What is the wisdom behind the dua of Hz Ayyub?


Question: When Hz Ayyub was making his dua to Allah SWT, he’s saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, verily distress has touched me, and You are the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy.’ In that dua, the way that he’s putting it, he’s not saying what the distress is, he’s not saying where the distress is coming from and he’s not even asking Allah SWT for relief, he’s not saying You are the most merciful, please help me. He’s just saying what’s happening to him and then he’s giving Allah SWT attribute. So I’m asking you the wisdom in this.


Distress is something that is troubling you and it’s making you to become weaker, more cut up, more hurt. It’s not only a trouble but the trouble is showing its harshness on you and you are becoming more, just like if you say, this clothes they are distress, this house is distress.

The wisdom, that wisdom is endless. The wisdom of the Prophet it is endless. The wisdom of the Prophet it is endless. The wisdom of Hz Ayyub (AS), do you think Hz Ayyub didn’t know it was coming from Allah? He’s a Prophet. At that time, the kalimah Syahadat is ‘La ilaha ilallah, Ayub Rasulullah.’ Understand that? Do you think he doesn’t know that it’s coming from his Dost? But is it coming from his Lord directly? No. It’s coming from who? Sheytan. Sheytan came, made all his wealth to go down, sending all illness and sickness to his family and his sons and his children that they die. Sheytan is coming and he can see that. Would he not know sheytan? Of course he knows. But understand the Prophet now, seeing that is sheytan and understanding Allah is allowing it to happen. Allah is allowing it to happen. Do you think he doesn’t know why Allah is allowing it to happen? He is a prophet, he must know why. Because Ayyub (AS), he’s known for his what? Patience. You think he earns that patience after his test? Or he’s always been known to be patient. In fact, what was sheytan saying to Allah? “He’s only patience because You give him such easy life. You give him difficult life, you are going to see him very impatient and very angry and very ungrateful and very tricky, and calling everything angrily.’

When are we going to step back to say this is all coming from Allah? In Tarikat we are saying, anything happens to us, it’s coming from our Sheykh. Correct or no? But people pick and choose now, they say, ‘oh, this is right but this is not.’ That’s when you enter into a slippery slope. ‘He’s correct in that but he’s not correct in that.’ Ayyub (AS), knowing that sheytan is coming, killing him, causing him so much distress. Do you ever hear anywhere that Ayyub (AS) fighting sheytan, saying to Allah, the level of that Prophet, it is not for us, level of that Prophet, to say, ‘why are You allowing this to happen to me? What did I ever do to You?’ Angry at Allah or Angry at sheytan. He’s not showing it. The level of a believer. Allah is putting out twenty-four, twenty -five Prophets only, in the Quran e-Kerim, by name, to show the characterisitc of His habib, because his Habib has all those characteristics. And those ones who are following him, especially in the ahir zaman, you have to have those characteristics. Whatever that is coming to you, you have to carry that and you must know that your Allah is watching. You cannot get up and blame people. Especially in the way of Tasawwuf. You cannot blame anyone but yourself.

“La ilaha illa anta, Subhanaka, inni kuntu minaz zhalimin.” That is another dua of another Prophet, Hz Yunus. Was he being a tyrant to himself? His nation was being a tyrant to him. He was bringing the words of Allah and his nation was being a tyrant to him, beating him up, cursing him, doing everything, until it became so heavy that he just wants to walk away a little bit. And because of that, Allah is punishing him. He didn’t curse back at his nation. He didn’t curse at Allah. There’s a long story there where he was and he knew. He wasn’t thrown into the ocean. They didn’t want to throw him into the ocean. But he knew. He has too. And the zikir that he had to do for forty days and night in the belly of that whale, “La ilaha illa anta, Subhanaka, inni kuntu minaz zhalimin – verily, inni it means verily, surely, definitely, I’m the person who oppresses,’ himself. There’s another secret there that he’s talking about his work that he has to do. If you are not doing your work, the only person that you are oppressing is yourself, not anyone else. Because Allah can remove. You don’t want to do the work, Allah will send a thousand people to do that work for you. Yes, you cannot think you are the only one, I’m not the only one.

