Can you tell us more about your trip to the land of Evliayullah?


Question: Can you tell us more about your trip to the land of Evliayullah?


What story are you going to tell? The best story that you are going to tell is the story that you have lived. Who is Hz Ali (KW) if it’s not because of the Holy Prophet (AS)? Who is Hz Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, or Hz Umar or Hz Osman, all 124,000 Prophets, companions of the Prophet (AS), if it’s not because of that one? Meaning our lives, our stories, are nothing unless you find a friend of Allah and you want to be with them. You want to be with the Saliheen and you want to be with their lives. That time your story and his story become one. Our story is not finished.

The ummat used to be, once upon a time they said, ‘our story is the Prophet (AS) story. We will not stop until the Prophet stories and his life and his teachings and his rahmat and his mercy spread all over the world and his perfume is all over the world. It is not about me, my family, my children. It is about his story. It is about his mission.’ In a very big way, majority they were living for that. They were not living for themselves. We have become very selfish one in this ahir zaman. We are not concern. So many things that we are taking are deadening our hearts. They banned zikr for masjids, they banned mevlid, they banned everything, worship way, to soften your heart. They ban it. They say it’s bida’ah, kufr, shirik, haram. Number one. Number two, the abuse that is happening to this world by the zalim that we are part of their story, the food, the water, the earth we step on is filled with so much curses because we have taken away that rights, another layer of deadening to our hearts. Technology, another thick layer. Entertainment another thick layer. Because people have forgot what is the sunnat of the Holy Prophet (AS). They think the sunnat is just wearing something or putting your hand in your heart or walking over backwards. If we say, ‘listen, don’t be so busy with stand up comedy,’ muslims are running top speed to become stand up comedian. Now every muslim convention must have a stand up comedian. If we say, ‘listen, even the Prophet (AS) is not liking this,’ they say, ‘who are you?’ oh, I forget, you have removed the Khilafat.

Finished. The whole system of over 1400 years, the system of the Prophet, completely dismantled, muslims have become separate nations, separate regime that is client state of other bigger regimes, no matter what they called themselves, Islamic or republic or this or that, doesn’t matter, serving a capitalist system that has nothing to do with Islam, everything to do with riba’, you want me to go on? So we become more and more dead, more and more selfish. We are not understanding. Eh, that’s why we are busy with convention, stand up comedy, and say, ‘it’s good. It entertains us. It makes us laugh.’ But Prophet (AS) is saying, ‘don’t laugh too much,’ you know why? It deadens your heart. It kills your heart. ‘Ahh….’

Once you say, Ahh, to a sunnat, to a hadiths of the Prophet (AS) that for 1400 years they were taking very seriously, of course the poison of wahabbism killing everything, making you to doubt even your own faith, your own Prophet, your own works, and your elders, and your scholars, and your Imams, and your Sheykh. After they killed off that good generations, they start bringing new generation that is just filled with hate. Their faith is based on the non faith of another person. That’s how you become faithful because you say, ‘that one is kafir. That one is filled with haram, kufr. That one if filled with bida’ah and shirik.’ That’s how you measure how much iman you have. They removed Khilafat, system is finished. Shari’at is not ruling. Tarikat is not ruling.

600 years of Ottoman rule, it is the only empire in the world, it is the only empire in Islam that is an empire of Tassawuf, that is an empire of Sufism. Because Tasawwuf now it is the spirit. If the body now without the spirit, the body is dead. Like what the Muslims are today, the body of what? Two billions. Never before it has reached to two billion. So much wealth, so much technology but we are headless, heedless. Our leaders just stand and watch the ummat suffering. Can they do something? Of course they can. Do they want to do something? No. Their hearts are dead. So in that empire of sufism, yes, even now you find people, from the young to the old, they still care for the ummat. When you hear them talk, when you hear them making the dua, a lot of it has to do with the ummat. It’s not just for themselves and it’s not even about their country so much.

We have to wake up. It’s not about Pakistan or Turkey or China or Malaysia or North Africa, it is not about ethnicity, you understand? It is about who is holding the Holy Prophet (AS) on top of their heads, they lived according to that and they ruled according to that and that sunnat, that Islam it is coloring everything that they are doing, Tasawwuf it is coloring everything that they are doing from children to families, to foreign policy and to Statesmanship. It is according to that because the Holy Prophet (AS), he is the greater statesman. Of course. And how they dealt and what their lives are about. And once they start sitting down and enjoying life a little bit it’s when it starts getting weaker and weaker. Because that sun needs to shine. Without it, things start dying.


