Is our mission to bring down the dajjalic toys?



Imam Rabbani says the Naksibendi way is the way of the Sahabis. After the Prophet (AS) he passed, who became the leaders of this world? The Sahabis. Those who were high-born or those who were low-born, majority of them they were not people with education or authority or anything, and they were suddenly made to become the governors of a whole empire. It is not just so that they can take over the world, but it is to bring the teachings that they heard from the Prophet (AS) to a people who have never seen that.

This is what the Sahabis do. This is what the Naksibendi Tarikat is concentrate on. But how the Sahabis became Sahabis, because they were in the sohbet of Rasulullah (AS) and they completely disappeared in his oceans. They submitted. If you don’t submit, then when the Prophet passes, then you’re going to declare yourself a Prophet. Musaylimah Kazzab, the Liar, by definition he was a Sahabi, by definition. Sahabi is a man or a woman or a child who has seen the Prophet (AS) physically, seen and accepted him. Musaylimah accepted him. But later ego tricked him and he says, ‘I’m also a Prophet.’ In fact, even before the Prophet passed he says, ‘I’m a Prophet. We divide the world into two, you get half, I get half.’ He even wrote a chapter of Quran. He did. You know which one? What it’s called? What is it called? It’s called the Frog. It’s very unusual. But that happens. That happens.

Man is a representative. Either he represents truth or he represents falsehood. If he represented himself it’s always false. If he represents the Creator of himself, then it’s always Haqq. There are conditions when you say you’re representing Allah, as there are conditions to everything that you do in this dunya. How, in the early days, there are certain things that Sheykh Mawlana used to say, it hooks people. We’re talking about the nineties, late eighties, early nineties, okay? And the Naksibendi Tarikat was spreading like wildfire everywhere, in America, in Europe, it was spreading. Some people say it’s the good old days, but it’s actually not. When you start spreading things to Europe then some things happen. But it looks from the outside, subhanaAllah, so many Europeans entering. Not like that.

So the Sheykh at that stature, they have to open a very wide net to bring people in to make people to be in safety. One of the things, which is true, but it’s only one of a thousand things, he’s saying, ‘oh, in the time of Mahdi (AS), every man will have at least forty wives.’ Oh, suddenly you see a lot of people joining the Naksibendi Tarikat. Things like that. Everyone is going to become a ruler. This, this, this. Are those things false? The Sheykh doesn’t speak falsehood. But he’s throwing things, and he’s seeing, which one are you going to pick up? You understand? Because it’s also the time that mountains of gold are going to be revealed, no? Forget about forty wives, mountains of gold are going to be revealed. What’s going to happen to the people living in that time, the Hadiths is saying, are they even going to look at the mountains of gold? Do you know about this Hadiths? They are more interested in the circles of zikr. They say, ‘no, to sit in a circle and make zikr is much better than that.’ Do you understand? At that time, people who have desires, they are already finished. They’re done. Allah is going to show but people are still, their hearts are not going to be stolen by the world, because they already experienced something from the next world, you understand? So if they are not going to be attracted to gold then how about all these other things? That’s for a different reason.

So the purpose. The purpose is to be trained. If you get the message without the messenger you are going to become sheytan. Sheytan never rejected the message, he rejected the messenger. You understand? The messenger is the Prophet (AS). The messengers are his Waris. The messengers are the Evliya Allah. Don’t you see this is the trick of sheytan in the Ahir Zaman? Two billion Muslims, majority of them, two billion Muslims, nobody rejects the message, they say shahadat, but majority of them they reject the messenger. They reject the Sunnat, they reject the Khilafat, they reject Wilayat. So now, the training of the Naksibendi way is for you not only to accept the messenger, not only to accept the Evliyas, not just to accept, but as Allah is saying, ‘be with the Saliheen.’ Be a means to serve them, submit to them, disappear in them. If you don’t, your ego is still going to trick you. Trying to be nothing. We don’t want to use such fancy words like ‘fana’, we can, but it’s not going to make any sense to a lot of people and the ones using it their ego is just going to rise. We’re just trying to be nothing. So how are you going to be now, that nothing? That servant? How are you going to have submission? You cannot have submission to Allah if you don’t have submission to the Prophet and those who represent him, completely you cannot. And this, being the Tarikat of the Sahabis is going to teach you how to submit yourself the way that the Sahabis submitted themselves to the Prophet (AS), you understand?

So yeah, you’re going to get knocked wall-to-wall. What, you think we’re going to give you any authority or any knowledge and you can do as you like? You cannot. You cannot even breathe as you like, believe me. They will teach where to breathe and when to breathe. It’s going to freak you out, but they have that power. That one is a master. And you know who he’s going to show? Only those who can understand, not going to show to just anyone. So, if Mahdi (AS) comes in our life or not, it doesn’t matter. We are living for that reason. And we are included in that list, insyaAllah. All those in the Ahir Zaman, when everything else fails and there is no Islam and this group of people they are asking Allah every single day for the grandson of the Prophet (AS) to come, to take out this system and to bring the system of Allah. Understand?

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

16 Rabi al-Ahir 1441H
December 13, 2019

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