The Ottomans Brought the Mercy of the Prophet (AS) to All Nations



So many things happen today. So many things in the world happen today, so many things in the skies they are happening today. All the world is coming here these few days too, huh? Coincidence? The believer must open his eyes a little bit and say, at least unusual things happening, watch, take a step back and be careful.

Believers, in Tarikat you must. If you are around the Sheykh, you must. More then. Notice unusual things. ‘What is happening to me? Is unusual things happening to me? Good unusual is okay, bad unusual is happening to me, oh why is it happening right now?’ You pull back because they are just playing tricks on you. Whether it’s now this is happening or tomorrow or six months or next week, it doesn’t matter the timing. Later, why it has to be now? Because certain things are shifting. So many they are trying to do that. Really? Are they really trying to do that or are they just playing a game to do that?

Why is Holy Prophet (AS) known as Rahmatallil alamin? He’s not Ramatallil Arabin, he’s not mercy to the Arabs, he’s not mercy to the Ajams only, he’s a mercy to the universes. Universes, you understand? Why is that? What is the meaning of that, that he is the mercy? Because the Prophet (AS), as a Prophet he’s the only Prophet out of 124,000 Prophets, he’s the only prophet that Allah SWT has given him the task and the work of bringing the message, not only to his nation but to every nation at that time until judgement day. No other Prophet He has given that. This is one of the biggest greatness of the Prophet (AS). Every other Prophet is only for his people, only for his nation. So many prophets only for his nation and we see one generation, two generations, three generations it’s done. The message is corrupted. Some, in one generation, the next generation it’s corrupt. So not only to the people, not only to the family which majority they are not accepting, it didn’t last. But the Prophet (AS) from that time until judgement day, if it’s tomorrow, it’ll be over one 1400 years, if it’s one thousand years…but don’t worry the world is not going to last one thousand years. But it’s lasting until judgement day. It’s lasting.

So Allah SWT has given him the secret, and those who are following him properly will understand the secret. What is the secret? How to give the message to different people. How to touch their heart, not their nationality, not their race, not their ethnicity, not their class, not their wealth, not their education, to touch their heart, to touch their spirit. Because before that even the Ulul Azam Prophet, for example prophet of the Bani israel, it’s only for the bani Israel. And it’s not to anyone in the Bani Israel too. Some. Like Isa (AS), obviously he’s not to everyone. Not even the bani Israel they accepted him. So that secret now, to touch into every heart, every human heart, what a miracle it is that the Prophet is given this. Not any other Prophet. So, that secret he passed down. That secret. He is showing through his life and through his examples that those Sahabi e-Kiram that were looking and copying, the Tabi’in who are copying the Sahaba e-kiram, Tabi’I Tabi’in who are copying Tabi’I who are copying the Sahabi e-kiram, and they are following from the Prophet, they get that secret of how to live in this world as one Ummat, different races, different nationalities, different things, because it happened during his time too. But it’s not only that, there is also a secret there that he passed specifically to Hz Abu Bakr Siddiq, because now you’re talking about what? The secret of ruling. Ruling.

You don’t say, ‘how come the hands, the left hand that is the opposite of the right hand, the hands that are the opposite of the legs, the legs which are opposite to the head, how come they are all working well? What is the secret of that?’ No, they are not working well. They are not, unless the head is working, correct? If the head is not working, on the inside the head is not working, the head is not giving order, they will not. Or there is a problem, brains is giving the order and the legs doesn’t listen, you’re in trouble, and there are people who are like that. They are completely healthy, fit and everything, but there is a block there, there is an interruption. So now it’s not just looking at the Prophet (AS), looking at the Sahabi-e-Kiram, we cannot, we will also try to imagine or try to live this fantasy, everything is like a fairy tale, everything is nice, everything is beautiful- no. They were people, there were ups and downs, there were things that happened, but we cannot judge them, especially the way we are judging ourselves in these times because they had their Prophet (AS), and beyond all of that difficulties and differences, he had that secret of rulership. And that, when the brain, when the head is giving the order, and it’s knowing how to give the order, everything works beautifully. It’s not fighting against to each other, and they also submit to the head.


So now you’re asking me the question, how did the Ottomans do this, what is the genius of the Ottomans, yes, it’s the genius of the Ottomans, that they are gathering people who are not only different in every way, they were enemies to one another.