Estaghfirullah, alhamdulillah, this is our legacy, every muslims. Because the khilafat is for every Muslims of every color, of every country. But this is one of the biggest fitna that they have put in the ummat where they say, ‘no, no. Don’t say that you are one. You are many. Islam, Muslim as an ummat, is just a vague idea, as an ummat. Everyone just come together, just unite.’

Empty words, empty feelings. No plans, no nothing. We had the muslim nations, first they say, ‘I am Pakistani, I’m not indian muslim.’ Huh, there’s already fighting, there’s already conflict there. ‘I’m Iranian, I’m Iraqi…I am this,’ or ‘I am that..’ there is no love and there is no plan.

Because every country that have achieved their own independent, independence from what? First they say, ‘independence from the Khilafat,’ they are very happy. Huh, you don’t want the Khalifah, Allah SWT put the kafir on top of you. Their boots were on our neck, they said, ‘after that we became independent.’ Ya right. It looks as if we are independent but we cannot, those ones in power they cannot even cough without the other one’s permission, our so called Muslim leaders. The alims and the ulamas that they are supposed to be there to warn those ones in power, they are standing there bowing down because they are all in their pockets already. It’s finished. They say something their heads are going to be removed. That’s why today in Saudi Arabia proudly they celebrate Halloween. ‘It’s okay,’ they are saying. Mevlid? ‘Oh, Mevlid, haram. It’s worshipping Prophet. It’s haram.’ But Halloween, to have big parades, ‘eh, it’s mubah, yaani. It’s not halal or haram. It’s in between.’ Just like the Yahudis, how they play with their religion. Because once you have shariat only without tarikat, you can play with it as much as you want, you understand? And Isa (AS) came and they realized. Isa (AS) came, one person with twelve people around him. He became such a threat. They ran to kill him. Because they say with this kind of spirit now, all our play, all our being sleek, everything is going to finish. That’s why you have people who are hardcore muslims, Ramazan time comes, they start travelling. ‘Oh, I am Musafir. I don’t have to fast.’

Hijaz now, Riwaz makes Hijaz into a Timesquare. People are dying left right, Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya and the list goes on, China Uighur now, don’t say anything. ‘oh if everyone just unite, we can stop this.’ Unite how? What did the Prophet do? Did Prophet (AS) just sit and say, ‘everyone must unite’? Ya, he stood up. He walked. He did more. Because if you have the meaning, if you have the meaning, even if your action is weak, that because it’s filled with meaning, Allah will give you a power. But if there is no meaning, there is no niyat, there is no meaning, there is no reason why you are doing it, your heart is not in it, even if the work is huge, it is meaningless. Meaningless.

Never forget, Allah SWT praised that ant with a broken leg because it tried to put out the fire of Namrud for Ibrahim (AS). The fire is burning everywhere, what are we doing, everyday? Is our hearts burning when we watched that, to say, ‘we cannot change with our hands Ya Rabbi. We cannot change with our tongue, at least in our hearts it has to burn. We have to lift up our hands.’ it’s hard because especially living in an environment where it’s just teaching you the dunya and your desires and entertainment, it’s hard. You are not surrounded by believers. It’s hard. And believers, I don’t mean people who just go up and down five times a day. Oh, in the so called land of believers where they pray five times a day on the dot, you have the tallest building, you have the biggest malls. You have the fastest car. Correct or no? If the worship it is enough, if the spirituality is enough, why are you being busy with that so much? Okay, a little bit. Okay a little bit. Why so much? What is your pride now?  So we lost the direction. We lost the compass.

So in that land where once upon a time, less than one hundred years ago, not one thousand years ago, within living memory where the Muslims lived for Allah and they died for Allah’s sake, yes, that time the whole land was filled with Evliya, the Saliheen. We went to Shams Tabriz’s tomb, it’s a long story, I’ll tell you later, and they were doing some renovation, I was there, and they were renovating it and they were taking out the pavers surrounding the courtyard, in the eighties they paved that whole area there, the secular government there, where this ones they renovated with the new regime that is more for Islam, they discovered dozens of graves there. Dozens of graves of Seyyids, Sherifs, Sheykhs, dervishes, they discovered three Prophets’ tombs in that small area there that they covered. They are not dead. They are fresh and alive. The Sahabi e-Kiram they became Sahabis through sohbets, through association, just sit with the Holy Prophet (AS). You think there is no faiz, there is no reasons, there is no refreshment, there is no benefits sitting with the Holy people? This is the whole key. You cannot be them but you can be with them and you are going to be with the one that you love. What are they teaching us? Allah. Nothing else.

