Why do we need Khilafat and Tarikat if we are Muslims?


Question: Why do we need Khilafat and Tarikat if we are Muslims?


Are we Muslims? By name we may be, but Islam is not a personal religion, this is the thing. If it is a personal religion, Holy Prophet (AS) would not turn the whole society, not only the Arab society but the Byzantine society and the Persian society, the superpowers at that time, he would not touch them, he would not turn them upside down. He would not, he would just make it a personal religion, just pray five times a day, be good people, eat, drink, and it will be okay. He did not, no? He turned the whole Arab society upside down, he turned the whole Byzantine upside down, these are superpowers, understand? It’s like saying that Sheykh Effendi, we are turning the whole, lets say, America upside down, or the whole Russia upside down, the whole China upside down, that’s what the Prophet was doing at that time. A group of people that had nothing. But they had Allah, and they had the Holy Prophet (AS).

So what is the understanding of Islam now, that’s the thing. Everyone has a different understanding. These are the days where anyone who claims that they are a Muslim, are claiming that they have direct connection to Allah. Claiming that they have direct connection to the Kitab, Kitabullah. Not even the Tabi’ins they say, ‘we have a direct connection to Allah,’ not even the Sahabis they say, ‘we have a direct connection to Allah,’ they have a connection to the Holy Prophet (AS). So now we have two billion Muslims, two billion heads, why is China taking over the whole world? China is how many billions? About the same, no? Two billion. Because they have one head, one. And they follow and they trust. For fourteen hundred years more or less, the Muslims they only had one head too. They had kings, they had some sultans, but they have one head, the Padishah, the Emperor, the Khalifah. One head.

But these are the days everyone is claiming, just because they know Islam, they claim, ‘I have the real Islam,’ or, ‘I can interpret Islam any way that I want.’ If you know a couple of ayats in Arabic, oh, forget about it, you are your own Mazhab. If you know how to speak Arabic, you’re going to say, ‘I am a Prophet now. Why I have to follow this imam or that imam? Why I have to follow this Sheykh or that Sheykh? I read the Quran right? Quran is saying read, so I’m reading. So this is what I understand.’ Which is why the Holy Prophet (AS) he said, ‘Islam will be split into seventy-three different groups,’ before that he said, ‘Judaism is going to be split into seventy-one different groups,’ he says, ‘only one of them is on the right way, one group of Jews. The rest they are going to the hellfire.’ Then he says, ‘Christianity is going to be split into seventy-two different groups, one of them is on the way of Haqq, the rest they’re going to end up in the hellfire,’ and he says, ‘Islam, the Muslims are going to be divided into seventy-three different groups. Only one group it is going to be saved, the rest it is bound into hellfire,’ Sheykh Effendi’s own words. Prophet (AS) is saying this, he didn’t say, ‘split into seventy-three different groups, don’t judge, don’t bully, don’t force, every group is the same as long as they say ‘Ashadu ana illaha illallah, wa ashadu ana Muhammadun Abduhu wa Rasulluhu,’ everyone is the same. He did not say that. This is Rahmatalil Alamin. Can anyone claim to have more Rahmat than this one? He says, ‘only one, the rest is going to hellfire.’ He didn’t leave it open, vague, so that people are going to guess.

They asked him, the Companions, ‘which group is that, ya Rasulullah?’ He says, ‘those who follow my sunnat,’ and he didn’t stop there, he says, ‘my sunnat, and the sunnat of my companions, of my Sahabis.’ Why is this important? Because everyone is claiming to follow the sunnat of the Prophet, correct? From Wahhabis to Shi’is to Yazidis to Ibbadis, Sufis, to every group, everyone is claiming, ‘we’re following the sunnat.’ But the Prophet (AS) did not stop there, he says, ‘those who follow my sunnat and the sunnat of my Sahabis.’ So now there is a protocol, there is a chain. You have to follow the Sahabis, you have to follow the Tabi’ins, you have to follow the Tabi’ Tabi’ins, you have to follow all those ones, where are you? You are here, you have to follow those ones who follow those ones who follow the Tabi’ins to those who follow the Companions, if you don’t, then you’re bound into hellfire no matter how much you say that you’re belonging to Islam. This is what’s happening in this world, two billion Muslims, never before we have so much power, so much wealth, so much education, so much everything, useless. We cannot even protect our women and our children, they’re being slaughtered every single day. Useless. Why? Because our leaders, ah, because our leaders are saying, ‘we don’t want Khilafat.’