Enemies. For centuries they were sitting and they were killing each other, how did the Ottomans bring them to the table and tell them to sit down, eat together, and then later get up from the table and wash the dishes together? And then later, to build something together, let their children to play together, how is that possible? Because Prophet (AS) is teaching them.

How to do it, yes, this is through Islam, the orders of Islam, yes this is through Iman, what you believe in, that is beyond the differences.

Now this is beyond your color, this is beyond your understanding, now everyone knows that there is an Allah. Now we’re looking at perfection, ihsan. That ihsan now, especially in the world before the Ahir Zaman, before dajjals time, everyone believed in an Allah like this or like that. There are no unbelievers. Let’s say there are no disbelievers, you understand? Yahudi they believe. Nasrani they believe. Understand? Everyone was believing in Allah one way or another, and they were fearing from their Allah one way or another too. They may not be the same, but everyone is believing. Now, who believes? Forget Yahudi, forget Nasrani, Muslims are not believing. They have the form, but they’re not believing.

So everyone believed. So when everyone believed, and the Ottomans were able to make everyone to sit down and to listen, they said, ‘look, there are so many similarities, why don’t we concentrate on that instead of the differences?’ And the similarity is for what? Just to praise you, ‘I pat you, you pat my back, I pat your back,’ no, it is to build something. To make this world into a better place, yes? To make this world into a better place. But how did the Ottomans do it? The one, the head, the brains. How did it work? Why it didn’t work other than the Ottomans? Why it didn’t work? They tried. One thing that the Ottomans were, they were living the Hadiths of the Prophet (AS), ‘live your life like you are a traveler in this world,’ they were travelers. And their home is somewhere far away, you understand? So when they came out from Central Asia following that blue wolf, and they spread out to the rest of this world, separating here and there, then when the Turks accepted Islam in that region and when they started to bring the message of Allah and His Prophet to people that accept it and when that message started to spread, and that continued spreading and spreading, and when they stayed there even for hundreds of years, they know it’s not their place of origin, their place of origin is somewhere in Central Asia, and they are travelers.

So what does that mean now? That means, ‘I am a traveler, I am a stranger also. You, you are a traveler, you are a stranger belonging to a different, you also. Same like me. You, you are also. You, you are also. You, you are also.’ Like in this land you know, saying that everyone is an immigrant, correct? But the difference is, the Ottomans they did not also destroy and eliminate those ones who were living in that area. They didn’t. For over six hundred years, seven hundred years they were ruling those areas, enough time to completely eliminate them. They didn’t. If anything, they protected them. I’m talking about the Greeks who were living in that area. Correct? Their language is still the same, it’s unmolested, their religion, their culture, everything is there. Their culture becomes more enriched because they start taking in, and the Ottomans who came, they started taking from the best of the cultures too, so when this continued also, they took more and they took more. And that is how the Hajj is.

It is not, as so many empires, they say, ‘we are sitting in the middle and everyone is turning around us,’ British for example, they were also ruling so many people, and they were also saying, ‘everyone is a British citizen,’ but no. The British are sitting in the middle, white British people sitting in the middle, not all white people, those ones with rank, those ones with authority, everyone else is circling around, you can never be inside. Correct? It’s not with the Ottomans, who is in the center? Who is in the circle? ‘Gel,’ they’re saying, ‘gel, come into the circle.’ Who is in that circle? They came into power, before you know it, one, two, three, they had this pasha is Greek, this general who is this… they’re made up of non-Turks. And that tradition continued. Meaning they are not tribalistic, you understand, ‘our tribe in the center ruling everything, everyone is low-class, they’re circling around us.’ No.

Where did they take their example from? Holy Prophet (AS). Tribalism is forbidden. So they weren’t sitting there and people were not looking, oh I wish I was British, I wish I was white, I wish I was French, I wish I was German, there’s no real wish there because they were not sitting down there putting everyone down and making everyone to finish from their identity and to be lost and to want to be them. They preserved their identities. And they said, ‘you know what, you don’t have to be like us to be with us.’ That’s why people in the government, there were also Jews, there were Christians, there were Armenians, there were people from different races, different religions, yes. What do they have to bring there? They’re bringing there some speciality that other people don’t have. And this is not because of color or religion, this is because of some speciality, they accept, with that speciality it comes together, it builds something.

