What can we do to make Allah (SWT) happy?


Question: What can we do to make Allah (SWT) happy?

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Now we are trying to understand into the Oceans of Love, what is that Love, how to make Allah happy with us. Because the wrong understanding of that love is how you make yourself happy, how you make yourself to be happy. You love that one because it makes you to be happy. Those who love wrong and it makes them to be very sad, they are a little step closer, but you cannot love the wrong ones that make you to be sad. That’s wrong. You love the right ones, although it is going to be very hard, but there is no sadness there. There is only happiness. Sadness is only a small episode. After that is happiness forever. The sadness of Hz Huseyin was only one night. After that, he says, forever we are going to be happy. We are going to break our fasts with our grandfather, he is saying to them. Same thing that Hz Osman was saying. His sadness is only for one moment. When they came to him when he was reading the Quran that he was collecting altogether, that there were so many wrong ones who were trying to interfere into that too. He had to do that. And when he was reading, they stabbed him and his blood fell onto the Quran that he was collecting. Choice was also given to him. He said ‘no, I choose to be with my beloved one.’ Choice was given to him, ‘you want to escape? You want to punish? You want to do this, you want to do this?’ He says ‘no.’ Just as the choice was given to the Holy Prophet (AS), when he was passing from this world, Hz Jibril (as) said to him ‘Allah is giving you a choice. You can live forever.’ And he’s saying ‘no. The beloved wishes to see his beloved.’ That is a higher understanding now.

So all that suffering, now, it is only a small instant. Just as that man who is in prison, he is in prison, he is in prison, he is in prison for a long time, but there is a promise that one day this prison is going to end and he’s going to enter into a palace, he’s going to be the Sultan forever. What do you think will happen to him once he leaves the prison? He will forget about the prison like it was a bad dream, like it never happened, it’s not real, because now he’s entering into the reality. What is going to happen to the man who is living in a palace, living, living there, seems like forever, but he knows that one day he is going to leave that palace and he’s going to enter into a prison forever. That time the palace he is living in, it becomes a hell, once he leaves that palace he is going to enter into that real hell and all of that is just a dream.

So who is saying that a life of belief, a life of the believer Allah is not going to test us, to bring us some hardship? Of course it is. Of course there’s going to be hardship. Of course there’s going to be betrayal. Of course. Of course there are going to be hypocrites around. Of course. Who is saying ‘once you live the life and you are holding on to this way properly, everything is going to turn to paradise’? Which Prophet lived like that? Which one? 124,000, name me one who lived the life of heaven, of Jannat here on earth. None. It’s enough to know that the father of mankind, the father of all the Prophets, Hz Adam, left Paradise to come here into exile. So the difficulties will come, it will test you. Look to your weakness, what is it that you are weak? The man who is always insisting he is strong, very easy to break him down because he is not looking to his weak spots, you understand? But you don’t know where your weak spots are, we show you the weak spot, you are going to say ‘oh, you are betraying us, showing it.’ We say no, that is a weak spot there. You must, otherwise if you are not taking care of it, sheytan will enter through there, your ego is going to fool you. The weak spots. Don’t look to your strengths. Look to where you are weak and ask help, work on it. Don’t cover it up and say ‘no, no, I am not weak. No, no, I have no problems.’ Another way of covering it up is to always say ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I am the worst one.’ You know these Sufi games. ‘Yeah, I’m the worst one. I am the worst. Worst worst, worst, never before worse one. Oh, no, no, I am worse. No, I am worse. No, I am worse. I am worse, I am worse.’

No, forget about all that. Leave all of that. How are you going to know whether you are sincere by your words or not? It’s when the doctor takes a knife and starts cutting you. The Sheykh then takes the stick and starts saying ‘like this, not like this.’ You are screaming that time. Then, if you are screaming, then you will know whether you are really submitting or you are not, whether you are really strong or you are not. How are you going to make yourself strong, now? You look to your weakness and you ask help. Look to your weakness and say ‘I am weak in this. Ah, ya Rabbi, please. Holy Nights, please help me.’ Maybe you feel as if the help is not coming. Sometimes it took us long years to have that dirtiness. Sometimes it’s going to take long years for that dirtiness to go. There is hikmat also in that. So many people, they fall down from high station because they don’t have any dirtiness. They think they are so clean. And then, from that proudness, thinking they are so clean, that proudness, that pride it will crush them completely. There are so many saints of Allah, Beloveds of Allah, Allah made them to go through hardship, Allah made them to go through things that the whole world is saying ‘eh, you go through all these things, then you are…’ but their faith is still there, and they know what is Haqq and what is not. They may be drunk, but they walk home one day and they see the name of Allah on the ground, they pick it up, they kissed it, they put it high and they put perfume on it, saying ‘Name of Allah, cannot be.’ That means that their reality is never drunk. Allah will send a Beloved one to that one to bring him to a higher station, he reach to the higher stations. Who is that saint? You understand?