Hundred years ago our leaders are saying and fooling from the top people, ‘we don’t want Khilafat, we don’t want to follow a Turkish person.’ Because the West brought nationalism into the Ummah. For fourteen hundred years the Muslims were not looking at each other as separate, this is just a skin color, our Shahadat keeps us together. There is no Visa to go from the Balkans to enter into North Africa to go to Indonesia, no, because all the Muslims we were brothers, we are not separated. But when the disease of nationalism entered, now everyone started to wake up and say, ‘no, no, I am not Muslim first, I’m not spirit first, I’m not the souls of the Qalu Bala first, first I am Egyptian, first I am Arab, first I am Bosnian, first I am Albanian, first I am Indian,’ now you are putting the dunya, dunya definition. This is not real, this is passing, this is not the color of Allah, this is not the color of our spirit, but they get caught up in that and they say, ‘we don’t want to be under the Ottomans.’ So then began a very harsh campaign for over a hundred years of just brainwashing the people, anything connected to the Khilafat, anything connected to the Mulks, anything connected to the kings and the Sultans, very, very, very, very bad, no discussion, nothing. Evil. Anything connected to democracy, oh, very, very good. MashaAllah. Look at our Muslim leaders today, they are holding democracy or they are holding tyranny? They are holding clean accountability to Allah, or they are not accountable at all?

So Islam divided into seventy-three different groups. This is why we are calling ourselves Ahli Sunnah wa Jamaat. Because the other hadiths the Holy Prophet (AS) is saying, ‘those who follow the majority they will never fall into error, they will never fall into a big mistake. Follow the majority.’ It is so important, Khilafat, that the Prophet (AS) is saying, ‘if three days, three days, there is no Khalifa, there is no Islam.’ No Islam. Three days. Because now Islam is not just going up and down, that’s what they’re teaching us, Islam is just saying shahadat, praying five times a day, da, da, da, what else? And the rukun of the Iman, Ihsan, this, this, this, this is Islam. This is Islam? This is all Islam? That’s it? What about our Fard ul-Ain, what about our Fard ul-Kifayah? What about social justice? This is why the Prophet (AS) specifically came, to bring social justice to the people, to protect the women, the children, the yatims, to bring down the zulm, to make everyone to understand where your presence is, in Allah, not to each other. So only one is saved, he’s saying, the rest are bound into the hellfire.

Which is why, do you know in our history, the khutba is saying, ‘study your history, you must know your history,’ are they teaching Muslims history? No, they’re not. They’re making us to learn other people’s history. Which people? Oh, the people who came and stole our lands and stole everything from us and destroyed everything and brought bloodshed, oh their history, yeah, we’re learning their history very good. MashaAllah. So big blessings came to the Muslims, huh, since the Khilafat fell. Allah is saying, ‘you are not going to be under My shadow, you are not going to be ruled under My laws, then you’re going to be ruled by tyrants, you’re going to be ruled by the unbelievers.’ Right after the Holy Prophet (AS) he was veiled, the majority of the Bedouin tribes in the Hijaz turned against him. They had beyat, they made a promise, they betrayed him. They declared that they are independent, they declare, ‘we no longer follow you, we no longer follow, our agreement was with Muhammad (AS),’ they say, ‘not with Abu Bakr.’ Some of them, that was the only difference. Some of them they are saying, ‘we don’t need Khilafat. Prophethood is dead. If Prophethood is dead, why are we saying ‘Muhammadur Rasullullah’? Because he’s dead,’ finished. Everything else they did, listen carefully now, Hz Abu Bakr Siddiq went to war with them, and before he went to war he spoke to his troops, the Sahhabis and the Tabi’ins and he said, ‘today we’re going to go to war with our own brothers. We are saying Shahadat, they are saying Shahadat. They are praying five times a day, we are praying five times a day. They are fasting, we are fasting. They are giving zakat, we are giving zakat,’ of course by that time, once you cut from the Khilafat you don’t pay zakat, that is one of the biggest things. They don’t pay zakat. And he says, ‘when they go to war, they are going to say, ‘ya Allah’.’ He says, ‘but when we go to war, we are going to say, ‘ya Muhammad (AS)’.

