Will the Islamic identity come back?


Question: Will the Islamic identity come back?


Only if the system fails. How many of you listen to the sohbet this afternoon after the jumma? Because it was one of those not so common moment, somebody is asking pretty staple wahhabi type question also, about state, what happened, why are we doing certain things, what happen to the ummat, and I was able to give an answer that was very short but it was to the point, easy for someone to take away. They say, ‘what do you remember?’ ‘this is what he said.’ I have to look at that too, not just to say something. Will this person understand? What is the main thing he’s going to understand, he’s going to leave with that understanding.

After the Jumma, this two kids from a local university they came for Jumma, Egyption, probably raise here, if not born and brought up here. But if they are Egyption even if they are raised here and they are religious, then we know what kind of things they would hear and understand. But they were asking us some question and the approach was different. The kid had manners and he was able to get certain things instead of putting his ego in front and not trying to understand. He was understanding. He asked when was the, after some question, it was a lead up to another question, he said when did we as a nation, as an ummat start forgetting our tradition, start becoming less fearful of Allah. How did this happen?

I said for a society to change, or whole society to change, there has to be intense pressure from all side, but there has to be, the people of power hast to put that pressure first. It’s not individual, small group or Facebook group or chat groups here and there they are going to change. It’s not. Those who have power, they are the ones who are going to change. They asked, how did this happen so fast? First, the system has to be broken. The system of Khilafat has to be broken. Not only the system breaking, but those ones who can build it again, they have to be wiped out, either with the world wars or with the colonialism. So system has to be broken and that generation that can build up the system again, they have to be finished and I give the example of how the British used to hang tens of thousands of ulama from India, just like that. They hang them. And they did that throughout the Muslim land.

So what are the people of power? Government. That’s easy. The people could take away that government, that’s easy. Just call them treasonous, betrayers, whatever. Exile them, never admit them into the circle of power again. Okay. But it is the Sheykhs and the alims and the educator that they have the hold of the heart of the people that they have to be cut off. So in Turkey what they did was they hung the Sheykhs and the Evliyas. From the street lamps, they hang them. So they have to finish it off. So the system has to be broken. The system has to be broken that the next generation could not pick up. It has to be worse. Then they have to add in the new system. The new system is not just, on the one hand secularism, secularism is saying, whatever that you had it was bad, it was evil, it was corrupt. But they also had a new version of Islam that they chose. They finished the old version, the new version makes people to hate Islam. And this new version is control by people who have that authority. So you have pressure on all sides.

So you ask me the question, how is it going to rise back up again? Same way it fell. The system has to be broken. It’s not going to rise up little bit here and there, little Dergah here and there also. It’s not going to rise up like that. We are in preparation. How is the system going to be broken? What kind of system is this? This is the system of dajjal. You have to understand. This is system of complete zulm and oppression. This is system of second jahiliyya, where in the first jahiliyya, it’s also mentioned, the women used to circle around the Ka’ba covering their heads and baring everything else. Showing everything and circle around the Ka’ba. Meaning people are going there for different reasons. For reason of dunya, which again if you listen to the sohbet I spoke the night before, I was asking the question, why Allah in the most noble Book is mentioning the names of this idols, why He’s honoring this idols? Lat, Manat and Uzza, why Allah is mentioning them? In our mixed, especially in the dergah,, we don’t even mention those other ones, ‘Udah, guggah….’ you know, those kinds of things. You think I don’t know their names? Of course I do. Sheykh Effendi knows? Yes. Why he makes fun of it? There’s a reason there. You know, remember this think. Should not invoke them. But why Allah is mentioning these names? This is when if you are asking, the answer is going to be there. This is not mystical answer too. It ‘s not tafsir in the sense it’s tafsir that it is opening up oceans of knowledge. It is just what those idols are representing.

What are they representing? Wealth, power and I believe progeny or son, authority. They are representing that and that is what man in reality is worshipping. That, in reality is why man also worship. When man worship, they worship Allah too, they ask for all these things. Not for Allah. So that also never changes. The name change. The shapes change. But those are the idols in our heart. So the system has to change for it to come back up. Otherwise it’s not, it’s impossible. Otherwise it is impossible.

How is the system going to change? What the Evliyaullah they are saying? What Sheykh Effendi Hz is saying? With one mosquito, Allah brought down Namrud. With one cane, Allah brought down Firaun. That that cane turned into a snake. Don’t look at that movie, cane become snakes it’s not like that. The snake became a huge dragon and it was going to swallow not only firaun but the whole palace it’s going to swallow. And Firaun that he thinks that he is Lord because only once in every forty days he goes to use the bathroom. He was able to control himself, control his body and when you do that, yes, of course you are going to get some extra power. Only once in forty days he’s doing that. Now when that snake came and showed him, he goes to the bathroom forty times a day. But with one cane.  But the world was filled with zulm and dark authority that there was no way for anyone without any power to rise up to have a voice, Allah brought the whole system down with one orphan.

