Understanding the Difference Between Ashq and Emotions


Understanding the Difference Between Ashq and Emotions


The questions that we have about knowing our Lord, knowing ourselves, knowing our Prophet, we don’t just take the answers from anywhere, from what we read, what we see. We must take it from the correct source, we must take it from Allah. But we cannot take it directly from Allah, because Allah did not send the Quran directly to us, He sent the Quran only to His Prophet, and the Prophet (AS) sending it to the Sahabis, Sahabis sending it, sending it, sending it, passing it down.

So when we try to look for answers, you must first look to the Prophet (AS) and to the Companions. Then, to those who follow them, then to see how our Sheykh is taking that knowledge and how they are making it easy for us to understand, more relevant for us, so that we can digest it. Because so many things you take, you cannot digest it. That is the whole problem now. Everyone is taking directly, they cannot digest, then they start throwing up to each other.

So you asked a question about what is the difference between ashq and emotion. Emotion is just one state, it comes and it goes, okay? Ashq doesn’t come and go. Passion doesn’t come and go. It can appear and it can hide, but it doesn’t come and go. And it is the nature of ashq that you always want to burn, you always want to give your heart, you want to give everything. And then it’s going to hurt, but you never complain. The nightingale that threw itself into the Fire of Namrud to save Ibrahim (AS) he didn’t complain. He didn’t even curse at Namrud. He just threw himself and he says, ‘I know I’m going to die,’ but that is the destiny for an aşık, it’s death. Aşık doesn’t look to life, because the aşık doesn’t have a life, his life belongs to the Mahbub, to the Habib, belongs to the Beloved, the one that he loves, he doesn’t have a life. That is our reality, we don’t have a reality, our reality is in Allah. But we don’t come directly from there too, our reality comes from what Allah has put into the Holy Prophet (AS) and the Prophet (AS) has passed on to that guide, to our Sheykh. So, person who has ashq, sometimes, it depends on the person, sometimes they want to show, sometimes they don’t want to show, but they burn in a different way, and their burning, their kurban, is not for show. Their kurban, if anything they say, ‘once we show it, it becomes cheap. It’s not real.’ So they keep it, they hide it. The nightingale who threw himself into the fire, he didn’t make one big post on FaceBook, just did it quietly and he never make any fuss. So that one who is an aşık that he’s saying, ‘now I must finish myself,’ he’s going to do it quietly also and he’s just going to look. Who is he going to look at? He’s going to look at his beloved one. But this is the thing too, because you think you can look into the beloved one, when you look into the eyes of your beloved one, you don’t see your beloved one. Who do you see? You see you. You see you.

So there are some people, yes, we are not, because especially in these days, like when we are looking at, lets talk specifically about our Murids, and living in this time, living in this age, knowing what makes them to be very excited, then we say, ‘you are excited about other things, then when you’re making Salawats and you’re making zikr, at least be excited like that too.’ If this world is exciting you, then come to a zikr and make that to be very strong and excitable for you also. If the world is not so exciting to you, then you don’t need to fight that, you understand? Because then it looks to a person, it depends, sometimes it is necessary for us to do Hadra, to show, to jump, the permission is given in this way. Sometimes it is necessary for us just to sit and to make loud zikr. Sometimes it is necessary to do a silent and a hidden zikr, secret zikr. So everything is also, it is alive, it is a living tradition, living tradition you cannot just stay like this, like this, like this, all the time. It has to change. We’ve seen so many people, usually the people who are showing so much passion in zikr or in Salawats or other things, when it comes to real stuff, they’re very cool and dead. We’ve seen that over and over again. But I’ve seen so many people that in the zikr they’re just regular kind of thing, but when it comes to standing up for the Haqq, it comes to helping, it comes to sacrificing themselves, they go forward. Then who are you trying to show? Who are you trying to show? If you’re trying to show people then you’re not going to get too comfortable in this way. If you’re trying to show Allah, Allah doesn’t need it like that. As the Hadiths is saying, ‘the One that you are asking, He’s very near to you, He’s not far from you.’ Then, the one who is sincere he’s going to say, ‘you know what, even these tears that I‘m crying now, it is fake, because it’s so easy to cry, it’s much harder to burn your ego. It’s so easy to cry and get emotional, but it’s much harder when the Sheykh is washing you up and you sit and you accept. It’s so easy now to be so emotional about the Prophet (AS), about Allah, but it’s so hard when we say, ‘you don’t like that one? Now go to that one, kiss his hand.’ ‘No!’ he’s going to say, ‘ I have honor.’

