Can you store your passion and then to access it later?



Remember that time. Why did I do that, what is the reason? You are going to take time to do that too, to think. You are going to take tabs, ‘oh this is a very dark time of my life.  Why did I feel that way? Why did I do that? What is the reasons?’ You are going to dig deeper inside. You take time. You must. This is tafakkur. But if you don’t think it’s important, you are just going to live everyday like a grass. And we are seeing people in Tarikat, they are living everyday like a grass. We are saying, ‘slow down. Don’t be so busy with the dunya.’ This is one of the meanings. It’s not running after to get millions of dollars. No. It means don’t get pulled. Learn how to stop the time. Learn how to make the time inside of the time.

One of the things that makes the Ramazan, I’ve been thinking about Ramazan a lot these days, I don’t know why, what makes the Ramazan to be special is we stop the time. The whole world, all the Muslims stop the time. What do you mean? Time is like, our brother here, time is I wake up for breakfast and then lunch and then dinner and then supper. Eating, animal characteristics, meaning this is what time means, correct? The growth of a man, the time of a man, this is when he is doing this, he’s doing this, he’s doing this. Animal characteristics. But what is it that’s during Ramazan, not only one person, ten people, ten countries, the whole world, east to west, north and south, all the muslims stop it because they said, ‘no we are not going to eat. We are going to change the time as our animals characteristics are saying. You are going to change it. We are changing the time of this world. We are changing the prayers of this world. We are changing the eating of this world. We are changing the desires of this world. We are changing, let’s say, what our ego wants from this world. We change all of that. We are putting our will on it.’ Then what do you get? You get this freedom. You come out and you enter into a different understanding. Then that time, yes, you start thinking.

So  your question is saying, ‘can you store your passion and then to access it later?’ Not really storing. Just to remember that. But who sits down to remember? Who sits down every night to say, ‘I did this. Oh, remember. I did this wrong, remember. I did this right, remember. This good thing was done to me, remember. This bad things that was done to me, no need to remember so much.’ Who is doing that? Murid is supposed to do that every night. If you do that, that is like your homework. If you do your homework, then that time the teacher says one thing, you already understand. Teacher says two things, you already understand. You are already ahead because you do your homework. If you don’t do your homework then the teacher has to explain over and over and over again and there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to understand. That’s why a lot of people they are stuck. You cannot be now a prisoner. If you are, run. Find a way to run. Take some time to run and to escape. So if you remember, you don’t need to store it somewhere and then to try to get it because it’s always there. You don’t have to try so hard because you are remembering. The wash ups you remember what comes before and after, when you feel nice you remember what comes before and after. You remember that because you’ve gone down that road over and over again because you are watching it yourself. ‘oh, this is what always happens. This is what happens.’ Inside of Tarikat, this is what happens, someone will curse at me, for instance, we don’t like people cursing, there’s no cursing, you’re cursing and then you are going to find yourself, curses is going to fall to you. But we are seeing that sometimes. And then, if we are remembering that, as one of the names of the Quran e-Kerim, it is Zikrullah, the remembrance of Allah, that is the name of the Quran, one of the names of the Prophet (AS) is Sayyidina Zikrullah, the one who remembers Allah much.

The one who knows himself, he knows his Lord. You are looking to see what you have done, what you are doing, whether it’s fitting into pleasing your Lord of not, whether it’s fitting into pleasing the Holy Prophet (AS) or not, you are looking to see whether it’s fitting your Sheykh and the Evliayullah or not, then you are always in remembrance, then that time you don’t have to reach back so far to access something that happened a long time ago because it’s in front of you. Not only in yourself but in the actions that you are doing. Not only in the actions, in the people that you are doing, that you are dealing with and everything you are going to use to remember. Okay, something happens, we’ve seen it happened before to us or to other people. It’s okay. We are going to come out from this. So now, something with passion, that has to change also. What is your understanding of passion? If you say to the western world, what is passion, they think what moves the blood when you are a teenager, that is passion. This is according to the definition of Allah and His Prophet? This is the definition of what passion is according to the Evliyaullah? This is passion? It’s not. In fact, that is the most unreliable form. It’s unreliable. Even science is saying, it’s all just hormones. It’s nothing real in that. It’s all, let’s say, chemical.