Now, the same way that Allah is going to bring down this whole of creation down. How is Allah SWT going to bring all of this creation down? How is he going to destroy it? Saihatan wahidatan – One shout. One. Surahtul Yasin – with one shout. With one Takbir, Hz Mehdi (AS) will bring down the system. Not in the way that you are going to understand also. First, electricity will have to go. Someone says, of course he didn’t know to much, he says, ‘oh, you mean technology is not going to get better and better and then we are going to…’ No. You know, who believe that technology is a sign that the golden age of man is going to come, who believes that? Yahudis believe that. But for believers, technology is a sign of the end of time, that everything is completely finish. In fact, almost all, you are Americans, you watch movies all the time, and we watch movies all the time, we all watch science fiction all the time. You never see one science fiction show about the future that is Utopia right? It is always dystopia. It is always what technology is going to bring, destruction. Especially when the future is talking about machines against the nature. Before that is preparation.

Holy Prophet (AS) prepares himself. Forty years. Sahaba e-Kiram prepares themselves before that came. So we are here to prepare ourselves. It is easy to change the outside, it’s the inside that is important. So how are we preparing ourselves? Our mental state. Our heart. The importance of how we are going to look at things, how to feel. In the time of the Prophet (AS), if anyone in this time if they commit one wrong thing, they get the heaviest punishment. There’s records of some who did certain things, they just took certain things and they were sent to hell forever. Now in the ahir zaman, it’s the complete opposite. You do one good thing, it is as if fifty martyrs have done that. That’s why Prophet (AS) is saying, to carry one sunnat in the ahir zaman, you’ll get the reward of a hundred martyrs. To revive a loss tradition. We are here reiviving that lost tradition. Understand what we are doing, we are reiving a lost. We are not just reviving a lost tradition, we are reviving the spirit of the Prophet (AS). Khilafat is the spirit of the Prophet. We are trying to revive that.

In the old days, when Muslims they go to war and they trade, only just travel, they go somewhere, they hope to die in a strange place and be buried there. What happens then? You are opening, you are unlocking one door that sheytan and dajjal has put there. You are unlocking it, opening it. You’re opening it, opening it. The more that Muslims are there and the more that for the sake of Allah, they become Syahid and they are buried, more the place becomes more open spiritually and that is one of the main reason why Sultan Mehmet Fatih was able to enter into Istanbul, because of Hz Ayyub al-Ansari that he’d died hundreds of years before. Because those are not dead. They are alive. They are alive with their Lord. And if you go to a land where there are so many tombs and they are alive with their Lord, the people start changing. The attitude starts changing. It’s not just to be able to take over lands and take over civilization, it is not that. Anyone can take over. Genghis took over. Alexandra took over. Within one generation everything just unravels back. But it is to take over and to transform, not too many people can do that. Because people when they take over too, they get drunk. Abbassids got very drunk. Ummawwis, what can we say? They did a lot of good. Of course, we cannot sit and insult them. Whatever they did, it was also, they are doing it for Islam. But, what you say about the dynasty, is devoting a lot of their time hunting down the ahle bayt. That is also open.

So, everyone has an area where they are stuck in. And why the Evliyaullah, especially the evliyaullah of the ahir zaman, they are concentrating on the Ottomans? Because what they are doing is above and beyond the earlier Muslim dynasties, Saltanat. It is not Meliks, it’s Saltanat. So, Allah in His wisdom veiled it. And Allah in His wisdom is looking to see who is going to continue and revive this tradition in the darkest of time. In the darkest of night, that they say what? At night, one candle is brighter than the whole sun. We are in those days where it’s very dark. And the Evliyaullah are putting their hands on the pulse of the nation to see who is alive and who is dead.

So to do one thing. To do something. To take one step. Allah is saying, ‘take one step. I will take ten steps to you.’ If Allah is saying that, do you think Prophet (AS) is not going to say that? If he is saying that, do you think Evliyaullah they are not going to say that? Which means now, how many are stepping towards the Evliyaullah. We have whole nation, like this or like that we may say the entire middle East has turn its back. Correct? Some, little bit here and there. Even if it’s majority, not majority, if it’s a lot of people, it is not a state policy. It’s not. Because you get a power from that, state policy. Because that’s what the Ottoman did for seven hundred years. And with that kind of power, you can bring down a lot of back stuff. You can. But this is not the time when the bad stuff is brought down. This is the time when they rise and they are ruling everywhere.

Allah has His plans. If you are a believer, they will show you a little bit of what their plans are. You become nice and comfortable a little bit. Even in the midst of all this confusion, you’ll find nice and comfort and ease and peace, knowing that you are on this right mission. You are not nice and comfortable with whatever that is going on in this world. But to know that you are on this mission. And it’s okay. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman. Wa minAllahu Taufik. Al-Fatiha. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

16 Rabi al-Ahir 1441H
December 13, 2019

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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