It’s everywhere. Everywhere. You think six hundred years, if you go to Mevlana’s tomb over there in Konya it’s like that, it’s filled with graves and you don’t know what the grave is because they destroyed jannatul Baqi, they destroyed jannatul Mu’alaf, they destroyed all of that, so people have no idea what it means to sit in a cemetery filled with people who love Allah that they are fresh and they are alive, like the Quran e-Kerim is saying. They don’t know. There’s still some places that you can go and you feel life there, you feel refreshment there, it is not a cemetery over here, even muslim cemeteries everywhere that I’ve been to, because Allah’s tajjali is there.


Wake up. Don’t be victim to your own little things. Don’t be victim to your own little Lords that you’ve made to yourself. Wake up. You are bigger than that. Men and women. Stop worshiping the wrong Lords. Stop being busy with the wrong Lords. Your ego is going to trick you, is going to overtake you. If you are not busy with Allah, you are going to be busy with the Lord that you’ve made for yourself. Maybe for some people it’s their children, their work, their wife, their husbands. Allah, Allah. It’s not giving you any benefit that time. In fact Allah SWT is saying, in the meaning of spirituality He is saying, ‘your wealth, your children, everything that you own, these are all confusion for you.’ These are all confusion for you. If they are not in the way of Allah, it is confusion. If they are in the way of Allah and they are reminding you and they are bringing you closer and there are strict criteria for that also, then they help you in the way of Allah, of course they are not the confusion. But what is the criterion? Like some people said, ‘I work and I feed my children. That is my ibadat.’ Which Prophet is doing this? That they are just working just to feed their children. But they convince us, especially living in the west, the most important thing is what? Family. Most important thing. Muslims are starting to believe this. Because we repeat like parrots. Everything they say, we say. From the scholars to everyone, speaking. Pop psychology, you just repeat that because it sounds so good and muslims have this chip on their shoulder too. More American that one is, more they say, ‘eh this is nice. I like it. More hip. More cool. More accessible.’ It’s not like that so much also.

So estaghfirullahalazim wa atubu ilaih. Salams from every tomb that I went to. I brought you there as well, with salams. Of course, you have too. Those that are connected to us then they are going to know something. You have to feel something. Important is the heart. How to make the heart not to be busy with malayani? Oh, that is already a big ma’rifat in these days. Some of you, you are too busy with nonsense things. Allah has honored us. He has honored us. We cannot dihonor Allah. Especially Osmanli Naksibendi, you have a very special, important work that you have to do. Don’t be busy with nonsense. Now the way is even more open. It’s even more clear. So many things I cannot tell you. Hold on, if you want. You don’t want, let go. Welcome to those who come, farewell to those who leave. But you are going to lick your hand one day. Hold on. So much that you have to do. So much that they are welcoming us. One thing I will tell you and then we close and we make our zikr, because murids are not used to sitting down and listening to sohbets also. You can sit and you can watch TV, movies, hours and hours, nonsense. These days people just take the phone and then they start, their one hour pass. But to sit and to listen to sohbet, people get very uneasy.

One thing I will say, when Sultan Mehmet Fatih Jennat Mekan, when he was attacking Constantinople to make it to become Islambol, which the name is Islambol and especially the alims and the ulamas and they Sheykhs they never call it Istanbul, they call it Islambol in their writings too, common people they changed it a little bit here and there, it’s okay. When he was attacking and his Sheykh was Sheykh Akşemseddin, he was not successful, he was a friend of Allah, his Sheykh was a friend of Allah, they were not successful. They said, something must be wrong. They checked everything, everything they are doing were perfectly correct. That is the sunnat of the Sahabis, when they lost a battle, they say, ‘what happened? What did we do? There must be something that we drop.’ Then one of them said, ‘when I did my wudhu, I did not use a miswak. Because of that we lost the battle. We have to finish that properly and then we will win.’ They were very meticulous. But they did everything, they still couldn’t go through. And then his Sheykh went into Rabita and he said, ‘there is a beloved one of Allah living inside the city walls and his name, today is commonly known as Ya Wadud Sultan and he was a saint of Allah. He was a Muslim. But he was living in disguise inside the city of the Greeks and the Byzantine and he was trying to conquer their hearts.’ Sultan Mehmet Fatih was trying to conquer through the sword, and he was trying to conquer through the heart and he did not like Sultan Mehmet Fatih to come to attack his little Greeks. That’s why Allah is giving permission now to put that. Who is going to understand this? Muslim today they become so stupid. They don’t understand what is a politics. They say, ‘why? Why they are fighting against each other? If only they unite, then they can do.’ Hasbeenallah. So you never understood then what the companions did. They become very dumb, very naive. Allah is saying, ‘race in the way of Allah together.’

