What is the wisdom in believing in the unseen?


Question: What is the wisdom in believing in the unseen?


Because what we see with these eyes is not real. These eyes are not real, and what we see with these eyes it is not real. This, everything that is outside, is indicating something that we already have inside, and what is the outside is only just a little bit of what we have on the inside, just like an iceberg. You see the iceberg outside it looks so big, but it’s only a small thing, the reality of the iceberg is hidden, the reality of a man is hidden, the reality of this world cannot be seen with these eyes, these eyes can only be seeing this and this is a sign, Allah has created Creation as a sign of Him, but if you don’t look at this as a sign, you look at this as a reality, then you’re in trouble. And every Prophet has come to say, this is a sign, this is a sign, it is not a reality. Every Evliya, every person who is holy, everyone is saying, your own understanding and your own conscience and your own wisdom knows that this is a sign. Something came from before, and we’re going to something that is in the future.

When you say that this sign is all that there is, it’s like a man saying, he saw a sign, the sign says, for example the sign says ‘to the cafe’ The sign says ‘to the cafe’. Is it the cafe? You see anyone going to the sign that says ‘exit’ and then they’re sitting by the sign? ‘What are you doing there?’ ‘It’s the exit.’ ‘How do you know?’ ‘This is real, this is-’ no, it’s just pointing, correct or no? This is the dunya, this is the seen, it is a sign to the unseen and the unseen is unseen to these eyes, the unseen it is seen through these eyes (Sheykh points to the heart) and these eyes are first and these eyes are real, those eyes are not. Just as that sign, you can see that sign. When that sign says ‘exit’, you see that sign, but do you actually see the exit and everything else that’s going to come after the exit? No you don’t. Especially now, before you come to the exit, there are signs that say, Exit 38 coming up, Exit 38 coming up, this is the exit. Before, before, before, until it comes. Even the sign that says ‘exit coming up’ you cannot just take the exit there, and that is not the exit, you have to wait until the time. Where you really have to go in there, but that exit itself, the reality of that exit is not something that you can see when you are there, passing through. You have to enter through there. And when you enter through that exit now, that sign, do you carry it with you? You have to throw it away, because you’re already there.

We came from the unseen, the unseen is what is real. The seen, these five senses, what is in this world, it is created, Allah (SWT) has created everything saying, ‘Kun fayakun,’ except for mankind. Everything, Allah is saying, ‘Kun fayakun.’ Allah (SWT) created these unknown galaxies and unknown realities just by saying, ‘Be,’ and it is. Mankind, no. Mankind, Allah (SWT) took time. So our own reality, our own unseen, oh, it’s something else. Don’t you know, even living in this world you must know that. How do you know that? How do you know that seen, that thing that you see is the same thing that you are seeing, or you are seeing, or you are seeing? We just assume, everyone is saying, ‘oh, I see an apple.’ Is it an apple? Yes, it’s an apple. But to you an apple means something, to you an apple means something, to you an apple means something else. Everything is very particular, everything is singular. You cannot assume it’s the same. Everyone looks at the same moon, but the one with a bad heart looks at the moon differently, the scientist looks at the moon differently, the one who is longing for Allah and His Prophet they look at the moon completely differently. So now the moon is what? It is a sign for a reality. That reality that is inside of us. That reality we experienced before. That reality, if someone just sits down and starts thinking a little bit more, that reality, being with the people who will remind us and point us and train us to look properly, than we start seeing. You look at the moon, it means nothing, when you’re a child you look at the moon, different, it’s different, no? Once you start getting older and you say, ‘I love to look at the moon,’ you study with an astronomer who says, ‘now look at the moon,’ you see it completely differently. Then he gives you a telescope, ‘now look at the moon,’ you see it completely differently.

Now, what is the wisdom of believing in the unseen? Because the unseen is real. Because believing in the seen it is complete foolishness. The seen is a complete lie. The seen it is imagination. What they say? It is Alam Hayal. You understand? Which Prophet says this world is real? None. Which book, holy book, in any tradition, says that this world is real? None. They always say, ‘this is a dream.’ this is a dream. Now the point is, we have to wake up to understand that this is a dream. This is what the Prophets are doing, saying, ‘don’t be in a dream,’ because in the dream it looks so real, no? It doesn’t make sense, but it’s so real, it makes sense in the dream. But when you wake up you understand, ‘oh, it’s a dream.’ It means something else also, it’s not what it is. This world is a dream. The Prophets came to wake us up. May we hold on to them strongly insyaAllah, Selam Aleykum.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifa of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah New York
5 Safar 1441

October 4, 2019
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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