So that Prophet, Ayyub (AS), his prayer, look how beautiful his prayer is. And when did he recite that prayer? When did he recite that prayer? He recite that prayer when he picked up the worm that fell to the ground and he put it back on him. Then he felt the pain he has never felt before. Because Ayyub (AS), not only his children were taken away, they were killed, affliction, all these kind of things, his wealth, everything, he started to have this disease, he had these boils on his body and it started to break and it smell and there is a worm inside that eats his flesh, that his wife cannot take care of him anymore, she had to bring him to a cave somewhere, coming once in a day only to go to attend to him and to go back and he has to sit. Understand the trials of the Prophet. Did he do anything wrong? No. Did he complain to his Lord to say, ‘Why are You doing this?’ He knew, he understood, understanding, he understood. He’s not saying, ‘why are You doing this to me? You are betraying me.’ He’s not saying that. Allah is not allowing him to feel any pain. But one day, those worms, one of them came out and it fell to the ground and he picked it up and he put it back again. Then he felt pain and the Divine voice, he heard it saying, ‘ Ya Ayyub, whatever I gave to you, I will give you ease. Whatever difficulty I give to a believer, I will give you ease. But if you put that difficulty on yourself, it is not coming from Me now. You are the one who is putting it on yourself.’ Because it fell to the ground, he picked it up and he put it on himself. And then he started. And that worm too, it came and it started eating his heart. Don’t think that the worm came and then he felt the pain and then he started to…No. The worm started travelling and eating his heart. And the pain when it eats his heart, and he understood that now, his time will be up, he cannot make zikr anymore. He cannot remember his Lord anymore. And that is the reason why he’s crying. Then Allah is saying that, ‘because you put it to yourself.’ That’s when he’s saying, ‘distress has touched me. You are the most Merciful of the most Merciful.’ In fact, now understand, with the connection to Hz Yunus (AS), he’s asking for Allah’s mercy.

“La ilaha illa anta, Subhanaka, inni kuntu minaz zhalimin” he’s asking for Allah’s mercy. And Hz Ayyub is also asking for Allah’s mercy. And Allah is showing us now, whatever Allah is giving us, He can give us that ease. But, if you do it yourself, the ease is not going to come so easy. And he realised that. Which is why he says, ‘You are still the most Merciful of the most Merciful.’ And then what happened? He passed. Allah took away everything now and he came back to life, he came back to full life, he came back to full health, he came back, his wife came back to him, he had others, his wealth came back to him, his children came back to him. But don’t think that Prophet needed all of that to show that Allah is good to me. He didn’t need that. But Allah is showing to us now.

So, something that is touching us, difficulties that is touching us, doesn’t matter which hand it is coming from. How many times we hear, ‘it doesn’t matter what comes to me whether you give me a rose or the thorn of a rose, it is coming from you,’ We hear that, years you know? Now we understand some things. The ego says, ‘we only want rose from you. Don’t you dare give us a thorn. You give us a rose, you are being just. You give us a thorn, you are being unjust!’ Hasha estaghfirullah, can we say that about our Sheykh? Can we say that about our Prophet and Allah? Because ultimately Allah is giving it. Those who are calling themselves ahle Bayt, those who are calling themselves following in that tradition, the ahle bayt, not Syiah kind of ahle bayt, real ahle bayt, they never curse at their enemies. Never. No Prophet curse at the enemies like that. It’s not a characteristic. Ahle bayt, you want to curse? That is showing now…now ohh, they are cursing left and right. What is that? Something happened to you, pull back. Go back into your cave. Maybe you should go into the stomach of a fish. Pull yourself back and say, ‘estaghfirullah, these things are happening.’

Yes, we are coming to the New Year. How many more days it is? Like a week? About ten days, a week, New Year coming. So many events of Ashura, showing again the mercy of Allah, but showing now how in this ahir zaman with the last Prophet (AS), because it is so evil in these days, in the ahir zaman, in the nation, because the Prophet (AS) also know how evil his nation is now. Did he know, or he didn’t know? Wasn’t it shown to him when he was in the cave how his nation was so huge, bigger than any other Prophet and more beautiful and he was smiling and he was happy, and how he saw his nation turning and he was crying. And Allah says, ‘now your responsibility is to return them as clean and pure as I have put them into this world.’ And that was when he asked for the assistance and Allah SWT send the Naksibendi Sheykh from that time till ahir zaman, to turn people, to clean them up. So he knew.

Mercy of Allah showing, yes, and sometime, for Allah to show that mercy too, certain sacrifice has to be made. The Prophet they always sacrifice themselves, and the children of the Prophet that are following properly, they have to sacrifice themselves, to stand up against to the batil, to say, now, the batil may come to crush you, it is better to be like the people of Hussein Hz than those other ones who change. May Allah give us strength to be able to carry that. We are very weak, dirty ones, may Allah give us the power and the strength to do that, not to fall into the batil but to stand up with the Haqq, with our lives insyaAllah. Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum warahamatullahi wabarakatu.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifa of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah,
21 Zul Hijjah 1440

August 22, 2019
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