It’s very radical. It’s unheard of. Because every other system like that, as an empire, even the Romans, breh, you ever hear the Romans they’re taking over Africa, let’s say, and they’re inviting those ones that they have taken over to sit next to them and to rule together with them? You hear the British doing that? Or are the British saying, ‘okay, you shut up, I throw you some money and you just keep to yourself. We control all the trade, because we know controlling all the trade we control everything, you can be ruler, but the one who has the money is the one who rules. We control your trade, we have your military. Then you can call yourself whatever you want. You understand me?’

So now the Ottomans, there is a genius that is there, but it is very radical. How is this able to be successful? Oh, it wasn’t easy. How is it successful? Because they had their Prophet (AS) in front of them. The Prophet, not as an Arab Prophet. The Prophet that is Rahmatalil Alamin. That Prophet that is a mercy to all. Not just to the Arabs, not just to the Persians, but to all. They have that, right in front of them. And they had the Khilafat. And they had the Ahlil Beyt. And they had the scholars. And, most importantly, they had the Awliya Allah. They supported all these spiritual institutions, supported, state support.

The earlier Arab dynasties, the Arab dynasties, they did a lot, don’t look down on them, they did a lot. But there was also state sponsored hunting of political rivals, namely the Ahlil Bayt, during the time of what? The Ummawis. You understand? And then when it moved to the Abbasis, when it moved, the capital then moved from Damascus to Baghdad, Baghdad is not Arab, those people they’re not Arabs. But when it moved now with the Abbasis, now you see, suddenly the whole area becomes Arab-ized. The Turks could have done that, to make the whole of today’s Turkey, Eastern Europe, all the way to Western China, steppes of Russia, North Africa, to be Turk-ofied. Could have done that. That is the easy way out, and that is the wrong way to do it, and it always fails. That’s what the British did. You understand? Take away their language first, ‘oh, your language, yeah sort of keep it, but learn our language. You want to get ahead in life? You have to learn our language, not that.’ That’s what the British did, the French, oh forget about it. You think the British were bad? The French were bloodthirsty. The Spanish they hated Islam. At least with the British, there was not this overt hate, because they’re more interested in trade and if they can use it they can use it. They’re not that emotional like that, you understand? They don’t say, ‘I just want to destroy everything,’ no.

But for all these different people, all these things to work now, there has to be all these institutions supporting them, spiritual, and the Khalifa and the society has to be very strong, it has to be very powerful. If there is weakness now people are going to start fighting.

People ask me sometimes, ‘why the Japanese society is so strong?’ I say, ‘how do you make something strong?’ Let’s speak in very simple terms. If you are breeding dogs, or horses, how do you make that lineage strong? How do you make it strong? What do you do? The best ones you put together. And people today they are ruthless, no? The weak ones what do they do? Kill them. Correct? That’s what they do. That’s what they do in the breeding process, the weak ones they don’t breed, or they kill, or they put aside, strong ones they keep breeding the strong ones until it becomes like that. What do you think the Japanese did? Look to history, you must study, you must look. They had centuries of isolation, very strong control, very rigid, you cannot move, and whatever that you are, wherever you are, you must be the best. You’re not the best, you’re dead. It’s only the best comes the best. So you get a very pure line, so it becomes very, very strong. It’s not too, too good. It’s not good, you understand, because it’s not Allah’s way, Allah is not only letting the strong to live. Allah is not only letting the sun to shine on the Saints. He’s letting the sun shine on the murderer and on the alim, equal. So when you do that, you will only achieve this much for this time and then after that it falls, because that is not according to the Shariat, the laws of Allah, and I don’t mean shariat, learning how to pray or this hukum or, no, I’m talking about the laws in nature, the laws of the cosmos that Allah (SWT) put.

People say, ‘free, free, free, I don’t want any law,’ your body is governed by so many laws, you cannot break them. Your physical body is governed by so many laws, you cannot break them. If there is an imbalance in the law of your body, if there is an imbalance, let’s say you have too much sodium, what happens? Say, ‘no, I’m free, I can take as much sodium as I want, as much sugar as I want, I’m free,’ nobody says that, everybody says, ‘there is a law, we must abide by the law,’ especially Americans, because the body needs this, if you’re saying, ‘we don’t need law, there’s no such thing, you must live free, too much laws,’ look, everyone is crying now, ‘oh, climate change, oh, whole world is going to…’ What? You suddenly discover that Allah is the designer, that He doesn’t make anything without a fine balance, without a beauty, that there is no balance there is no law? And now you’re trying to teach us what you’ve destroyed for the past two hundred years?