What did that one do? He is showing love. Now we are entering into the topic of love now, it is what you give. It is not what you get. It is what you give, because that is the Divine Quality. Allah gives. Does Allah get anything? Is He wanting anything, is He in need of anything? Hasha Astarghfirullah. He is not. So the Shariat to that is very high too. Allah has given everyone that potential. But if they are not guided, they start making idols and worshiping those idols. They start going to the wrong ones, they start worshiping those wrong ones, where in reality they are doing it because that one is giving you something that is going to appeal to your ego. Look at Hz Huseyin, look at the Holy Prophet (AS), look at the Sahabi e-Kiram, look at the Khulafa e-Rashideen, look at the Evliyaullah. What they get, what they are asking? As Hz Musa is saying, I am doing this for You. Allah is saying ‘what are you doing for me?’ He says ‘I pray for you.’ ‘Praying is for you, ya Musa.’ ‘I fast, ya Rabbi.’ ‘It’s for you.’ Just as majority of the Muslims are going to say. ‘I’m doing all these things for Allah.’ Astarghfirullah. That fasting is for you, Allah is not in need of your fasting. The Kurban, Allah is not in need of that. The Hajj, Allah is not in need of that.

So Hz Musa is saying, because at that level of Shariat is representing, that there is nothing that I can do. Now Allah SWT is teaching him what is that spirituality, what is that Tarikat, that it has to be the energy, it has to be the power of Shariat. Without that, the Shariat will eat itself. And he’s saying ‘ya Musa, love what I love and hate what I hate.’ So many fail at this point too. They say they love you, but then you say ‘love what I love and hate what I hate.’ ‘No, I will not. Doesn’t make sense. Doesn’t make sense, this is wrong.’ They are starting to put their own judgement. They say ‘oof, you’ve already lost the connection long time.’ Then pretty soon, you are going to move, you are going to move very quickly and you are going to curse and condemn everyone. Hz Ali is saying, we kissed his beard just now, ‘the one who taught you one word, you are a slave to him for forty years.’ Those who are claiming to be this, claiming to be that, it’s just claiming. Your own modesty is going to stop you. Even if you don’t know, even if your ego overtakes you, your own modesty is going to stop you and say ‘no, I cannot do that.’ Whole world is saying ‘no, you have to, you have to destroy, they are doing this,’ you say ‘I cannot do that.’ Why you cannot do? ‘Because I have modesty, I have Hayaa. That one helped me, that one did this, this one did that. Why I’m going to go around now, cursing, complaining, crying like a woman? Why? Isn’t Allah watching? Hz Huseyin did this? Which Prophet did this, which Sahabi did this? They accept.’

So, the Hayaa, the modesty, how people they are doing all these things, you asked me at the dinner table, someone is saying ‘I love,’ and then suddenly it becomes hate, and then they are hating, and then they are willing to destroy. That Yazid, he grew up with Hz Huseyin. They were friends. They were holding hands together, they were playing together. How that love becomes a hatred? How that love, suddenly, it becomes that, that you are willing to kill everything, destroy everything, if the power is in their hands? They don’t have modesty anymore, no shame. Because the shame is going to say ‘that one helped me, I cannot say. Even if it is wrong, he helped me. I shouldn’t say anything.’ That means shame is finished from your faith. If there is no shame, there is no faith. As the Prophet says, if you have no shame, do as you like.’ Yes, we said that, do as you like. And that one did as he likes. Sheytan is doing as he likes. But Allah is saying to Hz Musa ‘don’t do as you like, love who I love and hate what I hate…’ The one who doesn’t have fear of Allah, he is not going to have real love of Allah. One day, he’s just going to turn against his master. That’s all. Because there is no fear. And you have to have this. The real love is between the fear and the hope. This is what the faith is.

So we must be fearful, not just to say ‘oh, I will never leave, I will never betray,’ but ‘I’m scared that I am going to, I’m going to watch. Then I’m going to see. If this happens, they already said, if this happens, this is going to happen, this is going to happen like this. Then I’m going to come this situation.’ Now, where are you going to be connected to? How are you going to be connected? Are you going to hold on? So easy. In Islam, there is never really any guerrilla warfare, you come to the medan, come to the middle. You are a man, come to the middle and speak. That is the way of Sahibulsaif. Don’t go around in the corners whispering. Do you understand? But that is our sunnat. Those ones, they never come to the middle, they go around, that is their sunnat. So they are happy with that, we are happy with this. Do you understand? But they are not the same. Yeah, that’s okay.

Like I said, for years we’ve been asking Allah, ya Rabbi, take away hypocrisy from our hearts, take away weakness from us, take away hypocrites from us. Don’t make us to be one of those. Make us to be in the majority, in the Jamaat, don’t make us to be a rebel one here and there. Take away the stubbornness from us and the arrogance from us. Make us to be simple, humble servants, to be happy with simple, humble things that You are sending, ya Rabbi. And Your favors are uncountable, and we are happy with the favors that You have sent us. We are happy with the test that You are sending us. We are happy with the hardship that You are sending us, because with that hardship is coming the sweetness of the faith that You are sending us. Give us more strength to be able to carry it, ya Rabbi. Make us to be strong against to all the fitnah that is around us.keep us with our Sheykh, and keep us always under his feet.Wa minallahu taufiq, Al Fatiha. Amin.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifa of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah New York
10 Muharrem 1441

September 9, 2019
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