Ahsen TV interview with Sheykh Lokman Effendi Hz


Sheykh Lokman in Cyprus.PNG

Would you please describe yourself? Everybody is wondering about you

I’m not a very interesting person. I’m just my Sheykh’s servant. I’m just trying to serve him. What makes me interesting is because I am with him and he is a very interesting person. Because he is Osmanli. Once I took my beyat with him, then I found out that I’m Osmanli as well and to be an Osmanli is one of the most interesting things in the world because it is the legacy of everyone, I’m saying this, everyone, not only Turkish but non-Turkish too and really not just Muslims, non Muslims as well.

I came originally from Singapore. I went to New York city to study post graduate at Columbia university and I met our Sheykh at New York city. After that I look away from the world and I look to him.

Why we are here?

We are here to wake our living legend. We are here to realize that Allah has created us as beloved ones. That He didn’t create us just to live in this world for a small number of years to eat and then to drink and then to die. As Mevlana Rumi said, ‘I came from somewhere and I’m going to somewhere. Of that I’m sure.’ And we came from somewhere and great and we are going to return to somewhere great. So alhamdulillah I discovered that greatness with my Sheykh and that greatness lies with being a servant.

Why do you admire the Ottomans?

Because the Ottomans they put Allah and His Prophet first and it represent the best of humanity. It represents the best of all races, all beliefs.

Can we reach Allah without entering to Tarikat?

You can but as Mevlana is saying, the journey of, let’s say one week is going to take you one year. Tarikat is not just to make you to be on a journey but to prepare you for that journey and that journey is endless.

How can you describe Sheykh Abdul Kerim Hz briefly?

He is like the sun, different country he is going to shine differently. On different people, he brings out the beauty of people differently. His generosity shines on black and white, on young and old, Muslim and non Muslim and although the sun is hot but he makes it to be easy for people to grow, because without the sun, there’s no light. He’s a great man, a great Wali and he makes us to be close to him. The sun is so far away but we open the curtain and it’s right there in our room. And that one is very approachable too, our Sheykh. That I admire because it’s showing then the greatness of the sun, of the Holy Prophet (AS).

When will Islam spread completely all over the world?

Islam is already spreading out to the whole world. It is not about Islam, it is about the Muslims. When the Muslims decide to put the Prophet back into their lives, when the Muslims raise their hands and say, ‘we want that one who represent the Prophet,’ when Muslim decide, ‘yes we want the Khalifah,’ that’s the time when Haqq will spread and the beauty of Islam will spread.

Just one man came and he did. Only one man in the ahir zaman will come, Hz Mahdi (AS), to wake people up to that but without the head, the whole body is helpless. It doesn’t matter if we are two billion or seven billion, there is no power and there is no intelligence.

Finally, what is your message to the Islamic world?

Message to the Islamic world, find a Sheykh. You don’t follow a Sheykh, your Sheykh is sheytan. Be caring to each other. Don’t just look to yourself. Look to the one who have less. Prophet came, alaihi salatu wa salam, not just to give Syahadat to the world, but to defend those who are defenseless. We should be ashamed because we have never reached to this amount of wealth and power and education but yet we can do nothing to save our Muslim brothers and sisters who are dying every single day.

Islam is not about material. It is about holding on tightly to that one who has the power. That one was the Holy Prophet (AS). Tarikat are the Sheykhs who are representing the Prophet. If you destroy the spirituality, there is no power.



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