Why do people in advanced civilizations want to live forever?


QUESTION: In human civilization as they become more advanced they want to live forever, why is that?


Not everyone. Not everyone. Not every civilization. Because it’s the ego. Does the spirit think that it’s going to live forever in this world? No. Does the spirit want to live forever in this world? No. If you are disconnected from your spirit, you are disconnected from understanding where you came from and your memory of life, of your life, not this life just in this world for a few years.

Which Prophet is  concentrating on living in this world? Every Prophet is saying, ‘remember you came from somewhere and you’re going to return back to that somewhere,’ as Hz Rumi is saying, ‘of that I’m sure.’ Every Prophet is saying that, turn your face away from this dunya to the Maula. Even the Prophets that are controlling the world, Hz Suleiman (AS), even those ones with the greatest powers they can’t wait to leave this world, because this world is separation from the original world. If you don’t remember that, if you start connecting, attaching yourself to this world and forgetting where you came from, forgetting where you’re going to, then of course you’re going to be very desperate. I don’t see anyone who is attached to this world they are at peace. Everyone is desperate. Do you know why? Because everyone knows they’re going to die. No one who is attached to this world says, ‘oh, I’m at peace, you can take my life now,’ because there’s nothing beyond that, according to them. No one who is attached to this world welcomes death, they hate death. They hate death. Even those ones who are saying, ‘oh, I want to die, I want to die, I want to die,’ nobody in the moment when they are actually killing themselves they are happy. Every single one that in the moment when they are going to take their own lives, which is forbidden, regret enters, saying, ‘what are you doing?’ Some, some Saint, rahmat of Allah, pulls them out. Some, it’s already too late. You understand?

You see a lot more of that in first-world countries. You see less of that in third-world countries. In these days, maybe some way, somehow not too much difference, but it’s not too long ago we still remember, especially Muslim countries, nobody remains stuck and nobody wants to be as they were when they are sixteen years old or twenty-six years old. Still remember when I was growing up, I was maybe a teenager at that time, a little less, and there was this friend that I had, a relative, a cousin, a little bit older than me, seeing one of our cousins eating ice-cream, this is the attitude you understand, and saying, ‘why are you eating ice-cream like a little kid?’ Because for them it’s like eating ice-cream, especially on a stick like a lollipop kind of thing, it’s a kid, you understand? Who cares these days because we all don’t care, there’s no value anymore, but things that are associated to your identities, they say, ‘only kids do that, why are you doing that?’ Say when you get a little bit older you act differently, you wear differently, you talk differently. You become a father you talk differently, you become a grandfather you talk differently, you don’t want to regress, to go back. You understand?

We still remember our grandmothers, and grandmothers at that time, by the time they are forty, fifty years old they are grandmothers, you understand? We say, ‘oh, buy this fabric,’ not dress even, that time they just sew their own things, they don’t buy, we say, ‘buy this one,’ they say, ‘no, no, this color is for young people, it’s not for old people. No, I cannot wear this, what do you think, I’m crazy, I’m going to wear this, for what?’ ‘Oh, why don’t you go out, enjoy yourself grandmother, you came to visit us, let’s go around town, let’s go to the city.’ ‘What for?’ ‘They have nice lights.’ ‘Huh? Are you crazy? I’m an old woman, what I’m going to be busy with looking at lights?’ Because they come into maturity, especially for men at the age of forty, then more they’re going to pull themselves away from this world. More they’re going to attach themselves to the Ahiret, the ways of the Prophet. They’re going to find more joy in there, more joy in meeting their Lord, they’re not desperate to continue life as they were when they were young, that’s shameful, you understand?

You see more of that these days, you see old people, oh, they want to act young. Forget about non-Muslims, what we can say? Muslims are worse now, because they are racing with the non-Muslims, racing to become more than them. Breh, slow down a little bit. Have more pleasure in reading the Quran, have more pleasure in making the zikr, don’t you know that is where the real pleasure is, Allah bizikrillahi tatmainnal quloob – only in the remembrance of Allah your heart can find satisfaction. Not enough twenty years, thirty years, fifty years you’re trying to satisfy your heart, your heart will never be satisfied, Allah is saying, unless it is in remembrance of Allah. So they start young also, they didn’t start when they were forty years old, they started when they have maturity, pull back, pull back, pull back. I’m not talking about responsibility, responsibility they are responsible, they do. I’m talking about what is their passion, what they like to do, what they don’t like to do. Over here, forget about it. Do you remember how shocking it was when we first came here and we see women here fifty years old, sixty years old, they come out in shorts and short skirts especially summertime, remember how shocking it was? Now, who cares? But Allah still cares.

So, we should take lesson, insyaAllah. It is not also so much on the outside, it is what you are in the inside. It doesn’t mean just because you’re going to cover up you’re going to be very modest, in these days, oh. Then why are you wearing hijab if you are not going to act modestly? There are Christians and Jewish and Hindu and Buddhist people, women, they are more modest, they are not wearing hijab, than so many of the Muslim women I am seeing. So everything is turning upside down because we have lost the direction, we have lost the spirit of what the sunnat is, we have just the outside, we’ve lost the spirit. How many you are seeing wearing burqa, nikab, this, that, and then they say, ‘no, this is not going to stop us from doing anything.’ Breh, nikab is supposed to stop you from doing everything that you want to do. We’re seeing nikabis, they’re doing what? These days, one from Indonesia, always weird things coming out from there, what are they doing? No, rock band is ten, fifteen years ago. Now what was she? Death metal? No, that was a long time ago. A deejay,  zzzt….zzzt, that one. Wearing nikabi, saying, ‘this is me.’ What are you? Why are you doing that? Tauba astaghfirullah, lost their direction. Anyway, we are trying to be simple people.

May Allah keep our faith strong and simple insyaAllah. Don’t get too complicated. These days you listen to everything, you read everything, more rust and more confusion will enter into your heart. People are saying, ‘everything is okay, everything is okay,’ it is not. There is night and day, right? Yes. There is still a difference. Can anyone say that night is the same as day? No. Alhamdulillah. Wa minallahu taufiq, al Fatiha. Amin. Selam Aleykum.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifa of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah New York
21 Muharrem 1441

September 19, 2019
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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