These are very heavy words, coming from Hz Abu Bakr Siddiq. He went to war and he decimated tens of thousands of people. That from the outside it looks as if they are all Muslims, why he didn’t think to have a conference? Like so many Muslim conferences these days, to just shake hands and say, ‘don’t fight, it’s okay, all of us we are brothers.’ They signed that, the Aman Treaty, no, they signed it, to say that, ‘no, no, no, no, we cannot pronounce takfir on anybody,’ because you swing to the whole extreme of the Wahhabism that says, ‘everyone is kafir, Ahli Sunnat is kafir, Tasawwuf, Sufi people, oh, forget about it, they are worse than kafir,’ so when that was engineered by our enemies and they put the Wahhabis to be in power for decades and they brought Islam to such an extreme now that they were slaughtering people in the Rauza-e-Sherif, they were slaughtering people in front of the Ka’aba, they’re saying, ‘these are animals, they have no Islam. Qatl-ul wajib,’ they are sayingTheir children, wajib for their children to be our slaves, their women to be our jariya, their men to be killed, their properties to be taken. Fatwas, fatwas were written about this, who were supporting them? The British. Who? The hero of the Arabs, Lawrence of Arabia. Sharif Hussein was fooled. This is our history, we must know, because it still has repercussions up till today.

sheykh lokman_ego

So Wahhabism took over the Haramain? No Khalifa. Three days there is no Khalifa there is no Islam. During the time of Hz Umar, when he passed he says, ‘I’m going to give you the candidates,’ those who are nominees to become the Khalifa, and he pulled out his own son although his son is at that level of becoming a Khalifa, so that no one can accuse him of putting of favoritism. And he says, ‘put them inside a room, lock them up, if they didn’t come up with a conclusion, with a decision within three days, who is going to be Khalifa,’ he says, ‘burn them all alive.’ This is Shariat, you understand, Hz Umar is representing Shariat. ‘Burn them all,’ he says. Why is that? Because it is so important to find a leader, without a leader now there’s going to be complete destruction and fitna in the Ummah, so they have to choose one. So they say, ‘no Khalifa.’ When? 1980s, 1923. They said, ‘no, no more Khalifa,’ everyone declaring themselves heads. And they’re saying now, ‘this whole Hijaz that has been Hijaz and the land of the Prophet (AS),’ they say, ‘now it belongs to the Saudi family.’ Up till today we call it Saudi Arabia, correct? This is bida’at. This is kufr. So it swings, the world swung to that. Very extreme, and these Wahhabis making takfir, so now, it’s very smart, so now they say, ‘we have to swing over to the other side.’ Everything is lenient, everything is liberal, no takfir, everyone is accepted. And now all the leading scholars from the West to the East, signing a paper to say, ‘we recognize everyone to be on the right way.’ Forget about the seventy-three, there are thousands now of groups of Muslims, everyone is accepted.

Who are accepted? Those ones cursing at the Holy Prophet (AS)? Yes, there are Muslim groups who are doing that, it is accepted. Those who are cursing at Hz Abu Bakr Siddiq? Eh, it’s accepted, it’s okay also. Those ones that they are worshipping to sheytan, extreme groups exist, we are accepting them. Those ones who deny the Prophet, saying that, ‘we only believe in the Quran,’ there are so many coming from the Ahli Sunnat, it’s accepted, it’s okay, they say. Those ones who say, ‘we don’t believe in any of the hadiths,’ it’s accepted, any group, they say, ‘we have to accept, because we have to unite.’ Those ones, what would Hz Abu Bakr Siddiq do in a situation like this? You understand? Now are we going around telling everyone, ‘you are kafir, you are this, you are that,’? No we are not. Are we going around saying to everyone, ‘we are the only right ones,’? No we are not. Are we saying that people who come here from different Mazhabs or different understandings or different Aqidah even, or different religions, we’re going to say, ‘get out, you cannot be here,’? No we are not. Because there are things there that we can share. You want to sit down and you want to discover your Lord, come and sit with us, it’s okay, it’s not a problem. But now when Islam has just become praying five times a day and personal ritual, then what happened to the whole systems that the Prophet (AS) overturned? It came back up now.

The Arabs used to bury their children alive, correct? Which country in the world now they are not burying their children before they even come out from the belly of the mothers? Especially in, breh, don’t look a little bit here and there, planned parenthood here and there, we’re talking about whole continents, whole countries, that they say, ‘we prefer boys.’ Girl comes out, they snap the neck. Because they can’t afford sonogram, otherwise they would have killed it in the belly. Policies that say, ‘only two, only one,’ one child policy, you know which country I’m talking about, there is two, they kill it. They hunt it down. What does it remind you of now? It reminds you of, like we’re living in the time of Musa (AS) where they are hunting down and killing all these children.

