Be With the People of Shukur


Question: There was a sohbet mentioning the important of shukur, but it seems that it’s very easy to not be in shukur, very easy to see that the cup is half empty
rather than half full.

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No it’s not. You mix around with people who are not giving shukur it’s very easy. If you are around people who always give shukur, it’s impossible. The man’s religion is according to the religion of his friends. This is what I mean, you need to have holy people around, holy people underground, holy people above the ground, you understand?

We’re surrounded by greedy people, in our own families. Greedy, selfish, always running after the world. Big importance to the world. Yeah, it’s important to survive, but big importance? No. If you say it is big, this dunya, you must make ahiret to be bigger. But there is no balance. There is no satisfaction if you’re running after the world. You get one mountain of gold, you’re going to say, ‘I want another mountain.’

The believer, if he gets one plate of food, he says shukur and he shares it. Because this is a state of the heart, you understand? The heart always wants to give. The heart, when it sees something there, someone there that needs it, and you have, you give. The state of the heart is, even if you don’t have, it’s not enough, you give.

Then watch, who are you surrounded with? Watch. Ha, you have to be aware of the people around you. You have to be aware, ‘whose voices are inside my head?’ Look. Oh, I should do this, I shouldn’t do this. Whose voice, who’s telling you that? You look, ‘oh, my father says this too much to me. Oh, my mother. Oh, my teachers. My boss. Television. This, that.’ Then where is the voice of Allah? Where is the voice of your Prophet? Where is the voice of your Sheykh? We don’t have that around us, right, people who are giving shukur, right? We don’t. In America especially, you go to the Masjid, everyone is a capitalist. They go to Masjid also, they worship Allah like a capitalist businessman. ‘I do this much, I should get this much.’ You don’t see, as we see in Muslim countries, it’s not only in Turkey, it’s a lot of Muslim countries although it is getting less and less, people who are there, old people, saintly people, they are there just to ask Allah for forgiveness, crying all the time, worshiping because they want to be there. Because they want to disappear into that ocean of being a servant. You rarely see that in western countries, because they fill the heart with so much selfishness and pride and arrogance. They go to Masjid to get something. Do you understand? The wahhabi poison has spread everywhere now. But just to sit and to thank your Lord, just to sit and to ask forgiveness from your Lord sincerely, it’s not there. It’s not there.

So look to see. You cannot have good people around you? Make sure the people inside of you they are good. They’re not good, put it aside. Make sure the voice of your Sheykh, the voice of the Holy Ones is louder than your own voice or your own opinion. This is for people of Tarikat. If you are not in Tarikat, you can do whatever you want. If you are in Tarikat, you cannot do whatever you want. You cannot. In reality, you can never do whatever you want anyway. We’re only saying that. They say America is the land of the free, no? Home of the brave. Really? You can do anything you want? Try not paying your taxes. Ohh. Forget about taxes, try running a red light, and when the police comes, run away from him and say ‘I do as I like.’ So many laws. So understand that there is a law.

Yeah, so you mix around with people who are not grateful. People who are not grateful, what do they do? Because you’re brought up by your father, mother, they always complain, grandfather, grandmother always complain, when they sit down, you say ‘how are you?’ They say ‘Ohh, my day is like this…’ They start complaining, that is their way of talking, do you understand? To complain. You know people who are like that. We are like that sometimes, always complaining. Complain, complain, complain, then say ‘eh, elhamdulillah,’ complain, complain, complain, complain. Seventy words complaining, one word ‘elhamdulillah. MashaAllah.’ We have to stop this. You understand? One American movie for kids, not too good movie anyway, but some words they have nice, they say ‘if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’ If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything. Complaining always. Sounds familiar? Even if it’s just joking, eh, you cannot. There’s no other jokes to make other than complaining? Why is that? Ha, because you complain, you’ll never make shukur. Then you need to go through the scrubber.

They took away that in this country also, the very very poor people. Muslim countries, other countries, you open your door, you see them in front of you. You can take lesson or you can ignore, but it is there, correct? It is there. They take away all of that in this country, so you always think that you have less. Or you always think, what? You deserve more. ‘This is it? This is it? Hahaha, this is it? Hahaha, this is it? Eh.’ In Tarikat, if you do that, prepare to get a smack. Then if they take everything away from you, that time they give a little bit back to you, you say ‘shukur elhamdulillah.’ Then you know the state of shukur there.

So for some it is just a habit. In their hearts, I know they’re not. But don’t let that to go inside your heart, you understand? It’s showing everything is opposite. They’re giving, they’re generous, they do other things, they help, but it is just their way of talking. Breh, if it’s not in your heart, if it’s just on your tongue, it’s so easy to change. Correct? And you should change it. Yeah, then you’ll become even more beautiful that time. Then you can carry your names. Otherwise, those ones who complain also, they’re carrying my name, they behave like this. Understanding? Estaghfirullah. Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifa of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

2 Rabi al-Ahir 1441H
November 28, 2019

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