So, when you have the ashq, it burns, it just burns. You may show you may not show, depending. When you are just emotional, it is good, like we’re saying in these days also at least you’re emotional in the way of Allah, okay, at least you’re emotional. But don’t get stuck there. A lot of people think that that is a hal, ‘I like to get emotional and that’s the highest point,’ it’s not. Look at the Sahabi-e-Kiram, they didn’t just sit all day crying, ‘I love you, I love you, I love you,’ the greatest Sahabi, Abu Bakr Siddiq (RA), he sacrificed everything, he gave away everything. In giving away everything he has Allah and His Prophet, and he even gave that away. When the Prophet said, ‘ya Abu Bakr, what did you leave for your wife and your children?’ he says, ‘I left them Allah and His Prophet.’ Fakir, you understand? Saying, ‘whatever blessings Allah gives, I give them, everything, dunya and Ahiret,’ he’s saying, ‘I give.’ Fakir.

Look at Hz Osman, Hz Ali, Hz Umar, what did they do? They didn’t just get stuck with that emotion. When do they do that? Quietly, when no one is looking, between him and Allah, it’s necessary. But you know, you have to watch yourself, ‘okay, I love so much,’ then what is the proof? You may claim, but what is the proof now? You may claim that, ‘I love so much,’ where is the proof? Everything has to have a proof. If you’re claiming that you’re a Prophet you have to have proof. So it’s not just- but in these days people don’t want proof, they want nice words, nice pictures, nice memes, and that’s enough for them. It’s not, it’s killing you.

So as we enter into this new year we’re asking that the faith that we have that Allah has granted to us, we’ll be able to work good deeds with that, to prove that faith. But it’s not enough to do those good deeds if you don’t have a teacher. Because so many people they have faith and they do good deeds, but without guidance, sheytan is very smart, he can just kidnap you, co-opt you, and while you think you’re in Siratul Mustaqim, in the right way, you’ve already made deviation and you’ve caused more harm than good. So you need a guide. And that guide, that teacher, that one is going to teach you, now in the way of Allah to return to Allah, it’s not that easy. You have to have patience, and you have to be loyal. Don’t give up. Don’t give up. What is this world, one day we’re here next day we’re not. We only think this world is forever because we are here, we are living in it. Billions and trillions came before, they all thought the same thing and they passed. Maybe billions are going to come after this, maybe. But as Hz Rumi is saying, ‘I came from somewhere and I’m going to that somewhere, of that I’m sure.’ So where do we want to go? You want to stay in this world? Really, you want to stay in this world? Which Prophet is saying, ‘stay in this world,’? Which one? Which Saint is saying, ‘stay in this world,’? No Prophet and no Saint came to teach us how to run after this world, but they’re always saying, ‘prepare for Ahiret, prepare for Ahiret, prepare for Ahiret.’ Then when you prepare for the Ahiret you will know what to do. Allah will send you a guide, you’re looking, you’re looking, you’re looking, Allah will send it to you.

We did so many mistakes, doesn’t matter, you think it’s so difficult for Allah to forgive? But He’s saying, ‘O son of Adam, if you come to Me with your sins as much as the foam on the oceans, I swear by My own Majesty I will forgive you, do not associate any partners.’ meaning that now we have to learn what it means to associate partnership to Allah. Because the real partner is not that statue, the real partner is us, that we are saying, ‘You exist, we also exist, we’re partners, we’re buddies.’ But for man to say, ‘I don’t exist, only Allah exists,’ man to say, ‘La.’

So, insyaAllah, holding on to that guide, slowly, step-by-step to know, we’re fixing something from the inside, everything from the outside, ah, you may do. According to culture, according to knowledge, according to what is needed, but if the spirit is not correct you can have the best of culture, the best of technology, the best of everything, you will use it for harm, you will destroy yourself. And now, we don’t need more technology, we don’t need more wealth, we need to fix ourselves. May Allah forgive me and bless you insyaAllah, wa Minallahu taufiq, al Fatiha. Selam Aleykum.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifa of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah,
29 Zul Hijjah 1440

August 30, 2019
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