Now we’re starting to see how this is Ahir Zaman. Because you look at all the Prophets and all the wrong things the Ummat did to their Prophet, to Allah, all the transgressions, all the big crimes that the Ummat did to their Prophet, Hz Lut (AS), what his kaum was doing, Hz Nuh (AS) what his kaum was doing. Hz Salleh, that his kaum, his Ummat, what did they do? They just have very shady business practices, correct? The weights, they tinker with the weights, they change the weights to trick everyone. Every transgression, every wrong crime that every Ummat did, we are doing it now, this Ummat, right now. Since when? Since the Khilafat fell.

Muslim countries? Muslim, really? Muslim countries? Morocco is the only country in the world that you can terminate a pregnancy at any stage, no questions asked, it’s legal. In the land of the Saints. This is what Islam is teaching? Hah! so the brainwashing is done, it’s finished. But for those that they want to sit up and listen a little bit more, they may. Why do we need Khilafat? If you want this world to continue like this until it destroys itself, then don’t ask for Khilafat. Why am I asking for Khilafat? If Allah and His Prophet are saying, ‘after this, no more Khilafat,’ I wouldn’t ask for it. No one is going to ask for it. But the Prophet (AS) is guaranteeing and he speaks the truth, he says, ‘after me, there will come the rightly guided leaders, the Rashidin. After that will come the Maliks, after the Maliks come the Sultans are going to come.’ The Sultans, different from the Maliks. ‘After the Sultans, the world is going to enter into an age or tyranny, Jababirah, biting tyranny. After that,’ he’s saying, ‘then my rule, the Khilafat is going to come again with a Khilafat that is like the Khilafat of the Prophets.’

We’re in the age of biting tyranny right now, it’s gone on almost for one hundred years. And the signs of dajjal they are everywhere, but with that is a sign of Mahdi (AS), that he is going to come. This is what we are sitting and besides everything else that we are looking at and trying to understand, we are looking at the words of the Holy Prophet (AS), that reality, and what the Evliya Allah they are teaching us and we’re trying to live our lives clean according to that. You pray five times a day, you don’t do bad to no one, you die, on the Judgment Day you are going to be questioned, ‘you lived in these times, what did you do?’ There was a man living in this town, this town was doing everything wrong, this man was a pious, religious man. He never did anything wrong. And Allah sent an angel, saying, ‘send a laknat, send a curse to this whole town.’ And the angel is saying, ‘it is known to You, ya Rabbi, there is one Abid there, one servant there that is always worshiping You. He never does anything wrong.’ And Allah is saying, ‘send that one ten times more punishment than the rest of the town, because he never stood up to speak the truth, to warn them.’ And the Prophet (AS) is giving us three things, he’s saying, ‘you see something wrong, you have to change it. You cannot change it with your hands, change it with your tongue. You cannot change it with your tongue, change at least in your heart,’ we’ve come to the station now we cannot change with our hands, we cannot even speak, especially in Muslim countries, you speak like this, they come and they arrest me, arrest all of you. What Muslim countries? Understand? They don’t even allow zikr in the Masjids, because they know with the zikr the power is going to come, awakening is going to come, you talk about enlightenment, it’s going to come. Enlightenment is to bring light where there is darkness, first you have to understand that darkness. If you don’t understand that darkness, light will never come to you, that light that you think it is coming from the angels, coming from Allah, it’s coming from sheytan, the light of Jahannam. First you have to understand what is that darkness that you’re trying to dispel, inside of you and outside.

So now, the zikr of Allah it is forbidden in the Masjids of Allah and there is an ayat where Allah is saying, ‘who is more tyrant than that one who forbids the zikr of Allah in His own Masjids.’ Where, which Masjid is allowing? Even if they allow they shouldn’t just allow, it should be that, you should be making the zikr every day. But it’s forbidden, no? Yeah. So Muslim countries, ‘the fish rots from the head,’ old Ottoman saying. If the head is rotten, the whole body is going to be rotten. That’s what they did, they just removed the good heads and they put the bad heads there. Even if the people are good, in time they will become bad. And now you can only make this in a country, this is not a Muslim country but we may speak, we may worship, we may live our lives properly. There’s a blessing here.

