hijjah 1440

August 9, 2019
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