Spirituality According to the Osmanli Naksibendi Way



How do you know if your spirituality is high, because he is saying, ‘my spirituality is feeling very low,’ so I said how do you know your spirituality is high, not in any sufi way but in this way, the real tarikat way. How do you know?

Murid : Consult

No. Everyone consults. Sooner of later you consult. Some people they consult later, then we say, what you want me to do? ‘I want you to help me fix it.’ It’s like they have a piece of cloth, they cut here, cut here, cut here, cut here, sew here, sew here, sew here, without consulting me, and then later they bring it, all cut and tear, they say, ‘now I’m consulting with you. Help me.’ I say, what can we do? What can I do with this? ‘You are the Sheykh! I consult with you! Why are you not helping?’ It’s already cut like this. Okay, let me try to make it. I say, put this on. ‘I don’t like it!’ I did something? So, no. Not consultation. What is it that you know that spirituality is high in the Osmanli Naksibendi way.

Murid: When your Sheykh is happy with you.

But why is your Sheykh happy with you? Everyone is also stuck here. Sheykh is angry with me, Sheykh is happy with me but without knowing why. ‘I don’t want to do anything to make him angry.’ But you don’t know why. So you start doing things blindly also. ‘Oh, he’s happy.’ But you don’t know why. Also blindly. When you are doing your work properly and you know what is pleasing to Allah and what is not pleasing to Allah, what business is it how Allah response to you, correct or no? If you know you are doing your work properly for the sake of Allah, if Allah decides not to reward you, are you going to fight with Him? So many people they are saying, ‘I’m praying. I’m doing so many things for You. Why are you making this to happen to me?’ there are people who actually say that. ‘I don’t understand why.’ You haven’t even step one step in the way of Prophet (AS). Because every Prophet, 124 000 Prophets they had a life feel with suffering. Suffering. They never ask anything for themselves. They suffer. Today’s people they only ask for themselves, they’re insisting things for themselves. When things are not given to them, they shake their hands, they are saying, ‘I worship You for so long, this is how you treat me?’ So, making your Sheykh happy or making your Sheykh sad, if you don’t know the reasons then you are doing it blindly also. Have you seen people blindly doing that? Correct or no? So how you know your spirituality is high in the Osmanli Naksibendi way?

Murid : Your heart doesn’t wonder to malayani and irrelevant

What is that mean? It doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t. Those are very very heavy words. If I break it down to you, non of us here is going to qualify for that. How do you know your spirituality is high in the Osmanli Naksibendi way? I will say what I understand. You know it is high when you are running to serve your Sheykh with the work that is given to you, running to do it without asking for anything in return. Praise or curses, you don’t look left or right. Your only concern, to do that job. If that job means, to lead zikr, just leading zikr. If that job means to clean the toilet, to clean the toilet and you don’t look to other people’s job. You look to yours. Then everything else that you are saying it is coming together with that now. You do that, you make your Sheykh happy. But you make your Sheykh happy, it’s not for him to praise you also, for him to smile at you. You know. You will know by your heart, yes that time your heart is with his heart. In that situation, our heart is what compared to his heart anyway. Where is our heart compared to his heart? We want our heart to disappear. Our heart is not good for nothing. Do you understand? When you run to serve, that means you are running to serve, you are submitting, yes, you have to step on your ego then. Of course you are going to be tested. Then that time you know.

So many of you, you don’t even have a job in this way. You don’t know. Years, people are still asking, ‘what can I do? What can I do? What can I do?’ I say, do. You love us so much, you want to do so much, we tell you one simple thing, for example, feed the dogs. Less than one week you fail. What is that? You understand? You say you love the Sheykh, you want to serve the Sheykh, somebody said something to you and your heart becomes melting. How this person can say? You got cold and you leave. Fake. Spirituality is very low now. Do you have a work, do you have a job that you are saying, ‘this is my job. I’m not waiting for the Sheykh to do it. I’m doing something and I’m continually doing something.’ You are cleaning, eh clean? Let me say you one thing, how many times we said this example? That there was a murida of Sheykh Effendi that she went to the Hajj, while people are busy circling the Ka’aba, she was busy cleaning the toilets. Years right I’ve told that story? Yet I’ve never seen anyone come out from here saying, ‘I’m not going to make zikr, I’m not going to listen to sohbets, I’m just going to clean the toilet,’ men or women. If you did that, please put up your hand. Please, don’t be shy. Tell me. ‘I’m not going to do this. I’m just going to station myself over there. People make a mess or something, I’m not going to complain, I’m not going to say nothing, I’m just going to clean.’ You need Tarikat for this? No you don’t. You need humanity. You need cleanliness.

So many of you, you went to Turkey with me, right? Isn’t that what we saw in every Jami? Isn’t that what we saw in every rest stop? People cleaning. Yes or no? Ah, that time when you do that wazifa, that work and you are doing it willingly, that time, yes, they Sheykh will send you things to your heart that no one else in sohbet they are going to get. Because you are doing that job to step on  your ego, not only there, it’s something that is necessary. But you all are very spoiled. The one who made that work in the Mecca, she’s not a young women you know. Not like proud, American type, ‘oh, I’m old. He shouldn’t be talking to me like this. I’m old, he shouldn’t wash me up like this. I’m this…I’m that…’Then you are still looking from the outside form. You didn’t take one step in Tarikat to see what is behind that. You are still looking from the outside. ‘He’s Turkish. He’s Chinese. He’s young. He’s old. He’s black. He’s white.’ Whatever reasons. You understand? You never say to a doctor, when the young doctor examine you and he say, ‘your heart is sick.’ ‘Oh, he has no right to speak to me like that. My heart is strong. He’s a young guy. What does he know?’ They look with lower eyes to people in the way of Allah. We cannot. This is wrong. It’s not the right way to do it. Especially not in Tarikatul evliya. Eh, you want to belong to other wants, dead wants, nothing coming, you may. Everyone is free. So, that one who was doing that, that time she was over sixty years old, she was cleaning. Sixty years old. Woman. She was cleaning.

So we need to wake up with this. This is one thing I discover that makes us, this nation, you hear maybe good sohbet, maybe from Sheykh Effendi, if he puts something in my mouth a little bit, maybe it’s good, you hear. What makes us to hear good sohbet from him and then to fall asleep and then to wake up again and then to hear and to fall asleep, you know what is making us to do that? Because there’s no Saints around us. There is no Saints in the ground, there is no saints walking around. There is no beloved of Allah. So you don’t get the power. You don’t get the reminding. And if there’s any power and reminding, it is to pull to your nafs and to the dunya. If you are living in the land of Saints, where every corners you are going to see holy People, you are going to see jamii, you are going to hear azan, impossible that simple sohbets you cannot retain in the head and in the heart. It’s impossible. Because that kind of a power is going to be in the ground, it’s bless, the water is bless, the sky is bless. So you need to understand this and to pull that. There is a way to get that, without them physically here. But first, your heart has to be here. First. And then your heart can be there too and then that time your heart can be everywhere.

So, find a thing to do. Do it. Don’t do it for your ego. Don’t do it for yourself. That’s a big thing also. You will see it being pulled. Do it for the way. You understand? InsyaAllah. Wa minAllahu Taufik. Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifa of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

2 Rabi al-Ahir 1441H
November 28, 2019

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