So now we cannot change with our hands, we cannot speak, in our hearts we must know what is Haqq and Batil, not to be tricked. InsyaAllah. But people are stubborn, especially the Arabs, oh, so stubborn. That’s why it takes the greatest Prophet to change them. And even then, every nationality there are issues, of course, there are good things and there are things that needs improvement, that’s why Allah is saying, ‘We created you and we put you into different groups, different nationalities so that you can find each other and learn from each other, this is what Islam is. Right after the Prophet (AS) passed, Islam, the ruling of Islam, from Hz Abu Bakr Siddiq, Hz Umar and Hz Ali, after Hz Ali it was supposed to be passed to the Ahlil Bayt. It was held by Hz Hasan for six months. To avoid bloodshed and civil war, exactly what Hz Osman did, to avoid bloodshed, he gave it up. He didn’t fight, meaning he didn’t fight. Because they came to Hz Osman too and they said, ‘we can fight,’ he says, ‘no, I don’t want to.’ And who was it who came to murder Hz Osman? People who were good, but they were tricked by different agents, one of them was the son of Hz Abu Bakr Siddiq, but that son that did not accept Islam in the beginning, that later when he accepted Islam and he said to his father, ‘oh my father, to know that in the Badr war if I had met you I would not have pulled my sword and killed you, never I’m going to do that.’ And Hz Abu Bakr is saying, ‘oh my son, if I had met you in Badr I would definitely pull my sword and cut your head to pieces. For the sake of Islam, for the sake of the Prophet (AS).’ This is not hate. One of them was him, and he came into the house and he pulled the beard of Hz Osman and he was going to kill him and Hz Osman just looked at him and said, ‘oh my son, if only your father can see you right now.’ He woke up and he backed off. The rest they came and they finished him, his blood is on that Mus’haf.

What is making a man like him, what is making a man like Yazid who grew up with Hz Hussein, Hz Hasan, they were friends, meaning that they saw, they lived, they ate and they prayed behind the Holy Prophet (AS), what makes a man like that to turn and to become destructive, to become evil? This is what Tarikat is concentrating on, to find the evil that is living inside of us and to understand that.

Yeah, so, Khilafat you don’t want it, look what is happening to this world. And the Prophet (AS) is promising it’s going to return. Maybe in our lifetime, maybe not, it doesn’t matter, at least if we have that intention, our name is on the list. Because in reality if you don’t give beyat to the Khalifa, your Islam is not accepted. It is something that is never taught but it is there for fourteen hundred years, they don’t want to teach anyone right now because it’s going to wake the Ummat up a little bit. Don’t you see, just a couple of TV shows, couple of TV shows, the whole Ummat now is waking up to the house of Osman. Hz Osman did that, he gave up. Hz Hasan he did that too, he gave up. He didn’t fight. Then when you have the Ummawis that were ruling and after that the Abbasis that were ruling, their policies were completely different from what the house of Osman was doing. They didn’t last. There is no colonialism in Islam. Arabs are different, Iraqis are different, Persians are different. If you try to make everyone to be the same, that is against to the rule of Allah. And the Ottomans they were ruling for hundreds of years, they could have easily made Turkish to become the official language. The British ruled India for a hundred and fifty years, everyone speaks English. The French ruled Lebanon for how long? Fifty, eighty years? Everyone speaks French. But in Islam it is not. Because like they say, the language it is the spirit of the culture, you change that, you change everything now.

sheykh Lokman _tarikat

But what is this for us now? Where do we stand now? Understanding all of this and understanding that the Khilafat is there as a protection for us. We cannot do anything, we can change our heart. We can say, now you’re starting to see things the way that the Prophet is seeing, the way that they Evliya Allah they are seeing. You are not seeing things the way that our Muslim leaders are seeing or the way that the media is seeing or the way that the West is seeing or the way that political ideologists they are seeing. Which sight do you want to have? Which understanding do you want, there are so many different kinds of understanding, which understanding do you want? Do you want the understanding of the Prophets and the Saints or do you want the understanding of their enemies? It is up to you.

May Allah forgive me and bless you, InsyaAllah. May Allah send more protection to us, may Allah wake us up, give us more Iman InsyaAllah, and to hold on tightly to the teachings of the Holy Prophet (AS) and the Evliya Allah, may their feet of our Sheykh always be on our necks. Al Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifa of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah,
15 Zul Hijjah 1440

August 16, 2019
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