The Bitterness Shown by the Shaykh


QUESTION: You spoke earlier of the bitterness the Sheykh can send to the Mureed, is pain also part of that bitterness?


The mureed can’t take the bitterness from the Sheykh. But in so many ways now, the Sheykh is not sending bitterness to you. The Sheykh is taking bitterness out from you, to make you to see this is bitterness coming from you, this is no good for you, take it out. Bitterness that the Sheykh is sending, they don’t do that anymore. Mureeds cannot take it, believers cannot take it. Allah is the One who test his Prophet, only Allah is testing His Prophet. Prophet can only be tested by Allah, you understand? These days, you cannot take the test of our Sheykh. But the bitterness that the Sheykh is going to show, it is coming from you. It is not coming from him. If it’s coming from him, no one would be here. If it’s coming from him, no one is going to stay next to the Sheykh. Because they say, ‘what kind of a man is this? How he can be doing this?’ They start questioning. They’re already questioning things like that when we send sweet. And when we say, ‘don’t eat so much sweets, the sweet is no good for you. Don’t behave like this.’ They are showing their anger. Where is the anger coming from?

So the Sheykh is not the one sending the bitterness. You have that bitterness. The Sheykh is just showing you your face. Now it is up to you whether you want to get rid of that or not. Sheykh Effendi Hz is saying so many times that a mureed, if the Sheykh is putting you through the meat grinder and grinds you out, you come out and become a sujuk, you cannot complain. But these days, everyone is complaining about everything. It is showing that there is still no strength there. There is no yakin. There is no certainty. Like what we are saying before, just because someone is saying, ‘I love you,’ doesn’t mean that that is love. That one can be screaming, ‘I love you!’ doesn’t mean that it is love. That one can be saying that one thousand times a day, it doesn’t mean so. He wants it, that is his intention, but saying, feeling that strength and proving what it is, completely different. Completely different. Otherwise, how can the love like that just turn to become anger and the hate. Impossible. Impossible. What is that love? What is the Ashq?

Our love of the ego is something else, love of your desire is something else, but what is the Ashq? The Ashq, that moth, that love, the flame, the candle, he jumps into it and he completely disappears. He finishes. You understand? Who is willing to do that these days? Who cares? The moth is there not going inside the flame and then putting the flame out and only the moth is there, you understand? These days, they are meaning love is like that. ‘I must exist, not you!’ The Creator of love and the beloved of Allah, the creator of love, Allah SWT, he loves his Habib the most, what was his life like? How his Lord tested him, how he was being given pain from every side. He never curse. Do you ever hear any riwayat that he is cursing at his own uncles? Ahlul Bayt?

We are going to enter into the time of Karbala. That’s what the ahlul Bayt is. You ever hear ahlul Bayt, Hz Hussein and his whole caravan sitting up whole night cursing at Yezid? You ever hear or no? I mean, no matter how bad we are, insyaAllah may Allah not test us, but we are not as bad as Yezid right? I mean he killed the ahlul Bayt, right? We cannot be that bad, right? But you ever hear the ahlul Bayt cursing, sitting up a whole night, Hz Hussein and his family and seventy-three, cursing at Yezid, cursing and calling him, cursing, cursing…No. Because they understood the hikmet. They are the grandchildren of the Prophet (AS). They know their grandfather and they know their Lord. Not only that, did they ever curse the one who betray them? Did they curse or no? No. In fact Hz Hussein said, ‘now the night it is black. You may leave. I know so many of you you want to leave. You leave. I will not ask for my rights, dunya or ahiret.’ ‘No! We will never leave you.’ ‘It’s okay. Leave.’ These are our role models. Not the zalims who at every little discomforts then they get very angry and they start cursing. They are willing to burn this whole world. They burned years and years of love, years and years of Mohabbat, years and years of service, years and years of friendship for what? What are you gaining?

So this bitterness, is Sheykh Effendi sending it to us? No. It is the man that he hasn’t discover that bitterness. He hasn’t discovered himself. He doesn’t know his ego. He hasn’t discovered the evil of himself. If he understands the evil of himself, everyday he is going to sit and he is going to curse his evil. He is not going to curse anyone’s evil. He’s not even going to blame sheytan. He’s going to blame himself.

La ilaha ila anta Subhanaka inni kuntu minna zalimin. They should make that zikr more often. Inni kuntu minnaz zalimin. Not to say, this and this and this is it… I’m even shy to repeat. Do you understand? Then you can claim that you are following Tarikat or Seyyid, or this lineage or that lineage. We’ve said before, it is not the title that gives you the position. It is your hizmet, it is your lifestyle, it is how you carry, that gives you that. There are so many kings that they are wearing clothes, they are wearing the crown but they look like, let’s say, beggars. And there are so many beggars that you see they have nothing but they carry themselves like King. Who are you begging? If you are begging to your Lord, He will make you to be a Sultan. If you are begging at the door of your ego and this dunya, to go to the dunya and to say, ‘look, look, look, what happened. Look, what happened. I’m right, right? I’m right, right?’ Then that time, doesn’t matter how you look, what you wear, crown or a Turban, or this or that, you still look very small. Shouldn’t be.

