Why is it so easy to forget about death?


Question: Why is it so easy to forget about death?


Why? Because you are not surrounded by Evliya. You are not surrounded by tombs and graves. Especially when you live in America, you live in the west, everything is about life, especially in America. Maybe in Europe they have weird tombs here and there, I haven’t really been there, I mean they are not really like Evliya, you know, but at least something. And then now it’s nothing. If we go to Muslim land, especially if you go to Ottoman lands you cannot run away from remembrance of death because it is all around you. They build monuments of death, but it’s not death. You know it’s not death, it’s not destruction. These are monuments of light. These are monuments of Paradise. These are people of Paradise.

So now you don’t think about death, you think about going to Paradise, you think about being with Allah, you think about being with those ones who are with Allah, that maybe you have so much burdens with everything that you go and you spend some time at an Evliya’s tomb, all the burdens are lifted. And then that time you say, ‘what is this life? This life is nonsense.’ and you can’t wait for the next life. You understand? This is why we are, on top of these reminders of death everywhere but there is no real reminders of the people who have pass through that doorway. And they say, come, pass through also in the best way because your Lord cannot wait to see you too. He cannot wait. He’s always calling out for you. When you are living, He’s calling out for you. And He’s always saying, ‘am I not your Lord?’ Whatever that you need, He’s providing. If you say, He hears, He listens.

So now, the heart must be dead not to hear that reminders of Allah. The heart must be dead. What are the things that reminds us of this world? Oh, look around, what are the things that keeps your heart dead from this world. In this world, in this society, what is not there? You will go through your whole day, just look around, nothing will remind you of Allah. Nothing. Nothing. No one is even saying, ‘Allah,’ or God. Nothing. Whole day. You watch something, let’s say, you watch movie right? Americans love to watch movie. Used to be comic books is only for kids. Now they make comic books from the seven years old to the seventy years old, they watch comic movies, correct or no? It’s a nonsense. But they watch. They are very serious about this. It’s a multi billion dollar industry. Very serious. Whole world is taking over. You watch, so good, like this or like that, hours, not one metion of Allah. In fact they make sure there’s no mention of Allah and if there is any mention of Allah or god, they make sure that it is horrible representation. Whether it’s muslims or Christian, they make sure it’s horrible and they do that in Muslim countries too, of course. The media is showing it to be like that.

People are so thirsty that anything wet, they start drinking in this society. Anything wet. They say, ‘look it’s poison.’ Doesn’t matter, at least it’s wet. But they are giving out springs of fresh water from Paradise, especially in the land of the Ottomans, that people still keep going. They still keep going. They want to be near. They just like it. It’s not dark, it’s not horrible, there’s no darkness there. There’s only light there. His darkness with grave is only Christian graves, Christians cemetery. They even make church with skulls and bones, then you have no idea, you have absolutely no clue then. Who is going to run after those things? What is surrounding that, you have no clue. Or you are just completely blind. And you think, because that has some power, that has to come form Allah, it’s not. It’s coming from sheytan, not from Rahmat.

So you know what, you care back  How did you feel when were back? It’s torture. Ya, but when you were there in Turkey what did you feel? When you are going to all these tomb,, that I made people to walk non stop for let’s say six hours. When you think about it, that’s what we did in konya. We were only there for maybe six hours from Fajr until Zuhr time, walking non stop on lack of sleep and everything. But what do you feel? When you were there in Konya, when you were there in Bursa, what did you feel when you were visiting the tombs? Life. It’s not death. It’s life. You got a buzz. And a feeling that it’s not from this world, that actually makes you to find this world tasteless. What a test the Ottomans had to translate all of that into a state. To take all of that, meaning that you find this world tasteless but to find the taste of Ahiret and to put that into an empire that makes you to rise in this world but to have the world under your feet and to look towards Allah. It’s not easy. But you see the Ottoman Padishahs they are, some of them they are, of course they are evliyas, they are but some of they they are caught. They say, ‘we don’t want to be Padishah, we want to be dervish. We are really suffering to be Padishahs. We want to be dervish. And I was reminded that the great Saint, Abu Wafa Hz, he was living in the time of Sultan Mehmet Fatih. I was reminded.

Sultan mehmet Fatih, he went to his dergah, the Sheykh never let him in, would not allow the Emperor to enter. When he was asked, he was crying, the Sheykh was crying. The Sheykh says, ‘I cannot because if he takes one breath of air in our Dergah, he’s going to leave everything and he’s going to be a Dervish. I cannot allow that to happen. He has to rule. And the Sheykh was crying because the Sheykh says, ‘we have love for him too but we will never meet in this world. We will never be Sheykh and murid in this world. And he was the one who led the funeral, the jenaza prayer for Sultan Mehmet Fatih. That is the kind of empire that we inherit.

Estaghfirullah. Where are we? What are we doing? Are we thinking we are something? Estaghfirullah. How shameful it is, to think we are something, we are doing something. It’s an honor for us to even hear their name, to be associated with them. It’s an honor for us to even be stepping on the places we are saying, I am saying, estaghfirullah that I’m stepping on the same soil, the same space, the same jami that they are stepping on. But, we are here. We have to do our work. So we continue, insyaAllah. But don’t ever let the ego to fool you. Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifa of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

9 Rabi al-Ahir 1441H
December 5, 2019

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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