So one Saint is trying to conquer for the sake of Allah because of the hadiths, Prophet (AS) is saying, ‘the one who conquer Istanbul, Constantinia,’ he says, ‘the general, he is the greatest general in the world and his army is the greatest army in the world.’ From the time of Hz Osman they were trying, dozens of times. Going there, the muslims were vanquished, they were buried there, a maqam upon maqams upon maqams. That’s important too. There’s also a big secret there. The standard bearer of the Holy Prophet (AS), Hz Ayyub Ansari was buried there. It’s a long story. Let me just say, Sultan Mehmet Fatih asking Allah, this cannot go on, this stalemate, both trying to do for the sake of Allah and he says, ‘either take my life or take his life.’ In the morning time they were able to breach through the walls because Allah SWT has taken the life of that one, Ya wadud Sultan.

On the first day, this one story, one, not even three hours that we came, it came to my heart very strongly we have to go visit his tomb. It’s not really in our way. We were walking to visit Hz Ka’b, one of the companions of the Prophet (AS). We walked, and then I saw to my right there was a courtyard and it says, Ya Wadud Sultan there. I wanted to come in but the azan is being called. Now it’s a test for me. Azan is called, friend of Allah there and the companion of the Prophet (AS) is there. Do you understand? You don’t just do whatever you want to do. It’s a misstep. So, and I said because the azan is called, Hz Ka’b is over there, it’s important we go there first, maybe we can go there later. We were walking by the side of the street, busy road. On the other side there’s a masjid, all the masjids are beautiful, even when they are humble looking they are very beautiful, and I heard the azan being called there and I looked, that masjid grabbed me a little bit. Then there’s another jami, another masjid over there that we are going to Hz Ka’b. This is another thing, every street you have, every corner you have a makam, every other street you have a jami. And every day, five times a day you hear ten kinds of azan is being called all around you. That does something, you know. It does. So we went there and I said,  no I have to go. We have to go to Hz Ka’b. We walked to Hz Ka’b, then on our way in, there’s this big guy, he came up and he said, ‘I’ve been waiting for you. I had a dream this morning.’ He got up. Speaking in Turkish. I don’t know, our guys were nervous because they thought somebody was going to attack me, he came and he hugged me, he said a couple of things, ‘I am the Imam of the Jami across the street and that is the Jami of Ya Wadud Sultan and you must go and be the Imam and lead us, prayers there.’ I said, let me visit the Sahabi first and then we come out and go and see insyaAllah. I have to see, maybe it’s a trick. So many things that we have to look.

So we came out, we started talking more, so he started going, we filled up that space because we came maybe like sixty over, seventy people. He said, never in fifteen years, twenty years, he said, has this masjid filled up like this. So we prayed there. Do you understand the meaning of that? It’s not because of what we are, how great we are, it’s how they honor us. Who are we that they should honor us anyway? Why are we? Where we come from? I was just happy to be stepping on the soils of the Padisha and the Sultans and the Evliyaullah, to be there that’s enough for me. And we when we wallked through Ayyub Sultan in the morning,  I said, this is where the Sultans and the Evliya that they pray? Who am I that we are praying here? Estaghfirullah.

So we got the first signs. Everyday there’s another signs. It’s not a sign. It’s a big thing. Stick around, I’ll tell you, insyaAllah. Very unusual. WaminaAllahu Taufik Bi hurmatil habib bihurmatil Fatiha.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifa of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Passaic Dergah, New Jersey

26 Rabi al-Awwal 1441H
November 22, 2019
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