So the man must be busy with his ego, not to be busy with other people’s ego. And if something bad were to happen to him, he’s going to say to his ego, ‘O my ego, you deserve this and even more,’ not to jump and to say, ‘I don’t deserve this!’ Why a man can turn like that? Not understanding. But you must be busy with yourself. You’re not changing, you are like this your whole life, how long you are going to hide it? One day it’s going to come out and this time, the whole world is going to be witness. Shouldn’t be. You are going to make a fool to the whole world. Shouldn’t be. You should lock yourself up, should go into seclusion. Put your head to the ground and beg Allah for forgiveness and say, ‘La ilaha illa antaSubhanaka, Inni kuntu minaz-zalimin – I deserve even worse ya Rabbi. and if your friend, if your beloved one, if the one that you have given authority over me is correcting me, I deserve even more and I should kiss his hand.’

So the bitterness, the Sheykh is not giving. He’s removing it from you. Oh, in the old days, the Sheykh give bitterness to the mureed. Mureed did nothing wrong and the Sheykh gives bitterness, that time they carry it on top of their head. Like Yunus Emre, like all these ones, like Aziz Mahmud Hudayi, they never do anything wrong, nothing wrong, never say anything wrong, and their Sheykh puts bitterness and bitterness on them, more and more and more and they’re carrying it and they say, ‘yes! I deserve this and more.’ They never question. They don’t rebel, definitely. Rebellion, it is forbidden in Islam. It’s forbidden. The Prophet (AS) is saying, ‘even if your emir, he takes the skin off your back, do not rebel.’ What it means to rebel? To deny him. These days, they don’t just deny. They declare. World is watching, the heavens they are watching. Pull yourself back. Put your head back to your shoulders. Have some shyness a little bit. Have some modesty, have some quiet, put away the anger. Pull back to yourself. We are all mureeds, you and me, we are all simple, trying to become simple mureeds. Understand? If the Sheykh gives you bitterness and you don’t deserve it, he means to raise your station up. You don’t deserve it, can anyone of us say we don’t deserve if our Sheykh gives us bitterness? Huh? We are Saints? Tauba estaghfirullah.

Which Prophet shaking his hand at Allah, ‘why are you doing this to me?’ which one? We can say that every Prophet he was oppressed by his nation, correct? Oppress. His nation was a zalim to them. They ever shake their hands at Allah and say, ‘how You can make this to happen? How can You allow this injustice to happen?’ Which Prophet? 124 000, name me one. 124 000 Sahabis, name me one. Which Saint?

So which role model you are following? If you have cut off your role model, if you have cut off your Sheykh, then that time whatever your ego is telling you to do you will do. Your ego becomes your role mode. Whatever that one is whispering to your ego, ego is going to follow. It shouldn’t be. It should not. It doesn’t fit to our honor. It doesn’t fit to our lineage, as children of Adam. Every Prophet is saying, there are a few prophets, and one of them, Yunus (AS), that he wasn’t cursing his nation, the one that Allah gave the zikr, the one that Allah, let us say, punished, estaghfirullah, by making the fish to swallow him. He wasn’t cursing his nation. He just ran away from his nation, he is saying, ‘this is too much. I cannot handle this,’ and Allah then made him, forty days and forty nights in the bottom of the ocean, in the belly of the whale, to say, ‘La ilaha illa antaSubhanaka, Inni kuntu minaz-zalimin – there is no ilah except for You. Glory all to You and I am one of the oppressors.’ That zikr is not for his nation, not for the nation of Yunus to say that, they are the one who oppressed their Prophet, but it’s not for them, it’s for their prophet. And that is one of the few duas of earlier Prophets as mention in the Quran e-Kerim. That is supposed to be our wirid. Hundred times, mureeds are supposed to say that every day, at least. So now, insya’Allah, in these Holy days, we are entering into the New Year now, Awwal Muharram. And the new year, Allah is saying, in the new Year, ten days passed in the new year, there’s going to be a new sacrifice of the most pure, of the most pure, teaching the whole world for 1400 years.

Who are the ones that for 1400 years, rebelling and saying, ‘this is injustice that is done, we should have revenge,’ and they are cursing. Who is doing that? Ahle Sunnat? No. The extreme Shias they are doing it, that they are coming and they are cursing. They come and they curse. They curse, curse, curse, curse curse. They curse at Hz Umar, they curse at Hz Abu Bakr, 1400 years they are doing it. Don’t you know it’s not working? You can try some more, it’s not working. If anything you pull the curse to yourself. This is for us to learn, to understand.