So passion now, Ashq, knowing how much you have to sacrifice, knowing that it is going to burn you, knowing that, experiencing that. You’ve experience it before. But you have no other destiny but that. And you’ll be going against your nature if you don’t do that. And it is not to get a nice feeling, it’s not this ashq. It changes. It’s not because you get a nice feeling. You look deeper into it, little bit, you understand this ashq is not so that you get the high and nice feeling, if anything, this love, this ashq, as the Prophet says, ‘if you have love for me, prepare yourself for hardship.’ Prepare yourself for hardship. Then what is that hardship for? For who is it? Then be with the Saliheen. Serve them. Learn from them. Allah is saying, He is not saying, be Saliheen. He is saying, ‘be with the saliheen.’ So now the jama’at it is important. That is according to your level. Some people they get stuck there, they cannot go further. Some people is like this, some people it’s like that. So now the Sheykh is going to use, for the sake of Allah, which one can go higher, but everything, everyone has a space. If they are not going to crush into each other’s orbit. You understand? Everything has to spin according to its orbit. Doesn’t mean that everyone has to spin the same speed, the same distant as everyone else. No. You are like that, you are like that, you are like that. As it is, Sheykh Effendi pointed to the mountain one time to say to me, he says, ‘do you know why these mountains are so beautiful with the trees? Because every tree according to its growing, according to its own nature, and everything is different, and from afar, you are seeing it and it’s perfect. To have that vision is not for everyone too. To have that vision to see that the murids are there, like that it cannot. Maybe the murid is saying, everyone here is messed up. We hear that so many times. Everyone here is wrong. Eh, you are the only one who’s right? So easy. The easy thing is to say everyone is wrong. As it is the easy thing to say when you are going to a hospital is to say everyone is sick. And you are not that wrong. Everyone in the hospital is sick. But do they go to the hospital and stay in the hospital for sickness? No. They are staying there for cure, for health. That means there is a potential there for cure and for health. And the doctor is not really concentrating on the sickness, he’s concentrating on the cure. There’a difference. Once you have a little bit of that understanding then the real tolerance, a real tolerance is going to fall to your heart. The real love and acceptance is going to sink into your heart. And then the passion now is not according to what people are going to say to you, good or bad or this or that. No.  It is according now to your own sense of honor, your own sense of dignity.

Allah SWT is saying, ‘I’m a hidden treasure and I want to be known.’ I’m a hidden treasure and I want to be known. And that Hadiths e-Qudsi is saying, ‘then Allah created this universe.’ Allah did not create this universe so this universe can know Allah. Nothing in the world, nothing in creation can know Allah except for Hz Insan. That is the responsibility of Hz Insan. If insan, if man knows the whole of creation and he doesn’t know Allah, he’s lost. He’s zero. Thrown to garbage. If he doesn’t know anything and he knows his Allah, he has fulfilled the reason of his creation. Then Allah will cause him, will make him to know everything. And the Prophet (AS) is saying, ‘the one who knows himself, he knows his Lord.’ So now everything that you do in this life must be to know yourself. But the one who does not have a guide and a teacher to teach him how to know himself as Hz Abu Yazid al-Bastami is saying, ‘the one who has no Sheykh, his Sheykh is sheytan.’ That time sheytan is going to be your Sheykh. Sheytan is going to be your guide. This world, sheytan, nafs, hawa, dunya is going to be your guide. It’s going to teach you.

So to know yourself, that’s the time, Prophets have been sent to make man to wake up to know his nature. And his nature is not this five senses. His nature is the spirit, to let that to become lose, to turn his heart. And the Evliyaullah, especially the Sheykhs, because every Sheykh is a wali, but not every wali is a Sheykh. Our Sheykh, our wali, is teaching us. Those are the inheritors of the Prophet, saying, ‘follow those who ask you no fee,’ not asking anything, and they are teaching you about yourself. Hold on to them. InsyaAllah we hold on to the jubbah of our Sheykh. We are not claiming here, none of us. Doctor is not going to look at your ranks or your color, especially here in America, I don’t know somewhere else, they are going to look at your sickness and what they can give. Maybe here they look at your insurance card. If you have insurance, they treat you, you don’t have insurance, this country can be very heartless when it wants to be. This is also a reality. But it can be very merciful when it wants to be.

So in that way, they Sheykh is looking at everyone, treating everyone like that, but everyone now, he is understanding the potential that you have. Especially in the most distinguished Naksibendi order, especially in the order of Tassawwuf,  there are forty-one major orders, Tarikat, forty-one ways. Forty ways is given to Hz Ali (KW) and one way is given to Hz Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (RA). In the old days you have to pass through forty ways to reach to the way of Hz Abu Bakr as-Siddiq. There is only one Tariqatul Aliya. There’s so many branches maybe but the main trunk is different. Now, we are taking from the roots. That’s also different. We are not claiming anything. We are following those ones who have the right that Allah SWT is giving to them. And as long as we are holding on tightly, like what we are hoping for, to be dust under their feet, everywhere they go, you see, Allah SWT is saying to the Prophet (AS), ‘don’t take off your shoes My Arsh is going to be blessed by your shoes.’ So we want to be the dirt under those shoes. But we are looking to see who owns those shoes that wherever he is, we may be, insyaAllah ar-Rahman. We are asking for the intercession of the Holy Prophet (AS) and all the Anbiya and the Evliya and the Ahle Bayt insyaAllah, for us to be able to fight against to our enemies, first our ego, sheytan and our hawa, our desires. And to understand who are the friends and who are the enemies and for us to turn our hearts away from this asfala safileen, this low world, which does not exist, to our real existence that we came before and we are going to return to, that our hearts we are asking to be pulled by those ones whose hearts are real, and whose reflection is coming from the real sun, we are asking for that. May Allah forgive all out shortcomings, may it be hidden from everyone here and hereafter, may we become better ones to the ones whom Allah loves. May Allah raise the station of SahibulSaif, al-Fatiha. Amin. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifa of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah New York
19 Safar 1441

October 17, 2019
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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