How do we understand the faith of Hz Ibraheem (AS)?


Question: How do we understand the faith of Hz Ibraheem (AS) in Allah (SWT) when he was about to be thrown into the fire?


Number one, don’t mix everything up together. This is not an academic exercise, this is not theory, ‘oh, that doesn’t fit into this equation,’ stop doing that. You’re going to ask questions, things that are going to make you to become a better believer or not, you understand? Things that you’re just going to think, ‘oh, it doesn’t fit into this,’ leave that.

This I’ve already said, you think Hz Ibrahim (AS) he doesn’t know the angels come from Allah? You think he doesn’t? Of course he does. But Ibrahim (AS), he is Khalilullah, the only one, at that time the Shahadat is ‘La illaha illallah, Ibrahim Khalilullah’. You think the lover and the beloved they don’t know each other? They know or they don’t know? They do.

You think Hz Ibrahim (AS) he doesn’t know that those angels that are coming from Allah is not a test for him? Because you think Allah doesn’t know that Hz Ibrahim is in trouble? Does He know? Of course, Allah knows everything. And did Hz Ibrahim (AS) ask Allah for anything? No, he didn’t, he didn’t ask Allah. If he didn’t ask Allah for anything and Allah (SWT) knows that, then did Allah (SWT) send the angels to say, ‘help Ibrahim,’? Did He say that? Ah, this is what you don’t know. He didn’t. The angels themselves asked Allah, the angels themselves saying, ‘ya Rabbi, please save him,’ because the angels, sometimes the angels they don’t understand what is happening between Allah and His Prophet, they don’t understand. Angels sometimes they don’t understand what is happening between Allah and Hz Adam. They don’t understand. Allah is saying, ‘I’m going to create a Khalifa,’ and the knowledge according to them, a Khalifa that Allah is going to create to bring is only going to bring disaster. And they are not wrong, and Allah did not say that they are wrong when they said that, Allah says, ‘I know something that you don’t,’ correct or no? So the angels knowledge is also limited, but we’re not saying they are wrong.

So sometimes the angels they don’t understand, and who is giving the angels the inspiration to ask anyway? The angels themselves? Angels they don’t have any desire, they don’t have any desire. They only do as Allah is saying for them to do. So Allah is putting that inspiration in the hearts of the angels to say that. All of this exchange is going on for who? For us. For those that are following now in the millet of Ibrahim (AS) to understand what is sacrifice that Hz Ibrahim he burned himself. Later, he burned himself again, that he had to sacrifice his son. Later, he had to leave his son in the wilderness, again, a sacrifice. He didn’t say, ‘why, one is not enough?’ No, he submitted because, Ibrahim is one of those who submits, Ayat. He had to do it over and over and over again. And he understood, because now the light of the Holy Prophet (AS), the light of the Last Prophet, it has to be guarded. The light of the Last Prophet it is not coming through Hz Ishak, it’s coming through Hz Ismail (AS). And that light of the Prophet now, it has to be protected by who? The strongest people, those who are underground and they are also getting attacked here and there, but they remain strong. So that was passed on to them, he understood also, and it had to be done. So Hz Ibrahim, he would know if Allah sent those angels or the angels come by themselves. Now in that spiritual understanding there, as Sheykh Mawlana is saying for the people of Tarikat, he says, ‘you must ask, just as Hz Ibrahim is only asking from his Lord, then that Murid must only ask from his Sheykh, not anyone else.’ That is a lesson for us, you understand?

Now, if Allah is sending those angels, that is a different story. If Ibrahim (AS) himself is asking for that help, that’s is a different story, but it’s not that story, he knows what is coming from his Lord or not. We must know what is coming from our Lord or not. Everyone here, if you find money, you’re going to say, ‘Subhanallah, MashaAllah, Allahu Akbar! This money is for me.’ Nobody even thinks, ‘this money, is it for me? Should I have it? Maybe someone else left it here, it’s needed.’ Very few people are going to think that way. Everyone they just see money, ‘it’s mine.’ What they say? Finders keepers, huh. Which means that people don’t even know which is coming from Allah and is not, whether it’s a test or it’s a blessing, being in Tarikat makes us to understand that a little bit more because sometimes it looks like it is a blessing but it is not. Sometimes it looks like a test and a punishment, but it is actually a blessing. We’re going to look behind that, as Hz Ibrahim (AS) he saw behind that. His Lord did not send those angels. You understand? And then, how beautiful it is now, how beautiful it is, that his Lord Himself addressed to the fire, fire is blessed by Hz Ibrahim from that time until today. You think fire was happy that they were making a fire, you think fire was happy? Fire is a creature of Allah, no? Fire has been created to serve mankind, not to punish. In this world especially. That is a different fire, in Ahirat, in this world, that’s why to burn people it is forbidden. To punish anything by fire it is forbidden. And that fire was very upset with Namrud for using him, and how blessed it is, the fire is feeling, that Allah Himself is addressing that fire, to say, ‘be cool.’

When that fire was happening, all the believers, all the creatures, they were running to put out that fire of Ibrahim. Allah is mentioning the one ant carrying a little bit of water in its mouth, crawling, ant with a broken leg, Allah is mentioning that ant in the Quran, Allah is not mentioning us, Allah is mentioning that ant. Allah is mentioning that ant because that ant although it can do nothing, it is willing to burn and sacrifice himself, crawling in the desert with one drop, half a drop, a little bit of water in its mouth, teaching us we have to be better than that ant. What did that nightingale do? The nightingale did more than that ant, the nightingale with water in its mouth, it plunged straight into the fire when Hz Ibrahim (AS) was thrown. It expected itself to be burnt but it opened its eyes and inside there was a garden and there was a rose tree, that’s when it fell in love with the rose tree. Then it started singing the ninety-nine names of Allah (SWT), the Bulbul. Listening with these ears you hear nothing, listening with these ears. Everything is making a zikr of Allah and there are some creatures they make different kinds of zikrs and there are some creatures that they’re making the zikr and they’re mentioning the Asma-ul-Husna as the nightingale is making.

So as Murids we must know, something that is happening to us it is coming from our Lord, as Murids it is coming from our Sheykh now, now we must look to see now whether it is good or it’s bad. It’s a test for us, not to just jump at it, to be careful, to watch, you understand? So, at this point it’s a little bit cloudy, maybe, but it’s going to get clearer and clearer. More that you’re spending time with your Sheykh, more that you’re in sohbet, it’s no longer about, ‘what about this happened? But what about this happened?’ It’s not ‘what about’, because you’re going to base everything according to your experience now. That’s why you have to have experience with a Sheykh, there’s no substitution for that. Sahabi-e-Kiram, they became Sahabi, they became the highest Sahabi, more you see them spending their time devoting everything in the service of their Sheykh, their Prophet, and observing everything now and taking it. You start doing that, then you’ll know. It will be easier, insyaAllah. Wa Minallahu taufiq, al Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifa of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah,
22 Zul Hijj 1440

August 22, 2019
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