So the sign that someone is following Tarikat, following their Sheykh properly, first you see he’s not going to put any curse on no one.  They are going to curse him and he’s going to smile.  That is a sunnat of our Sheykh, for those who are saying they are following our Sheykh. That is a sunnat of the Ahli Bayt. They would rather sacrifice themselves, and they never taught, the Ahli Bayt after that and their children and their grandchildren, ever to curse. Those who are cursing and claiming they are coming from the grandchildren, you’ve already deviated. It’s not the behavior. Don’t try to twist my words now to say that I am denying that they are. You are, I’m not denying that you are, but you’ve deviated. The Shias they sit and they curse and they curse and they curse. Ohh, everything, never finishing. Hundreds, can you imagine, 1400 years they are  cursing? Allah Allah. And then they get drunk with this cursing, they have whole festivals where they just curse. ‘Laknat, laknat, laknat,’ always they are saying. Tauba estarghfirullah. Breh, your religion is not based on cursing. Your religion is not based on hating. It cannot be. When is man going to wake up? Hmm. That’s why Sheykh Effendi says the one who is physically drinking it is easier for him to get up. Because physically he is drunk, next morning he gets up and he always regrets. Muslim, Jewish, Christian, believer, unbeliever, they drink, they get drunk, they wake up, they always regret. But the man who is drunk from his ego, he may not wake up until a big smack comes to him. Do you understand? He is drunk, he is not going to get up. Forty Prophets come, he is never going to get up, he is never going to wake up.

Sheykh Abdul Kerim Effendi

Sheykh Effendi is saying, sometimes one smack it is better than a thousand words of advice. I am not saying, Sheykh Effendi is saying. I fear from Sheykh Effendi’s smack. I live in fear of Sheykh Effendi. We are all living in fear of him, still. Fear is important. Fear will stop you from doing so many stupid things, because you say ‘would Sheykh Effendi like this or no? Is this what he is going to say for me to do or not? If he is here, would he allow this to happen, like this to happen?’ If to our enemies we are not cursing, what about to those ones who are our friends? Allah Allah. Hz Ali (kw) says ‘somebody teaches you one word, one thing, you are his, what? His slave for forty years.’ That it is forbidden now for Ahli Bayt, Ahli Ali forbidden now for them to do anything with anger. Anything. Because Hz Ali forbid it to himself. He was pulling out his sword and he was going to strike that kafir, and the kafir spit at him, and he pulled back and he walked away. And the kafir is saying ‘finish your job! Why are you not finishing your job? I’m defeated.’ And he is saying ‘no. If I strike you, I would have struck you with anger because you spit at me. Before, I was going to strike you for the sake of Allah.’ Ahli Bayt, you have to be very careful, because you have fear from Allah. As much love you have, that much fear you must have. If you only have love and you don’t have no fear from that one, put a big question mark to all of you, to all of me, everyone here that you say ‘I love you I love you!’ You don’t fear that one, it’s finished. Breh, he is not your son, your Sheykh is not your son, your nephew, your daughter, younger one than you. He is not. Do you understand?

You love and you don’t have that fear, wrong. One day your ego may trick you. I am shame and shy to say that I love Sheykh Effendi. Let me be open with that. To make a declaration that ‘oh, I love him,’ do you know what kind of heaviness that comes under? Don’t talk. No need to say. No need to put on social media too. Your life is going to show that. And that love is based on your fear, that love is based on your sacrifice.  That love is based on the heaviness that you are carrying. Let the whole ummat to spit at you, and you are still putting your head down. And you say ‘I fear from Allah.’ Our role model is Habil, not Qabil, that although he is big and strong and his brother is going to kill him, and he can defend himself and he can kill his brother, but he says ‘I fear from Allah.’ Do you understand? Insya’Allah, we understand.

May Allah forgive me. I don’t know anything, all I know is I fear my Sheykh. And the words that you speak is going to show, the actions that you do, whether you fear and you love, or you don’t fear and you don’t love. Do you understand? May everything that we do that is right, may our Sheykh get the blessings Insya’Allah. May everything that we do that is wrong, we are asking for our Sheykh’s intercession. And we are asking that Allah send us protection through the one whose feet is on our necks, to save us from ourselves, and to save us from the evil of other ones also, and to keep us protected and hidden, and to be busy with ourselves in this Ahir Zaman. Wa min Allahu Taufiq, bi Hurmatil habib, bi Hurmatil Fatiha. Amin.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifa of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah,
15 Zul Hijjah 1440
August 15, 2019
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