They usually just destroy, they say, ‘oh, there’s so many buffaloes, let’s just kill.’ They don’t know how that will change the land. ‘Oh, we have so many whales, let’s kill, because we need the oil.’ They don’t know how that changes the oceans, changes the air, changes everything. You think man doesn’t know? He knows. If a man of faith doesn’t know this, he’s not a man of faith. If a man of intelligence doesn’t know that everything is connected, then he has no intelligence, but these are the people who says, ‘we have the best of faith, our faith is based on love, our intelligence is unmatched,’ but they’re done with this world and now you’re crying? So there is a law in this world, if this world, if the sea level rises one inch, what’s going to happen to the world? If the temperature rises ten degrees, what’s going to happen to this world? If this world slows down a little bit, what’s going to happen to this world? If it goes a little bit, one millimeter closer to the sun, what’s going to happen to this world- oh, suddenly there’s law everywhere, and the laws are all interconnected and you have to tread very carefully. But foolish mankind is saying, ‘I want to live free as I like, there is no law.’

So now the Ottomans they understood that interplay, you understand? They understood that, for that you have to have very high spirituality, you do, because it’s not a matter of right and wrong, black and white anymore, tall and short, no it’s not that. Now you start understanding how the tall needs the short, short needs the tall, the light needs the darkness, the darkness needs the light, the believer, unbeliever, then they understand how things are and they say, ‘let’s keep that balance.’ Understand? It’s not to say, ‘I’m here, everyone has to now bow down to me. I am the master.’ No. And they’re saying, ‘we are all travelers.’ Understand, the Khalifa hired someone to tell him, ‘O Khalifa, O Sultan, know that Allah is higher than you.’ What does that mean now? That means that people, that head, those people, the ones who govern that society, they are not declaring themselves Lord. They are not Namruds. And they fear from their Lord.

That’s why today no one is equipped to talk about or to handle or to listen Ottoman politics. They cannot. Because then you have to understand Sahabi politics also. You have to understand now, it’s not for idiot people, common people, you cannot. You understand? Now they’re going to take sides now. That’s what most people are, people just take sides just like that. Oh, something is happening, these two sides fighting, I have to take sides. ‘Who is fighting? My brother and someone else. Oh, I have to take sides with my brother.’ They don’t look at the situation, what is right and wrong. You know what Sultan Alparslan did? He saw two sides fighting, no? That is the turning point. And he’s seeing this big force is fighting with this smaller force and it’s defeating them. They were just watching with all their troops, and it came to their hearts, no, we have to help this one that is losing, this small force that is losing. It is unheard of, it is radical, you understand? No one else in this world, this big force is about to win, you always want to be with the winner, no? Why you want to help this one, this side that is losing, just because of some whispering to your heart? Understand how spiritual they were. They said, ‘no, we’re going to help them.’ They helped them, they defeated, and that changed history.

That’s why Tasawwuf is important. If you only have religion, that is going to go through all other empires, Muslim or non-Muslim, because the religion is the form, and the form there is no higher form than the outside shape of the human being, and if your outside form is white you say, ‘that is my Lord,’ if your outside form is black you say, ‘that is my Lord, yellow you say, ‘that is my Lord,’ you understand? You’re not concentrating on that form, because they’re not concentrating on religion, they’re concentrating on Tasawwuf. And when there is Tasawwuf, you take something that is from the inside, you understand what is the outside too. That time when you understand the outside, you can change the outside. The outside must change to fit the inside, outside must show the inside. So this is Islam. We’ve lost that, since we lost the Khalifa we lost this because Islam became tribal, Muslims became tribal. Yellow, white, black, brown, Bengali, Pakistani, Arab, Turkish, we became tribal. No longer we are one ummah. Now it’s just one ummah as an idea, it’s no longer one ummah as a practicality ruling with success, as the Ottomans did.

So, may Allah increase our love for them and increase our intelligence to understand and to put it in our lives. May Allah bring them soon insyaAllah, may they pray for us, may our Sheykh always be on our necks. Al Fatiha.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifa of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah New York
28 Muharrem 1441

September 26, 2019
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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